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PA-Gov: Schwartz To File 22,000 Signatures

Rep. Schwartz
Rep. Schwartz

Representative Allyson Schwartz (D-Montgomery) will file approximately 22,000 petition signatures today to get her name on the Democratic ballot for governor.

This is 11 times more than the requirement, which is 2,000 signatures with at least 100 from 10 different counties.

According to her campaign, her filing will represent 34 counties.

“Pennsylvanians are ready for a proven leader like Allyson Schwartz with the right experience to get big things done and shake up the status quo in Harrisburg,” said Schwartz spokesman Mark Bergman. “That’s why we have been so pleased with the grassroots support our campaign has received from over 9,000 individual donors from every county in Pennsylvania, as well as over 22,000 petition signatures gathered through a volunteer-driven grassroots organization from counties in all four corners of the Commonwealth.”

Yesterday, former DEP Secretary John Hanger announced that he had filed 4,600 signatures.

Also seeking to be on the ballot in the Democratic primary are former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, State Treasurer Rob McCord, former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty, former Auditor General Jack Wagner and Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz.

10 Responses

  1. I’m not a Schwartz guy, but this is an impressive number and demonstrates a strong ground game. I was at a notary gathering on the Main Line this weekend and heard some of her supporters fretting about Tom Wolf’s rise and wondering what she’s been doing. I guess she was doing this. It’s not like she needed to establish name recognition like he did, and the real primary race is just getting started.

  2. BTW, McGinty just posted to her Facebook page:

    “We filed our petitions to get on the ballot this morning. We were able to securer 5,272 signatures from 40 counties.”

  3. Anon-
    Re-read what I wrote:
    “what’s scanned so far probably represents about 1/4 the final total pages.”

    I indicated that they’d get around 22,000. My comment had to do with how much scanning the Dept of State still had to do. I was just offering some analysis of the scanning process.

    The site doesn’t even show any of Wolf’s petitions yet (but I’m not implying that he has not petitions).

  4. David is pretty sharp i was with schwartz at first now he predicted she would come in 3 i jumped off of team schwartz and immediately joined the wolf pack lol.

  5. Doubtful her campaign would have released that number unless they were pretty certain of it. Sorry diano, I know you’re trying to defeat the math.

  6. I’m guessing that not all her petitions are filed/scanned yet by Dept of State.

    As of this morning, their website indicates only 311 submitted pages. As each page holds a maximum of 30 signatures, that’s no more than 9330 signatures (less than half the 22,000 reported).

    Given a more reasonable average per page (say 20), what’s scanned so far probably represents about 1/4 the final total pages.

  7. So Schwartz wont win philly please she will carry it easy .why do you think corbett still slams her on everything he knows in the end she will be the nominee.

  8. So she got More signatures than she will get Votes She is probably responsible for Killing more Babies than that in her abortion Mills

  9. Congrats to Schwartz! She will file more signatures than I expected. Although I don’t know how much that will really help.

    Who is her base? It isn’t Progressives, she lost that poll. It won’t be Philly. That will be split among her, McCord, McGinty and maybe Wolf. It won’t be Pittsburgh. Wolf has that.

    I expect Schwartz to finish third or fourth.

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