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PA-Gov: Tom Wolf Responds to SRC Contract Cancellation

Wolf-SchoolIn a surprising move earlier today, the Philadelphia School Reform Commission announced it had cancelled the city’s contract with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.

The move caused anger among the PFT, with spokesman George Jackson saying, “This is outrageous.”

In summary, the cancellation of contracts allows for the phasing out of the PFT’s Health and Welfare Fund, with all district employees covered under a district-managed health plan by the end of the year. Employees who opt for the district medical coverage will pay a contributing cost to their benefits. It is believed the plan can save the district $54 million this school year, and up to $70 million in subsequent years. The plan will not cut teachers’ wages but the educators will have to pay 10% or 13% of their medical plan.

Democratic candidate for Governor, Tom Wolf, released a statement in response to the Philadelphia School Reform Commission’s action:

“This is just one more situation that has been forced by Gov. Corbett’s $1 billion cut to education in Pennsylvania and his chronic neglect of the Philadelphia public schools and schools throughout Pennsylvania.”

“All stakeholders have to work together to ensure the best results for students in Philadelphia. Unilateral action undermines the collaboration that we need in order to develop a long term solution for schools in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.”

“Under Governor Corbett, 27,000 educators have been laid off, property taxes have skyrocketed, class sizes have increased, and valuable programs have been eliminated across the state. It’s just simply unacceptable.”

“As governor, I will work to fund our schools by implementing a 5 percent severance tax, implementing charter school reform, and creating a fair funding formula that takes each district’s unique needs into account.”

In contrast to Wolf’s opposition of the decision to cancel teach contracts, Governor Corbett voiced his support earlier today.

“Today’s action by the SRC will effectively close the funding gap and provide the district with the ability to hire new teachers, counselors and nurses, and secure educational resources that will benefit the students of Philadelphia,” he said.

12 Responses

  1. Corbett continues his lies. He is corrupt, He want to let anyone sell Alcohol so young kids will be able to get drunk (HB790) Which he endorsed, but he is totally OPPOSED to letting people who need Medical Marijuana be able to get it (SB1182), EVEN THOUGH NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM THE INHALATION OF MARIJUANA. He doesn’t deserve any more time in the Gov. position He should be impeached!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chris it would be worthwhile for pa to have your wisdom expressed here or on a blog/headline or whatever. I hope you at least consider it. Pa is full of jerks following polls and few if any have your steadfast guts and understanding of how it works here.

  3. pablis, I aint doin no artecals on heare I is just sayin goevenor corbitt is gonna win cuz he entitled to anuther term cuz the way it works in pnna is guvs get to bee guv for 8 yrs at a tuime and then they hafta go away so the other parties guy can be guv for 8 yrs,

  4. When will some of the Corbett loving public union haters speak out against police officers and firemen who do not pay for their own health care benefits and receive free, taxpayer funded cadillac health care plans until death for them and their spouse?

  5. guevenor coribtt all ready gived lots of billonsd of dollars for schools and he still give lots more then any body else who been goevenor,

  6. This is mismanagement on the part of the Philadelphia school district. This has nothing to do with the Governor. How much is enough to spend on Philadelphia schools?

  7. This may be a nuance but Wolf’s statement doesn’t take a position on what the Reform Commission did–what he said was that this decision was a reflection of what he termed the cuts in education funding by the Corbett administration and its failure to support adequate school funding.

    And you do have to wonder about the timing of this.

  8. goevenor corbitt did the write thing cuz teechers shud hafta pay for there helth care jest like ever bodyt else hafta pay for it,

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