PA-Gov: Wolf Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

WolfGovernor Tom Wolf announced he has a treatable form of prostate cancer this morning.

“Frances and I recently learned I have prostate cancer that was thankfully detected early,” Wolf stated. “My doctors made the diagnosis after a regular checkup revealed abnormalities.”

“In consultation with my doctors, I have a planned treatment schedule that will begin in the coming weeks,” the Governor continued. “Those treatments will last the next several months, but they will present no impairment to my ability to perform my duties as governor. Prior to beginning treatment, I will take a brief time to spend with my family. I am very thankful that my doctors caught this cancer quickly and have worked with me to plan a treatment schedule that will address my medical issues and allow me to serve the people of Pennsylvania. I encourage everyone in Pennsylvania to make sure they schedule regular checkups with their doctors and be aware of screening guidelines so early detection and treatment can be possible.”

The Governor and the First Lady held a brief press conference to discuss the news.

They both talked about the importance of early detection and emphasized that this is a treatable problem.

We’ll have more, including video of the press conference, in the future.

UPDATE: The Governor’s office has posted the video of Wolf’s statement this morning:

10 Responses

  1. 67 year old Tom Wolf has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was caught early, as a result routine check-up, and can be treated without chemotherapy. Nevertheless, it is not good and, even if one does not agree with him, the governor is a decent and well-meaning, doing what he thinks best. It reminds us that we are not in control; unexpected things happen, and that how we respond is our own choice. The Governor’s optimism in face of bad news is commendable and an example for us all.

  2. gulagPittsburgh-

    I doubt that would motivate the GOP to pass an extraction tax. However, the irony is that there are cancer clusters all around the fracking sites.

    Maybe Gov Wolf’s experience with cancer will make him more sensitive to the other Pennsylvanians getting cancer from the fracking toxins, and get him to rethink a moratorium.

  3. The Governor will be cured and I hope for the best but this is another reason he will probably think twice abut running for re-election.

  4. Look at the bright side. Wolf does not have to worry about losing his hair if he needs chemo and radiation.

    But seriously folks, I hope he fully recovers. To celebrate the GOP might even pass a budget with a natural gas tax.

  5. Ok, I wasn’t going to comment but seriously HaHaHa? The site posts a story about the Governor battling cancer and you have to throw in a f’ing Fina thread? Totally Classless. Your comments using the word reatard to get people riled up were a clue but this, even for you is a new low.

    I wish the Governor a speedy recovery. While I disagree with many of the Gov’s ideas I think we can all agree in wishing him well in his fight.

  6. Given Governor’s Wolf illness, I will scale back the harshness of my criticisms on how he’s handling policy.

    I still have my disagreements, but I will strive to take a more respectful tone.

  7. Nick – noticed you still have not reported on this:

    The Superior Court Judges were very critical of the actions of prosecutor Frank Fina, saying his conduct was “highly improper.”

    That’s the same Frank Fina involved in the Kane case. You have printed everything else about him – his lawsuits against Kane included. Why not report on this? Plus – isn’t the Penn State case big news in PA? Didn’t the court just throw out most of Fina’s charges against the PSU 3?

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