PA-Gov: State Troopers Presidents Asks Wolf to Withdraw Brown Nomination

BadgePennsylvania State Troopers’ Union Leader Joseph R. Kovel has sent a letter to Governor Tom Wolf asking him to withdraw his nomination for State Police Commissioner, Marcus Brown.

The request comes one week after Brown apologized for taking down signs critical of his decision to wear his Pennsylvania State Police uniform, according to the Harrisburg Patriot-News. His decision to wear the uniform became controversial after a Facebook group comprised of retired troopers shed light on the fact that Brown had not previously served with the force.

The signs were posted by a retired trooper, who was not willing to be identified.

“While members of the Pennsylvania State Police may not agree with the decision to put up the signs, Mr. Brown’s actions to remove them showed extremely poor judgment,” Kovel wrote. “Mr. Brown has said that his decision to wear the Pennsylvania State Police uniform was meant to honor the men and women of the department, but his action have fallen well short of that statement.”

The case is currently being overseen by Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed.

“Notwithstanding the high public profile of this matter, my decision making process will be as it always is: I will require a thorough factual investigation and then make what I believe to be the fair decision based on the facts and the law, and my experience and discretion,” Freed wrote. “While the identity of those involved in the case may contribute to its public profile, it has no bearing on my ultimate determination.”

Governor Wolf is still standing by his choice.

“This is a regrettable situation and Col. Brown has apologized,” the Governor’s spokesman Jeff Sheridan said. “Gov. Wolf chose Col. Brown because of his depth of experience, starting out as a beat cop in Baltimore before working his way up through the department and eventually leading the Maryland State Police.”

11 Responses

  1. It’s mot surprising that the corrupt PA State Police would seek to have Brown’s appointment blocked. They obviously fear that Brown would insist upon higher level of ethical behavior and professionalism than they’re accustomed to. Hang tough, Gov Wolf!

  2. Hampden Township’s ordinance prohibits signs from being posted along the right-of-way of streets within the municipality without a permit. Acting Commissioner Brown was not precluded from tearing them down.

  3. I don’t see in the story where is states that the signs were in his yard. I only ready that they were in his neighborhood.

  4. The anonymous retired trooper (if he is one – after all, how do we know?)should feel free to post his signs in his own front yard. Commissioner Brown has every right to remove signs placed in his yard by others.

  5. I find the whole uniform dispute to be silly, but the sign issue clearly shows bad judgment. Wf needs to do the same thing and pull back the nomination.

  6. If he can’t show calm when people show displeasure with his choices, he shouldn’t lead the State Police.

  7. The retired trooper who posted the signs should be named. All freedoms carry with them responsibility. The person who posted them should take responsibility for his words, not hide like a coward in anonymity. This is starting to appear like some rightwing cops are still smarting over the crushing blow to Corbett last November. The voters made it very clear that Tea Party Tom’s tactics were bad for Pennsylvania. Stand firm, Wolf Administration.

  8. Don’t withdrawn Mr. Brown’s name for State Police Commissioner. If you do you will be playing into the Republican’s hands. Governor Wolf, you were elected by the majority of Pennsylvania voters. You have every right to nominate who you whoever you want to Police Commissioner or any cabinet position. Don’t let the Republican’s dictate who you select!

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