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PA-Gov: Wolf Endorses Perez for DNC Chair

governor-wolfGovernor Tom Wolf has made his choice.

According to Thomas Fitzgerald of the Inquirer, Gov. Wolf is backing Secretary of Labor Tom Perez’s bid for Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

“Governor Wolf and I have worked closely together for years to expand opportunity for more Americans,” said Tom Perez. “I am honored to have his support in the race for DNC chair. The 2016 election demonstrated the importance of grassroots organizing and voter engagement that takes no community for granted. Nowhere was that more apparent than in Pennsylvania. I look forward to working in tandem with Governor Wolf to listen to voters, mobilize supporters, and build a DNC for every Democrat.”

“Tom Perez is a proven leader with a record of delivering results for working families,” said Governor Wolf. “His vision for the party paired with his experience as an effective manager makes him well-suited to run the party as we move toward 2018. I have worked closely with Tom during his time as Labor secretary on issues paramount to hard-working Pennsylvanians and I know he has the unique ability to connect with people and help ensure we are successful in 2018 and beyond.”

Perez is running against Congressman Keith Ellison in what is quickly becoming a surrogate fight between President Barack Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders

DNC members will choose their new Chair during their winter meeting from February 23rd to 26th.

22 Responses

  1. Perez would be an excellent choice. At least he understands working people and their plight, exactly what the Democratic Party needs to get back to. Good call by the Governor.

  2. I will support tom perez for DNC Chair no matter what and I think for he will win this thing in 2017.

  3. @JPaul:

    The extreme left IS trying to seize control of what was once a great party. It was great when it was liberal and of, by and for us in our battle against corporatocracy. It is not now.

    We on the left have no more to lose. We have lost all input into our policy and expenditure, to the single US Corporate Demopublican Republicratic party. And still call ourselves sovereign, which is just plain wacky. We are trying to take at least one of the two parties over from that corporate ownership. In a nod to fairness, they can have the other one.

    If we can not, we will break away.

    Trying is not losing, not trying is.

    Aside, I rarely agree with @David Diano, but bravo for this dead on call:

    “The way Jim Burn was removed was petty and an affront to the state committee members that duly re-elected him in 2014.”

  4. tommyd-

    Sestak lost because he REFUSED to be part of a coordinated campaign and wasted resources. Also, he is a terrible debater and let Toomey grab the center.
    Talk to Sestak’s ex-staffers. He’s a loon.

    Robert Guzzardi-
    You named three of the most ignorant/uninformed “Republicans”. I agree you are in their mold.

    “Montgomery County has flipped to Democrat” …. Um… because there are now 47,000 more Democrats registered. Even you could get Dems elected if you were in charge with that big advantage.

    In 2015, Marcel became chairman about two months before the election. The Judicial candidates were already selected and well into their campaigns and well ahead of the GOP. Giving Marcel credit for that, is like giving credit to a relief pitcher if he pitches the last inning when there is already a 5 run lead.

    Baby Boy-

    Did you miss the memo where the Dems lost all of PA’s electoral votes? (the last time was 1988).

    If Hillary won PA, Marcel would take the credit, so it’s only right that he takes the blame.

    The way Jim Burn was removed was petty and an affront to the state committee members that duly re-elected him in 2014.

  5. Actually the jpaul post below is bogus- by hahaha: david duke and Keith Ellison are a lot alike/

  6. LOL at Guzzardi calling himself Republican in the mold of Trump, who is no Republican. Surprised he did not claim they were moderates, too.

  7. Marcel Groen has been stunningly successful on behalf of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Marcel Groen is competent, self-seeking winner unlike the losers running the Pennsylvania Republican organization.

    The state Republicans controlled by Gleason-Asher-Toretti-DiGiorgio-Rahn-Deon-Poprick-Reilly-Nyquist-Long-Zaborney-Hallowell-Branstetter-Brabender-Susquehanna Partners are losing one Republican election after another with their self-serving incompetence.

    Except for Senator Toomey, every statewide office in Pennsylvania is held by a Democrat. The Democrats have won every statewide election since 2010 with the exception of a state Superior election in 2012 where the candidate, Vic Stabile, had bipartisan support. Democrats won all the judicial elections in 2015. Montgomery County has flipped to Democrat. Chester County is trending Democratic. Bucks county is controlled by Union (that is, Democratic) Republicans.

    Trump won with his own message and style and Toomey likewise. Neither challenged Penna Republican Establishment but neither did either rely on it.

    Full Disclosure I am a Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump Republican.

  8. Let’s be plain- there
    Is a reason many of us believe that Keith Ellison is both a racist and anti Semite. The extreme left is trying to seize control of what was once a great party. Ellison and Obama are polarizers! Dems will go down to defeat in 2018 if we allow this party to be corrupted by
    Scum like Ellison. Listen to his own words on tape and in print. Defeat anti Semitism and defeat Ellison!

  9. C’mon David, Sestak lost to Toomey by a slim margin only because the Philly elites threw a snitfit and wouldn’t back him because he won the primary and wasn’t supposed to. Rendell and the other GOPlites ignore the grassroots and anyone not in Philly and wonder why they lose.

  10. Barbara Blum-

    Um… Murphy was the insider candidate that they all supported. The problem was that no one (including Murphy at a fundraiser) could give any reason why Murphy was running for AG other than he wanted to use it as stepping stone to Gov.

    Sestak was asked to run against Specter, and declined. Then they recruited Specter and Sestak threw a tantrum, not understanding that he gave up his seat at the table.

    Sestak’s already proven he couldn’t beat Toomey and would have done worst than McGinty.

    The loss by Hillary in the state falls on the shoulders of the State Party Chairman who was more concerned with the AG race and all the schmoozing/perks/nepotism that comes with the DNC convention.

    Wolf and Groen deliberately undermined the state committee to force Jim Burn out, and now that they failed to deliver the state for Hillary, they should take their lumps.

  11. This means more of the same . The party insiders decide the candidates to support, and end up with losers all too often. First Kathleen Kane. Remember her? Instead of Murphy. Then on to Arlin Specter instead of Joe Sestak. They continued that battle with Good old Katie McGinty, who lost to Toomey. They , of course backed Hillary, but didn’t do anything in the counties where she needed help. So she actually lost Pa. why won’t The Govenor and his handpicked State Chair let the real workers in the party express their desires. The Committee men and women. We need a strong leader to run the National Democratic Party, Keith Ellison, who will leave Congress to devote full time to working for all of us, and getting Democrats elected at all levels. We need State Reps and Governors, and County Boards, and School Boards- not just Presidents and Senators.

  12. Corporate Democrats lost the election and their DNC chair had to resign. But they will fight to control the Party to prevent working families and young people from having their own political voice. Keith Ellison has proven that he is loyal to the people, so the corporate Dems can’t stand him. Perez is a player and a trusted corporate tool.

  13. Keith Ellison for DNC Chair. If this Perez guy (about whom I know even less than Raymond Buckley, who is also running) is a true liberal leader, then I’ll hear him out. If he is just another corporately compromised GOP-lite, then no thanks. We’ve given that a whole lot of decades. It isn’t working, because it is no longer able to enthuse our liberal and social base of activists, without whom we don’t win dogcatcher.

    See my testimony to my Dauphin County Chair, on how to reinvigorate our Dem party. Same principle to why we need Ellison, or a comparable liberal:

  14. Casey should have some guts and back someone else for Chairman … Wolf will be a drag on Casey in 2018

  15. Well… Wolf orchestrated the coup to oust Jim Burn and put in his own pick…

    How did that turn out?

    Oh, yeah, first electoral college loss for the Dems in 28 years.

    Wolf needs to ask for (ie: demand) the resignation of “his” PA Dem state chairman and stay out the process of picking a replacement.

    Maybe Bob Casey has some ideas.

  16. Well of course he does. The Wealthy Wolf NEEDS lackeys like Perez to continue the Elite’s control of Party funds. Screw the little guy!

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