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PA-Gov: Washington Post Names PA Gov Race One of the Nine “Most Ridiculous Campaigns” of 2014

Governor-Tom-CorbettWell, we made it into the national news.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t in a good way.

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake identified the nine “most ridiculous campaigns” of the midterm election season and our gubernatorial contest earned a spot on the list.

“Any campaign with this for a headline is pretty ridiculous,” Blake writes about the Inquirer’s headline “Porn scandal poses risk for Corbett campaign”.

The WaPo also includes the Inquirer’s not-so-flattering portrait of Gov. Corbett in their piece.

“Also, the man pictured above is incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett (R),” Blake continues. “And he trails by more than 20 points in most polls. So porn scandal or no porn scandal, this one was over long ago.”

While Blake’s verdict is harsh, given the Governor’s history with the Washington Post it’s doubtful he has a subscription to the D.C. daily.

9 Responses

  1. There must have been a lot of believers at the time at all levels. When AG Corbett was running for re-election against Morganelli, the nice lady at Republican headquarters in Lancaster told me, “He has to win, we need him to run for Governor in two years”.

  2. I agree that Gleason and other GOP Party bosses have long been the worst of the worst. Proof positive is the fact that a Democrat who is so inept, so devoid of leadership (Tom Wolf) can today be ahead in the polls.

  3. Asher has returned to Montgomery County after his incompetence destroyed that county after, along with his collaboration with Gleason, he ruined the GOP at the state level. The state Republican Party needs new leadership from a new generation not steeped in the greed and corruption of years past. Asher propped Corbett up for a decade, lost every statewide office with terrible candidate selection, backed the worst of the worst in the legislature, most for which are gone (some to prison), and has retreated home to even further wreck efforts to get reorganized there.

  4. Asher and Gleason have spawned the election of incompetents at all levels of government across the Commonwealth of PA. Republican county parties run help wanted ads for candidates, put the stooge on the ballot and then have the local version of the Koch family fund the campaign. The motto is, get a doofus elected that will do what they are told.

  5. “those responsible for his “rise” to the AG position and then governor are to blame too.”

    “Those same people.”

    I’ll name them for you: Asher and Gleason.

  6. Allow me to disagree; at least the WaPo didn’t designate it as the “worst” [which has occurred previously] and it is truly a stretch [reflecting the author’s lib-bias] to pin Porn-Gate on Corbett, for any number of reasons. Furthermore, if the current 9% spread is to be believed, Corbett could narrow the gap were he to link BHO’s and Wolf’s policies; jus’ sayin’….

  7. Everyone please remember that we knew this was coming two years ago and did absolutely nothing. Political and business leaders stuck their heads in the sand and ignored the natural comparison to Rick Santorum’s doomed ’06 Senate campaign. So it is not a surprise. What is the surprise? That the GOP never even tried to win this election. Instead, its so-called leaders and big-money people cashed in on what they could get in Corbett’s last two years and his “friends” in the State Senate and some in the House figured they’d ride it out and kiss Tom’s a** goodbye, don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out is their attitude. Sure, Corbett shares some blame for being tone deaf and inept politically, but those responsible for his “rise” to the AG position and then governor are to blame too. Wrong man for the job. Those same people then allowed him be renominated should have heaped upon them the lion’s share of blame.

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