PA-Gov: Wagner Says He’ll Run in 2018

Scott Wagner is running for Governor in 2018.

Well, it would be more accurate to say that the State Senator keeps inching closer to an announcement.

“If you’re gonna ask me today, this is not a formal announcement, I intend to run for Governor,” Wagner told Matt Maisel of Fox 43. “And I will be most likely formally announcing right after the first of the year.”

He also spoke to Charles Thompson of the Patriot-News.

“For where we are in Pennsylvania and what we need, I’m the most qualified person, and I’m there to get the job done,” Wagner told Thompson.

Wagner has been teasing a run for some time, going as far as to say that he was “considering” it back in June.

Such a battle would pit two York County natives against each other.

There could be concerns that the State Senator is too conservative and too iconoclastic compared to other leading contenders, but that may not be a problem in a party now headed by Donald Trump.

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  1. A Wagner/Metcalfe team would accomplish more in 4 years than the past 4 teams combined. Time to drop the Party bosses’ endorsed and bring in those who are not beholden to anyone.

  2. As if there is a good GOP anywhere today. I’ve been around these a-holes for only a year and I’m ready to pull off my hair.

  3. Congressman Mike Kelly might have a thing or two to say about Wagner’s run. Tired of being a Congressman from backwoods Pennsyltucky, Kelly wants the real power of the Governorship! Besides, he has the financial backing of his millions and the millions from his heiress wife, the heir to the Phillips petroleum fortune! May the best douchebag win!

  4. He isn’t electable statewide. No one likes him in the SE, where 60 percent of the population is. Stick to ruining moderate conservatives election chances in the Senate by funding campaigns against them.

  5. Being from the southwest, I don’t know much about Wagner other than he is from York and pretty conservative. If I had to pick, I would say that the GOP should find someone who hails from the southeast who would be acceptable to conservatives, while his or her running mate would come from the southwest to balance out the ticket geographically. Cawley is impressive, but Wolf would attack him relentlessly as nothing but a Corbett lackey. Depending upon what Casey does, maybe one of the GOP members of Congress from the southeast could ultimately jump in. Charlie Dent, former rep Mike Fitzpatrick, or Pat Meehan could make interesting choices for the GOP, as I don’t see any of them challenging Casey if he runs again. Mike Kelly is a decent guy and well-spoken, but I don’t see him building a strong statewide campaign to take on Wolf. Cawley probably could, but again, the Corbett baggage would probably sink his chances. A wild card could be Tim Murphy, who is well-respected by both Republicans and Democrats in this area. I doubt he would want to run statewide for either governor or Senate, but the Republicans would have a serious contender for either office should he have a change of heart.

  6. Probably recruited by Breitbart boss Bannon to carry the Trump banner for PA white supremacy.

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