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PA-Gov: Wolf Calls for Eakin to Resign

Michael EakinMichael Eakin took a big gamble and it looks like he may have lost.

Yesterday, Governor Tom Wolf called on the State Supreme Court Justice to resign.

Eakin has been entangled in the pornographic email mess since last year but his troubles were exacerbated by Attorney General Kathleen Kane a few months ago.

“This process is absurd,” Governor Wolf’s spokesman Jeff Sheridan said. “Justice Eakin’s behavior is reprehensible and beyond unbecoming of an individual, let alone a Supreme Court justice.”

“Justice Eakin should resign,” Sheridan concluded. “The people of Pennsylvania deserve better.”

It appears the Governor’s new stance came as a result of a report from Craig R. McCoy, Mark Fazlollah and Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer. They revealed that Supreme Court Justice Thomas Saylor was leading an effort along with Eakin and Justice Max Baer to appoint a favorable voice to the Court of Judicial Discipline.

This purposed attempt to influence the body tasked with deciding Eakin’s fate apparently sparked the Governor’s disgust.

The potential nominee in question, former Secretary of the Department of Public Welfare Karen Snider, has withdrawn her name from consideration.

It is not immediately clear where this episode will go from here.

15 Responses

  1. I really hope that Eakin DOES NOT resign. I want there to be a trial where he can be questioned about his relationship with Castille, his attempts to rig the result of his “case” and a whole laundry list of other things.

    Kane is single-handedly re-shaping the PA Supreme Court. She has castrated Fina & Costanzo. And – she is continuing to expose corrupt perverse, vile racists, and cowardly women-haters.

    That shouldn’t affect her being held accountable if she committed a crime. But she DOES deserve credit for that.

  2. Wolf calls on Eakin to resign,,,About time !!!
    Where are the other quick to convict and call the the resignation of Kane so called Democrat’s ,,,,, AAH De Pasquale and Teplitz !! Why aren’t they out front calling for a Republican to resign……!!!

    Two useless self serving Politicians !!!!!!

  3. DD – It really is a great article. Seth Williams better get his head out of his ass and clean house. He still has a chance to come out of this. Fire the corrupt, racist ayy-holes, “re-evaluate” the sting case based on material he was not privy to previously, put his grudges (against Kane and Perruto) aside … and maybe he can get his career back.

    Oh – and he is also gonna need to get rid of Tyron Ali’s lawyer’s wife … who just so happens to be Frank Fina’s lawyer’s wife.

    This is a joke. And, right now, the only one laughing is Kane.

  4. This is interesting. Eakins wife works for Costopolous. Has Eakin revealed the connection or recused himself from matters involving Costopolous before the Supreme Court? That would be interesting for a reporter to look into. I bet the answer is NO. The court suspended Mccaffery. Why no action to suspend Eakin ??

  5. LMAO … the Repervlicans are too dumb to know when they are being mocked. They just CAN’T STOP posting their talking points!!

    I hope Kane goes to prison if she illegally leaked protected material to get even with a political enemy (even if that political enemy – Fina – is a pervert racist creep).

    But I also hope the CLOWN CAR continues to get exposed. Eakin and Fina are probably not even the worst. But they are detestable, corrupt pigs!!

  6. Your damn right I didn’t !!

    now just look the other way while me and my corrupt friends get me out of this mess.

  7. Eakin didn’t FORCE Kane to leak confidential information to the press and then commit perjury either.

  8. DD – You keep falling victim to the Repervlicns’ DEFLECTION. Kane’s woes have nothing to do with Eakin. Kane didn’t FORCE Eakin to make fun of rape victims. Kane didn’t FORCE Eakin to laugh at female victims of domestic violence.

    In fact, Kane’s criminal case is a a result of Kane discovering the damning evidence against Eakin (and others). The desperate attempts to cover-up their own wrong-doing are now coming into the light. Kane is correct. The perjury case was “manufactured.” But she is incorrect about the charges invoking the leak. The MontCo DA’s Office’s problems there are proof problems. Their star-witness (Morrow) has told two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT stories. And, Morrow on the stand will prove that tyron Ali is a liar. The CLOWN CAR is between a rock and a hard place.

    Can’t wait til Craig & Angela get EXPOSED. Can’t wait to find out who was leaking OAG information back to Fina & The Corbett Pervs. That guy (or gal) may want to come forward now and start cooperating. The Independent Prosecutor is going to have his pick of singing birds to choose from. POPCORN will be ready.

    Wonder if Fina will also use Tyron Ali’s lawyer when he gets arrested …

  9. DINO-

    Actually, Eakin’s failure to turn over 60 relevant emails, their content, neglecting to report conflict of interest (relationship with his former campaign staffer investing emails), failure to recuse himself ruling on Kane when he had vested interest, and his latest scheme to stack the deck on the Court of Judicial Discipline… ALL point to an inappropriate/unethical pattern of behavior.

    The violating the standards for professional ethics doesn’t require anything strictly illegal/criminal, but it is enough to ruin a judicial career and bring sanctions from review boards set up for this purpose.

    As for Kane, she’s been indicted/accused not convicted, and the two perjury charges are completely bogus, and the remaining charges are completely minor.

  10. PA Dem — Agreed; but not just based on his e-mails. His attempts to hide his behavior and work with his “pals” to fix the case have been reprehensible. Just like Fina & The Corbett Pervs, Eakin must think he is above the law.

  11. Wolf calls on Eakin to resign even though he hasn’t been accused of any crime and it appears to be in no imminent danger from any body of law enforcement of ethics, meanwhile Kathleen Kane has been indicted for felonies and no call for her to resign from Wolf.

  12. Has he handed in his resignation? No.
    Has he resigned himself to his eventual fate. Doesn’t seem so.
    Has he resigned from decent society and ethical legal behavior? Based on his emails, I’d say yes.

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