PA-Gov: Wolf Campaign Releases “It Can Work” Ad (VIDEO)

The Wolf campaign released a new TV ad today, entitled “It Can Work,” that, while not directly addressing the attack ad released by the PA GOP on Monday, seems to at least respond to the GOP’s ad’s accusations that Wolf does not have any real plans for the future of Pennsylvania.

In Wolf’s commercial, which was filmed in Ductmate Industries’ warehouse, Wolf states that he has a plan for manufacturing, and then backs the statement up with the steps he’ll take to fulfill it.

“I’ve got a plan to rebuild our manufacturing economy and we’ll do it by connecting companies with vocational education to ensure that our workforce is trained for the jobs of today,” he says.

“I’m Tom Wolf, and together we can build an economy that works for the middle-class.”

The press release that accompanied the thirty-second spot also contains in-depth details of the steps included in Wolf’s vision for PA. For example, while describing the creation of a 21st century middle class workforce, Wolf’s campaign said the following: “As governor, Tom will make sure that students, specifically those engaged in vocational training, have the opportunity to work directly with local businesses.

The steps in the plan get even more specific, going so far as to discuss internships.

“Through a training-to-career grants initiative, manufacturing businesses will receive funds to help technical programs and community colleges develop new training programs. One component of these programs will be hands-on training through apprenticeship programs, on-the-job training opportunities, and paid internships.”

The release also mentions the creation of a “‘cash-back’ jobs creation program” that would reward manufacturing companies for creating middle-class PA jobs.

The specificity of the ad and the release seem to attempt to prevent his opponent’s supporters from making further claims that he lacks any real strategy for after November 4th.

The TV ad was released in tandem with Wolf’s tour of Northeast Building Products, a manufacturing company that produces windows and doors, in Philadelphia as a stop on his tour to promote his “Made in Pennsylvania” manufacturing plan.

Update: Pennsylvania Republican Party Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement which referenced a past Wolf article:

“If Tom Wolf wants to grow the manufacturing sector in Pennsylvania, then why did he ship jobs to other states, including Indiana, Texas, Florida, New Jersey and Alabama?”

7 Responses

  1. militant what is you talking about? john wolfe aint taken away anybuddys write to work and he and guevonore corbitt both say they want people to work in penna.

  2. If Wolf wants to create manufacturing jobs he would be advocating making PA a Right to Work state. You can not run a 21st century company with a 1930’s labor law. Wolf’s company did not have a union.

    Now that Wolf has done his crony capitalist deal selling his company and screwing the PA public pension funds and has become a politician, all he cares about is keeping the thugs that run the unions happy. His tax plans will screw small manufacturers that are S corps.

  3. It’s all about opportunity; Tom Wolf is promising that AND providing the means to get there. Corbett is a destructive governor who only has an agenda which serves himself and his gas industry buddies.

  4. The citizens of Penna. can’t afford 4 more years of Corbett. There will be a new Governor in Pa. alonging with several other states.

  5. So in WolfWorld a guy has college debts, works hard, does well and Wolf wants to tax him more to give money to people who refuse to work.
    What a world we live in.

  6. mister wolfe is nice man I meet him last months but he don’t relize that the way it works in penna is the Rs get to be guv for 8 yrs then the D’s get to be guv for 8 yrs, and then it go back and fourth so that meens it aint gonna be mistar wolfe’s turn this time.

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