PA Gov: Wagner “Tapped Out,” No More Self-Funding

A plea to put more on TV.

Scott Wagner’s campaign released an email a couple of days ago expressing the need for more funds, while claiming a “small number of establishment Republicans” are hoping incumbent Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is reelected.    

“A lot of people are sitting on the sidelines saying to themselves that Wagner will put more of his own money into the campaign, but with more than $10 million of my own money already invested in this race, I am tapped out,” the email states. “Today, I am appealing to everyone — but especially to the large number of business owners, professionals, and highly successful people who have a mindset that they don’t need to, or won’t make political contributions.”

In the most recent filing period, Wolf finished with $8.9 million in his reelection campaign account, while Wagner has $1.8 million.  

Wagner made an emphasis of using the donations needed to get on television.

“I want you to understand that all of the shoe leather, hard work, and grassroots energy will fall short if I am not up on TV in a major way from now until November 6th.”

The email also painted the picture of Wagner, putting himself on the “battlefield,” facing some Republicans in addition to the Democratic party.   

“There are a small number of establishment Republicans who are working against me behind the scenes to undermine my campaign,” the email states. “I have put myself out on the battlefield, exposed my family and my businesses to battle Tom Wolf, George Soros, Tom Steyer, government employee unions and other radical groups.”

Wagner boasted about the amount of events he’s attended thus far and claiming he will surpass 800 events by election day as a testament of outworking Wolf.  

“I am on a mission to defeat Tom Wolf,” the email states. “I will out work Tom Wolf twenty five to one.”

The GOP candidate also claimed that if Wolf is re-elected, Pennsylvania’s would not be able to afford it.  

“If he is re-elected – trust me on this – Tom Wolf will come out of the gate in 2019 with a 6-8 billion dollar tax increase – which will mean an increase of $1500 – $2000 per household,” the email states. “And finally, any chance of eliminating school taxes on the homes of seniors and others goes out the door forever. You can count on that, because no one else will have the guts to get it done.”

Wolf and Wagner have frequently jousted over school funding and protecting senior citizens throughout the campaign.

During the lone debate and throughout the campaign, Wagner has emphasized not needing the job for Governor from a financial standpoint and touches on it once again in this email.

“I have risked everything to run to become the next Governor of Pennsylvania,” the email states. “Everyone knows that I don’t need this job or the money — and I sure don’t need the public lynching.”

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  1. George Soros should be arrested and Prosecuted for thousands of Counts of Inciting Riots and Destruction of Private and Government Property . Soros has Vowed to Destroy The USA . So what is the Problem with bringing this to LIGHT ?

  2. Wagner once again fails to mention that the only way for a Democratic Gov to raise taxes is if the GOP-led General Assembly (which is not expected to flip under any scenario) passes the laws needed to do so.

    Not George Soros single handedly messing it up for We The People again? That old saw has been worn dull years ago, GOP spin doctors.

  3. This is the first time that a candidate has ever publicly triaged himself. Another strong political performance from Garbage Man.

  4. My guess is both Wolf and Casey win by a similar margin but Wolf wins by slighltly more.

  5. Isn’t it kind of early to tell potential contributors, “I’m going to blame you when I lose”.

    1. Uh huh and that speech he gave about using voter id to tilt a presidential election will run on a loop

    2. God forbid Turzai gets anywhere near the Governor’s office. The man is a bully who will listen to no one and is beholden to the special interests, particularly to Gene Barr of the Chamber. He needs to be as far away from the Capitol as possible.

  6. …at least Wagner’s better than Lou Barletta. I saw a Barletta commercial the other day but it sounded so nasty I thought it was a negative ad against him!

    I’m sure Wagner will do better vs Wolf than the well deserved walloping Barletta and the Trump machine of aggrieved and persecuted fake populists will get from Casey!

  7. Scott Wagner is his own worst enemy. He needs to present himself as the free market candidate; barnstorm the suburbs; and ignore Trump and the DC GOP.

    I really don’t want Fetterman as Lt Gov and see Wolf as a mediocre professor….. but I really don’t feel that Wagner is earning my vote at all.

    One more raccoon speech or one more Trump rally and I’ll vote libertarian!

  8. Wagner’s forcing higher trash bills on every taxpayer living in a municipality under the Penn Waste fiefdom. So he’s willing to raise taxes on those of us living in central PA, but wants to make sure that money goes straight into his pocket and not down the toilet on his campaign…..

  9. I was wondering why my township’s just approved new trash contract with Penn Waste includes a hefty increase for local taxpayers.

  10. The problem for Wagner is that his obsession with being viewed as “mini Trump” failed and, in the process, he turned off the Republicans that are needed for a campaign. I don’t blame people not supporting Wagner because when the history books are written he will have been the worst candidate in the history of the Pennsylvania Republican Party to run for Governor–mistakes galore and poorly thought out strategies. If Wagner were running in 2016, this may very well be a different race but he is running in 2018. Pa is not Alabama where a candidate like Roy Moore has to arrive for a Dem to win a big race–this is a more middle of the road political state and Wagner’s act failed. Mentioning George Soros–that is the radical right’s “greatest hits” and a real golden oldie. Also, a sure sign Scott Wagner is throwing in the towel and meandering toward political oblivion.

  11. Recycling business off a little Scott?

    LOL, you’re some business man. A member of the Kinsley family born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple.

  12. Name names you coward, who are the establishment Republicans working against you? (Cause I’d like to buy them a drink!)

  13. Does that $10 million he’s crying about include the money he lost investing campaign funds?

    1. For the first time in your life get your facts right they were not campaign funds.

      1. Technically they were campaign funds that he lost. He put his own $ in and lost it. So the campaign lost $.

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