PA-Gov: Wolf Announces Two Cabinet Selections

Tom-WolfGovernor-Elect Tom Wolf has finally announced the first of his cabinet selections.

Eileen McNulty, Governor Casey’s Secretary of Revenue, would return to her old position in the Wolf Administration.

Meanwhile, Dennis Davin is Wolf’s choice for to head the Department of Community and Economic Development.

“At a time when our commonwealth faces serious financial and economic challenges, Dennis and Eileen have the much-needed experience and ability to help me find innovative solutions to move Pennsylvania forward,” said Governor-elect Tom Wolf. “Pennsylvania is 50th in job growth and we are facing a deficit of $2 billion or more. Dennis brings nearly 30 years of economic development experience and Eileen has worked in public finance for 25 years. Each will bring a unique background and a fresh perspective to my administration.”

The Wolf transition team provided the following background information on Eileen McNulty:

Eileen H. McNulty served as the quality assurance director in the Office of Comptroller Operations, part of the Office of the Budget, for Pennsylvania from 2011 to 2013. Prior to that, she was the deputy accountability officer for the commonwealth’s Stimulus Accountability Office. Before becoming deputy accountability officer, McNulty was the chief financial officer with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. From 2003 to 2006, McNulty served as executive deputy secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, and she served as revenue secretary under Governor Casey from January 1991 through January 1995. McNulty graduated cum laude from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Economics.

McNulty served as secretary of the Department of Revenue under Governor Robert P. Casey, executive deputy secretary of the Department of Revenue under Governor Edward G. Rendell, and worked in a variety of finance roles with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. McNulty was instrumental in the implementation of new compliance programs to improve revenue collections and she helped modernize operations by transitioning to electronic funds transfer for payments.

They also sent out the some biographical information about Dennis Davin:

Dennis M. Davin is the director of Allegheny County Economic Development (ACED). Dennis also serves as the director of the Allegheny County Redevelopment Authority and executive director of the Industrial Development Authority, Hospital Development Authority, Higher Education Building Authority, and Residential Finance Authority. Dennis is also an active board member of the Allegheny County Airport Authority. Before serving as director of ACED, Dennis was regional director of the Governor’s Action Team for Southwestern Pennsylvania. Prior to that, he worked at the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) for eight years before becoming the URA’s director of housing. Dennis also served as the Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation’s deputy executive director.

Davin led revitalization efforts in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County and has been the catalyst for projects like “Allegheny Places,” the county’s first comprehensive plan on land use, transportation, housing, economic development, infrastructure, and greenways. Davin oversees 75 employees and implements site development, job creation initiatives, community development, and affordable housing projects for the county.

8 Responses

  1. I am just waiting patiently for who is elected for Secretary of Education. I work in education and with the previous years, I only see downward spiral instead of uplifting. Fingers crossed we get someone good in this position.

  2. These choices are totally underwhelming. People filling cabinet posiions, especially in financial roles, should have some heavy duty bona fides, especially in the private sector. These choices are lifelong bureaucratic flunkies from Harrisburg, as opposed to CEOs or someone with an advanced degree in finance/acounting. Given how screwed up Harrisburg is, why would you wawnt to pick people with a lot of experience in screwing it up?

  3. Before anyone gripes too much here about Ed Rendell’s 3rd term (which it is), or how Pennsylvanians voted for “change” (which it did only at the gubernatorial level and by voting in an all but permanent R majority in both houses of the legislature), remember that Rendell’s people had to work in the same confines. He needs people who know how to get things done with an R crowd at the Capitol not inclined to be too helpful. Unfortunately, the legislature is much much much more conservative than with the group Rendell had to confront. None of this will be pretty.

  4. Both of his new appointees bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from two former governors admirations. Gov. Rendell, well versed in big city problems and Gov. Casey, well versed in rural area problems. sound like he is trying to hit ground running with a understanding of the problems that face all of PA. lets not beat him up until we give him his first paycheck.

  5. Let’s not get in a lather over Rendell linkage until we see where Wolf is going to take the administration re economic development and help for those suffering with stagnant wages.

  6. Governor-elect Wolf is not demonstrating independence in any way. Sadly, he is ruining his own governorship before it begins. Many Pennsylvanians from all walks of life genuinely wanted and expected change. He won on that. Without comment about the skill sets of his appointees, some of whom I know personally, Governor-elect Wolf gives every appearance of “puppet”, with former Governor Rendell operating all the strings. His Chief of staff choice, K. McGinty, removed all doubt. This is Rendell lll.

  7. Tom Wolf was elected for Change. I believe there is a wealth of knowledgeable men and women who could do a great job in public service for Pennsylvania if given a chance. I do not believe Pennsylvania voted to have Cabinet positions filled by all these ex Rendell Cronies. Wolf was elected as a non- traditional politician. All these Rendell Staffers will not be perceived as any kind of change that was promised. In rural Pennsylvania it would be received especially as a Rendell Third Term. Not a good way to start for the Wolf Administration.

  8. It is only a matter of minutes before he announces that Alan Kennedy Shaffer will be appointed General Counsel and save the day.

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