PA-Gov: Wolf Doesn’t Think Kane Needs to Resign

PENNSYLVANIA ATTORNEY GENERAL KATHLEEN KANE CONGRATULATES GOVERNOR TOM WOLF FOLLOWING HIS INAUGURATION CEREMONY AT THE STATE CAPITOL IN HARRISBURG, PA ON JANUARY 20, 2015.Gov. Tom Wolf showed support for his state’s Attorney General Kathleen Kane, amidst controversy involving a statewide jury recommending that she be charged, telling Pennsylvanians that despite her looming legal problems, Kane is still capable of doing her job honorably.

Wolf stated that he believes “we have procedures in place for adjudicating the rights and wrongs,” and that “we ought to let the judicial system play out,” according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman will decide whether to charge Kane with perjury, obstruction, contempt of court and other crimes for allegedly leaking secret information to a Philadelphia newspaper to punish a political rival.

Kane’s attorney and spokesman Lanny Davis has blamed “angry Republican men” for trying to pin her down. However, in addition to those on the other side of the aisle, many news outlets have also called for her resignation. Still, Kane has refused to resign.

Wolf said that he has not spoken with Kane about the controversy, and that nobody has asked him to speak with her about her resigning for the good of the Democratic Party.

18 Responses

  1. So far the focus has been on Kane’s wrong doing and she has not been able to shift the narrative to Frank Fina.

    The issues are leaing grand jury testimony and now quashing subpoenas in a criminal case against a political crony.

  2. “the only people writing about it”

    What rock are you living under? Let her stay in office as long as she likes. It’s to the detriment of her own party and one more strike against the next one term Tom.

  3. The woman is an embarrassment, Ernie Preate in a bustier. If she weren’t a female and a Democrat we would have seen Wolf calling for her head and a perp walk. Risa has enough evidence to indict, and if she doesn’t, we in Southeastern PA will have to weigh that heavily in her run for the Montco Bench. Oh, and that prosecutor Kathy just fired because he had the audacity to testify against her? Two words: Whistleblower lawsuit.

  4. This is so funny watching people like Bungy,Steve and all others we know you all have family involved in this Kane case thats why your the only people writing about it. the private eye knows all ip addresses tells alot of information so go read other stories were your not involved and lets see how you respond to them

  5. Voter’s will be reminded of Wolf and judge Debra Todd’s blind loyalty to Kane. They will both regret it come election time.

  6. I love that Kane’s few supporters have nothing but “but but but Fina looked at dirty emails!” Meanwhile, Kane broke the law in ways that will end her public career, made numerous demonstrably false statements in public, and went through staff like laundry.

  7. Observer, I agree with you 100%. If Mr. Fina had porn on his state computer, let him be held accountable.

  8. Personally, I cannot WAIT to see Freakie Frankie Fina get on the stand – in public – and explain all the really extreme porn he had on his computer. Should be grand TV!!

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