PA-Gov: Wolf and His Jeep Star in New Ad

Voters must really have loved Tom Wolf’s Jeep in his previous ads, because now it’s the setting of his latest TV commercial, titled “Take a Drive”.

While cruising around in his beloved vehicle, the candidate laid out the reasons he is different than the typical politicians in Harrisburg.

“If I treated my customers the way the politicians in Harrisburg treat the people in Pennsylvania, they’d tell me to take a hike,” Wolf declares.

wolf jeep adThe Democratic candidate brought up the infamous 2005 pay raise to prove his point (indicating that nine years later the legislature has still not been able to shake the stench of that deal). Meanwhile, Wolf asserts that body still won’t adequately fund the state’s schools.

“They support a tax structure that favors the rich and we’re the only state in the country that lets oil and gas companies off the hook,” Wolf states as a graphic informs viewers that PA is the only state without an extraction tax.

“We’ve gotta end politics as usual in Harrisburg and stand up for the middle class for a change,” he concludes.

Other Democratic gubernatorial candidates include State Treasurer Rob McCord, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty.


9 Responses

  1. I’m voting for Wolf, out of the 4 left, he is the best for the job. He has business experience, leadership experience, Community activist experience, Family Values, and he does have govt. experience. He is well rounded. For no campaign experience he is doing a hell of job. Great commercials, building the ground game, getting himself out there. He also being a good candidate and not dirty. He is giving you a chance to know him and his family and his past. Schwartz, no commercials yet, she doesn’t visit half the county, cancelling things.

  2. Don’t worry Paul they will have Robbie the political hack run the day to day operations lol.

  3. @Paul — No, wrong again. Wolf did not inherit his business. He and his partners took out loans and paid full value for the company when they bought it in the 1980s. But why would you let the facts get in the way of cheerleading for Allyson Schwartz.

    Royalty often wear silk scarves. Allyson Schwartz used to wear silk scarves for a fashion statement (even in the summer), not regular scarves worm for warmth. I guess you haven’t seen a picture of royalty before. Or maybe you are blinded to reality.

    Your candidat is losing, and losing badly. She will lose, and lose badly, on May 20. But I’m sure you, @frank/@truth and the other Schwartz worshippers will have many new excuses then.

  4. Did Wolf inherit that car like he did with his business and fortune? And when did scarves become a sign of royalty? But no lets focus on things like what people drive and wear instead of issues. For example i have an issue with the fact that Tom Wolf has no campaign or legislative experience. The Republicans are going to eat him alive in Harrisburg

  5. @truth — The real words you are trying to use are “families” (not “family’s”) and “phonier” (not “phonyer”). Based on your poor grammar, spelling, and your posting style, everybody knows you and @frank are the same person.

    Did you know Wolf owned that Jeep years before he thought about running for office? Did you know he has owned his company more than 20 years before he thought about running for office? Probably not, those facts would interfere with what you want to believe.

    I remember a few years ago when Allyson Schwartz wore a silk scarf every day like she was royalty. She stopped wearing those silk scarves before she decided to run statewide after failing once already. What happened to her scarves? I wonder if she is trying to act like she is more of a regular person.

    I know you are echoing the Allyson Schwartz party line, but we will see how you feel on May 21 after your candidate finishes in 2nd or 3rd place.

  6. I’m a multi millionaire and drive a old junky jeep trying to fit in with working family’s in pa wow his campaign keeps getting more phonyer by the week.Ps no one is paying attention yet.

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