PA-Gov: Wolf Begins Transition to Full Medicaid Expansion

Governor-WolfWell, it’s finally happening.

Governor Wolf is abandoning Gov. Corbett’s private HealthyPA plan in favor of the federal Medicaid expansion.

“Today is the first step toward simplifying a complicated process and ensuring hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians have greater access to the health insurance they need,” said Governor Wolf. “Our approach will alleviate confusion, remove unnecessary red tape, and streamline the system so that people can see a doctor when they are sick and health care professionals have more time to concentrate on providing quality care.”

According to the Governor’s office, the transition has been set up so that no coverage plans will be immediately affected but that the DHS will streamline the private system into the Medicaid system over time.

“We are committed to ensuring an orderly and efficient transition for every Pennsylvanian receiving health care coverage through the commonwealth,” said DHS Acting Secretary Ted Dallas. “We are already at work making changes to our eligibility systems that will take effect this spring. This will enable us to transition individuals participating in the General Assistance and SelectPlan programs to the new health plan.”

HealthyPA was Governor Corbett’s solution to expanding healthcare coverage without expanding Medicaid. Wolf pledged throughout the campaign that he would switch the system to the Medicaid expansion as designed under the Affordable Care Act. Now that process is under way.

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  1. Thank you Governor Wolf us a person who is disabled and has a child with health issues and a husband who also is disabled I cannot tell you how sick and worried I became especially about my child under the Corbelt admin. You understand what it takes to have a Commomwealth for all.

  2. Re: Peggy’s comments – Tom Ridge also liberalized the benefits under the retirement plan that allowed people with less than ten years of service to be vested (took care of his political family) AND increased by a third the formula for benefit calculation. This “gift” was not fiscally sustainable and took a well funded program into the long term RED!

  3. Bad move. He should have waited on this until after the King vs Burwell decision to put more pressure on Boehner and McConnell.

  4. For the commenters here who are worried about bankrupting the Commonwealth, keep in mind that the conservative geniuses sent to Harrisburg in 2010 were supposed to balance the budget. They didn’t. Rather than worry about the Commonwealth going bankrupt because it won’t, worry a little about citizens who are one traffic accident away from bankruptcy because they couldn’t afford health insurance.

  5. Thank you for keeping this campaign pledge Governor Wolf. Your quick action to change state policy on this issue is very much appreciated. Now PA’s Department of Human Services can work with both the federal government and those Pennsylvania residents eligible for the program to carry out your policy initiative.

  6. Governor Wolf did not start the pension crisis. People seem to forget that Tom Ridge created the pension crisis. State Employees continued to contribute to the pension fund; however, the Commonwealth did not. Why? Because Governor Tom Ridge stopped the Commonwealth’s share. Don’t blame the State Employees and don’t blame Governor Wolf – blame Tom Ridge and the House and Senate members who allowed it! As far as bankrupting the Commonwealth, Tom Corbett already has! Pennsylvania needs health insurance for all – not just a few. Governor Wolf campaigned on this and evidently it resonated with the voters, because he won!

  7. He is going bankrupt Pennsylvania………… Deal with the pension crisis first! Stop the pettiness in pulling back nominations. Stop making gays your #1 issue (gay choir at inaugural singing state song, transvestite nominee to Doc in Chief). ……………..This is no time for amateur hour. We already have that for 6 years with Obama.

  8. Billions of dollars in budget shortfall, and this on top of the pension issue? Bankrupt the Commonwealth?

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