PA-Gov: Wolf Attempts to Explain Medicaid Expansion (VIDEO)

Transitioning from the private HealthyPA system of Gov. Corbett to the Medicaid expansion backed by Gov. Wolf will be a bit complicated.

So the Wolf Administration released a video explaining the change to citizens of the commonwealth.

The main goal of the message appears to be to emphasize that this move will reduce confusion, by streamlining three plans into one.

There is also a conscious effort to reassure Pennsylvanians that they won’t lose their coverage.

Finally, they are directing anyone with questions to the website:

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2 thoughts on “PA-Gov: Wolf Attempts to Explain Medicaid Expansion (VIDEO)”

  1. Pa Conservative says:

    Let’s put everyone in a one size fits all kind of plan. Let’s give folks no choice thus taking away initiative and responsibility. Also big brother federal govt will take care of it and there will be no bill for PA taxpayers. Sounds great!!!

  2. notthewholestory says:

    it fails to mention that the guaranteed funding goes away in several years so I’m guessing the taxpayers will be paying for it-as usual.

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