PA Gov: Wagner Makes Push for Philly Voters, Wolf Touts 4 Year Record

Painting two different pictures.

Gov. Tom Wolf and Republican challenger, Scott Wagner are airing two ads in the final week of the campaign that portray two completely different images of the current state of affairs in Pennsylvania.

Last week, Wagner debuted a series of new television ads as a part of a “statewide television blitz” that included their campaign spending $750,000 in ads from Oct. 22-28.

This week, Wagner’s campaign announced it is continuing their “advertising blitz” by spending $1 million on ads in the final full week of the campaign. Their ad released earlier this week accuses Wolf of neglecting the city of Philadelphia.

“If you want to see the failures of Tom Wolf’s policies, just drive through Philadelphia,” Wagner says in the beginning of the 30 second spot, Poverty. “Rampant crime, failing schools, and exploding poverty.”

The ad continues to state that Wolf is beholden to special interests in Harrisburg and will not solve the issues of Philadelphia.

“Scott has been clear that it is unacceptable Pennsylvania is home to the poorest city in the country and to so many other struggling communities,” said Campaign Manager Jason High. “By focusing on education, job training and business friendly policies, Scott will eradicate the poverty Tom Wolf’s failed policies have brought to our cities.”

The Wolf campaign believes Wagner’s record does not indicate he would help the city of Philadelphia.

“Scott Wagner is trying to run from his disastrous record, but the truth is that he supported Harrisburg Republicans’ billion dollar cut to education that devastated Philadelphia schools and led to massive layoffs, program cuts, and forced Philadelphia schools to the brink of not being able to open on time,” said Karissa Hand, campaign Deputy Communication Director. “Wagner would take Pennsylvania backwards by restricting access to quality, affordable health care, gutting education funding, and taxing seniors’ retirement accounts.”

Wolf’s campaign has taken to television this week debuting a new ad, while also playing an ad released earlier in the year.

The new 30 second ad, “First Four Years,” highlights a number of issues the Wolf campaign is boasting about during this current term.

“Repaired road, building bridges, jobs created, improved vocational training, fewer standardized tests and a balanced budget,” the voiceover in the ad states. “…Tom Wolf, he’s a different kind of governor.”

“Governor Wolf has spent the past four years moving Pennsylvania forward by prioritizing the issues that are most important to Pennsylvanian families,” Hand said while citing the specific statistics mentioned in the ad. “He did all of this while balancing Pennsylvania’s budget and eliminating our structural deficit, resulting in the first deposit in Pennsylvania’s rainy day fund in nearly a decade.”

Wagner’s campaign believes the decision is clear on Tuesday of what each candidate stands for.

“If they vote for Tom Wolf they will see billions in tax increases, continue to have their healthcare costs go through the roof, continue to have an economy that is being outpaced by its neighbors, continue to have a failing schools and continue to have sanctuary cities,” said campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo. “If they vote for Scott Wagner they will be choosing lower taxes, more affordable healthcare, a better economy, more money in the classroom and an end to sanctuary cities. We’re confident the latter choice will prevail on election day.”

Wolf’s campaigns other 30 second ad, that they have brought back on air, “Hold Us Back” details the reason he ran for governor in the first place.

“Ordinary Pennsylvanians live lives that have many, many challenges,” Wolf says in the beginning of the ad. “One of the reasons I ran for this office was because I wanted to move Pennsylvania forward and I knew to do that I had to take on the powers that be and change the way business was done in Harrisburg.

In the ad, Wolf goes on to detail some of the specific policies that he thinks have benefitted Pennsylvanians.

Their campaign also showcases some of the initiatives they’d like to tackle if given another term.

“In a second term, Governor Wolf will continue to fight for ethics reforms, including a gift ban for all public officials, “No Budget, No Pay” legislation, gerrymandering reform, campaign finance reform, and public official expense reform,” Hand said.

7 Responses

  1. Who are the idiots running the Wagner campaign? Is it those Zaborney dopes? A statewide Republican candidate closing out the election cycle by campaigning in worst place possible!

  2. What happened to the “Lou will win by 3” posts and Wagner will gain momentum late? Where is Sean Ryan? I really need a laugh today.

  3. “We hate Philly” is the rallying cry of Republicans throughout the state. Why on earth would Philly believe Wagner would help them???
    Proving again he is way too stupid for politics.

  4. His supporters here for a while were going with the “Wagner was just so unlucky” theme. Nope. He was an awful candidate in every single way and alienated almost all independents and R’s who are not tied to the alter of Trump. In the end, he will lose by 15, 18, 20 or more. Who knows?

    Barletta and Wagner are absolutely killing the down ticket for the GOP. Can you imagine how many normally reliable GOP voters are just going to say, “screw it, I am staying home” on Tuesday? These 2 together, might be the most inept tandem to ever run for Gov and Sen at the same time.

    1. Agree with you 1,000% Casey and Wolf winning by double digits will have catastrophic results for the Republican congressional seats.

  5. New poll out with Wolf beating Wagner by 26 points in a landslide! According to Terry Madonna, the last time this happened was when Tom Ridge beat Ivan Itkin by 26. The spread between Lynn Swann and Ed Rendell was 20 points. So, it appears if this trend continues to hold that the $800,000 reported in the press Wagner spent on ads recently as well as the millions (11 or so according to media reports)–all went toward Wagner being blown out by epic proportions. Wagner appears to have lacked the political skills which are mainly learned from experience and displayed this weakness repeatedly during the fall campaign. When Wagner did the “golf spikes” posting because he’d been upset at a billboard he revealed that he’d not been around politics all that long because being criticized is a day in the life for politicians. When the Wolf & Wagner race is reviewed Wagner’s lack of political skills and political experience were so profoundly serious they could not be overridden by his financial strength.

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