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PA-Gov: Wagner Picks Fight with Wolf

wagner-wolfIt certainly didn’t take long for the 2018 election to begin.

State Senator Scott Wagner has already made it clear he intends to run against fellow York native Governor Tom Wolf in 2018.

Now Wagner is picking a fight with the Governor over a scheduled layoff of 520 employees in the Department of Labor & Industry.

The State Senator has described the maneuver as an example of both carelessness and incompetence. In an interview with the Patriot-News editorial board, Wagner places the blame solely at the feet of the Gov. Wolf.

As you might expect, the Governor’s staff is not happy especially given the circumstances of this incident. Wolf tried to push for a transfer of funds that would’ve saved the jobs but after passing the State House, the bill died in the State Senate.

Not only that, Scott Wagner helped kill it.

The jobs in question concern call centers that aid the unemployed. According to David Weissman of the York Dispatch, Sen. Wagner was interested in having the process done online instead.

“I dug my foot in yesterday,” the State Senator stated. “They didn’t get the job done and need to be held accountable. Let them close down.”

If it is Wagner vs. Wolf in 2018 expect a lot more of these types of battles in the future.

26 Responses

  1. Nathan R. Shrader documented his claim that “Wagner was a major Lyndon LaRouche donor. That should be enough to disqualify him.” TWICE. Plus he gave to Kerry/Dean. MAJOR problem!!!

  2. Wagner’s highly professional poll has come back from those surveyed in his backyard–Wagner is the man for Gov!

  3. Well, I know of a Berks County row officer who thought he could win a special election for an open Senate seat a few months after Corbit won. His political ambitions were derailed and he will remain a row officer. Just because Trump won this time; beware of your own ego Wagner.

  4. Wagner is just a dumb rich guy with the iq of a guppy but with the ego the size of Texas. Needs Viagra, or he’s too pooped to pop!

  5. Denny Bonavita:

    If I go on vacation for a month and I have no garbage, I still have to pay for garbage collection or I will be fined/charged.

    Should we not be forced to buy car insurance that we never use either?

  6. Charlie sexton watch how quickly your R’s in Delco will run like hell from Wagner. Just like your pussys ran from Corbett.

  7. It’s still only five fishies , no matter what the nouveau riche ten percent by blood Eye-talians say. A lemon cello cleanser course and a slab of amaretto saturated fruitcake might sound fishy to unsuspecting white people but us Paisanos knows how seafood goes.

  8. Roger, where your Obamacare analogy fails is that Obamacare must be bought but might/might not provide money for services; it’s insurance. Though Wagner’s collections were compulsory, the services were in fact provided. And out here in Jefferson County where Wagner does not operate, compulsory pickup is also common.

  9. Here is what I know, Scott Wagner is a businessman, a successful one and not a lawyer! He keeps his word, now the State voted for Trump, if you likeTrump, you will love Wagner! Wagner is better than Trump and has no baggagem just a record of success as a business man who started with nothing. Scott Wagner typifies the American Dream!!!!! His record speaks volumes about his character!

  10. Interesting point, Dennis. Would Wagner be able to make a difference? Wolf certainly tried hard to not do business as usual and it didn’t get him very far. His “my way or the highway” approach on the budget last year got him to the point where his own party urged him to sign a budget and take what he could get. Those who delivered for him are still upset that they were shortchanged. Patronage politics and the art of the slimy deal are so ingrained in Harrisburg that it is now the SOP for both parties.

  11. Smoke+, good point on Wagner’s limitations. Do you think he is concerned over his baggage and believes it’s best to go on the offense early? He certainly wants a try.

    Chuckie, great observation on the spoils system. Support from the machine should be a good indicator regarding Wagner’s chances. Of course, Wolf couldn’t deliver for the Democrats, either. There are a lot of empty-handed people upset right now.

    BTW, “Five Fishes”? Why not seven? Could it be we’ve given two of them to the machine from the get-go?

  12. Scott Wagner cannot be bought. Like Tom Wolf, he self-financed his own highly disruptive political campaign challenging the entrenched Republican Leadership.

    Scott Wagner’s constituency is the Forgotten Taxpayers of Pennsylvania who are forced to pay for governments profligate and irresponsible spending.

    Scott Wagner is the leader of much abused Forgotten Taxpayers of Pennsylvania. Scott Wagner is plain spoken; you don’t have to guess what he means.

    Scott Wagner is a leader who knows how to choose his fights.

    It is disappointing to see the high minded Tom Wolf attempting to manipulate the Senate.

  13. The Republicans for forty years have run this state into the ground so it don’t matter what Democrat gets the job.

  14. Wolf no Gift Policy, but FAVORS are OK. If the Dem Executive Director tickets fixed, gift or favor???
    If you drink all night at the bar and charge it to the Gov/Dem party, gift or favor?
    If the Gov/party pays for your staff room, gift or favor?

  15. Wagner was a garbageman? So was we! It was sweet running 200 trucks a day from Jersey to Ohio and not paying anything because we owned the turnpike commission. Oh well, back to the casino and numbers rackets for now. Everything is going corporate, gotta put more of our kids in law school. What a racket that is!

  16. Wagner will not hold up. Now I truly hate Wolf and his policies, but Wagner is not strong enough to beat Wolf. The only good choices are Toomey and Cawley, but Toomey barely beat McGinty and will want to stay senator as long as possible and Cawley is taking in money at the United Way and so I doubt he has the motivation to run. So I predict we will have to live through another Wolf term, if Cawley and Toomey keep their current jobs

  17. When is someone going to point out that Scott Wagner became wealthy with an Obamacare type of scheme? Scott Wagner thinks the Government shouldn’t force you to buy healthcare, but he made millions by local governments forcing their residents to use and pay his waste removal company for service. Every resident must pay and there is no option to pick another provider.

    And he complained about how much in taxes he had to pay towards local road maintenance when he purchased a new refuse truck. Yet his trucks do the most damage to local roads.

    The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

  18. One term TOM”S Democrats have this right “Continue the fight for what’s right.” elect a real public servant. No Tom’s

  19. La Familia will back this Wagner if we have to because Wolf won’t let us get back to the trough. Uncle Charlie and the Godfather are livid that we are out all of that money we wasted on my cousin Stevie Junior’s miserable A. G. Campaign and they have let it be known that the upcoming Feast of Five Fishies will be limited to mussels and smelts if we don’t start earning again. We still have our turnpike toadies shilling bond issues our way and Cash for Kids, part two is going good but it ain’t enough. I ‘m really gonna miss the baccala.

  20. The battle of two wealthy York county businessmen who couldn’t be further apart politically.

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