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PA-Gov: Wolf Appoints Beemer Inspector General

Governor-WolfBruce Beemer is getting a promotion.

The First Deputy Attorney General has been through a number of battles with her superior Kathleen Kane.

Beemer testified against Kane in front of the grand jury and fought against the dismissal of James Barker. He had his control of personnel decisions stripped away and was blamed by Kane for the insufficient first investigation of Justice Eakin. At one point, Beemer even rallied senior staff against a controversial decision made by the AG.

Governor Wolf, who isn’t the biggest fan of Kane, doesn’t have a problem with any of that. He is appointing Beemer to be the new Inspector General.

“Bruce Beemer has earned a reputation across the commonwealth as a tough prosecutor, effective administrator and thoughtful legal mind,” Gov. Wolf said. “He has taken on public officials at all levels and worked to root out corruption in government. I have great faith in his ability to further the mission of the Office of Inspector General to fight waste, fraud and abuse, and working to make government more efficient and effective.”

Beemer will be replacing Grayling Williams, who recently resigned. He is expected to assume the IG job on July 25th.

7 Responses

  1. Kathleen Kane ALREADY KNOWS THAT SHE MAY NOT NAME THE NAMES. As Attorney General she is obligated to protect the privileged information of her clients (even when those clients/staff are making false allegations against her.)

    THAT’S WHY KANE CONTRACTED DOUG GANSLER for the review and report. Gansler and his team have no privileged relationships with clients in Pennsylvania government. As special Attorney General, Doug Gansler can release his report.

    Why Bruce Castor, who has mountains of privileged client/staff information, has been permitted to stand in the way of the reports release confounds all logic. By improperly enacted and unconstitutional “law”, Rule 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY, Castor must conceal any information in that report which relates to his lawyering. This likely envelopes the entirety of Montgomery County government – and there are certainly other cases than mine which is that broad.

    Perhaps that is why Castor has spent the last 7 weeks editing the report before distribution.

    Gansler was contracted by THE COMMONWEALTH, not the OAG, not Kane, not Castor. Gansler should be distributing the report to the Governor, Senate, House, Judiciary, OAG AND STATE POLICE.

    With the exception of the State Police, each report is prevented by lawyers. The Governor has the lawyers in OGC preventing meetings and info from the governor. The Judiciary have the law clerks preventing documents from the court. The Senate and House have the Leadership and their counsel who won’t permit discussion. The OAG has Castor to block for Kane who already is obligated to block for the OAG.

    The only delivery to ANY law enforcement which is NOT PREVENTED BY LAWYERS is the PA State Police. … and the public.

    Had the lawyers not convinced the sheriff’s of diminished capacity, the sheriff’s WOULD ALSO have the constitutional authority to act.

    Doug Gansler will have to complete the confidentiality privilege workaround which was necessary for HIS investigation to be successful.


    After the fiasco Moulton release on the Sandusky investigation neglecting to indicate the affect of the confidentiality privilege, he dermonstrates a special kind of STUPID LOGIC to suggest that people need to be told of their corruption before the public.

    Geoff… here’s some news for you THEY KNEW THEY WERE BEING CORRUPT WHEN THEY DID IT. THEY KNEW THEY WERE BEING UNJUST WHEN THEY DID IT. THEY KNEW THEY WERE VIOLATING RIGHTS WHEN THEY DID IT. THEY KNEW THEY WERE ABUSING THEIR OFFICES WHEN THEY DID IT. They sacrificed their reputation by their actions. That would have been the time to consider protecting reputations. Not after their damage is done and their misdeeds exposed.

    Justice is coming.

  2. This shows how not plugged in Todd Stephens is. Think we have heard the last of impeachment?

  3. SpongeBob… It was never shown to date that Beemer was involved this is just another effort in the old adage “”if you don’t know the truth make it up”

  4. Great! Another Porn Fan member of the Good Ole Boys club – in charge of governmental emails, I guess?

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