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PA-Gov: Wolf Endorses Shapiro for AG

Josh ShapiroThe Governor has made his choice in the Democratic primary for Attorney General.

Wolf announced yesterday that he would be supporting Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro.

While a boost for Shapiro, the news shouldn’t come as a surprise since Gov. Wolf appointed Shapiro the Chair of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency last April.

Josh Shapiro is a proven reformer who will restore integrity to Harrisburg,” Gov. Wolf said in an email announcement Sunday. “Josh is the best choice to be our next Attorney General. I look forward to doing everything I can to help him win this election.”

“Josh Shapiro will be an Attorney General who stands up for progressive Democratic values,” Wolf continued. “As Chairman of Pennsylvania’s third-largest county he protected seniors, consumers, and the environment. Josh has fought discrimination, from Republican attempts to implement a Voter ID law that would have disenfranchised tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians to when he helped lead the fight for marriage equality in Pennsylvania.  And he’s taken on the Wall Street money managers in order to protect taxpayers.”

“I’m proud to have the endorsement of Gov. Tom Wolf,” Shapiro said. “We should all be proud of his determination to stand up to Republicans in Harrisburg in defense of our values and to get Pennsylvania back on track. I look forward to working alongside Gov. Wolf in our joint effort to restore integrity to Harrisburg.”

Shapiro will be facing Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala and Northampton DA John Morganelli in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, April 26th.

15 Responses

  1. Speaking of Dougherty, it seems Seth Williams is afraid of him. Williams just punted Dougherty’s assault case. And guess where he punted it to — the AG’s Office.

    I guess Dougherty can buy his way out of criminal prosecutions too. If Williams has to punt because he took money from Dougherty, then Kane will have to punt too. Because she too took money from Dougherty. Then there will be no one left to prosecute him. How convenient.

    Williams is a coward.

  2. Diano what site do I go to find how much Johnny Docs IBEW LOCAL 98 has given McGinty Wolf and Shapiro? Would Shapiro or Zappala or Morganelli prosecute him if elected to AG?? Didn’t the Governor just sign the Union anti Stalking law? Will it be enforced in this case!? It’s obvious they went down there to stalk and harass a non union worker ?

  3. Whistleblower-

    I offered the Wolf administration a guaranteed way to get the severance tax, last summer, but Wolf didn’t have the balls to do it. Still doesn’t.

    Wolf doesn’t understand that these guys don’t want to do the right thing. So, the only way to deal with them is to take away something they want (or their donors want) until they cry “Uncle!”.

    The GOP wants to put their foot on his neck. He should have already bitten off their foot, and be threatening to take the other.

    Wolf can’t govern with a lopsided state house run by the GOP. Wolf had negative coattails in 2014 (through his own personal refusal to support the Dem legislative campaigns and tie the GOP candidates to Corbett).

    Now, it’s 2016. A presidential election year with high Dem turnout. Yet, the HDCC has (once again) failed to field Democratic candidates in a dozen seats (and only about 3 dozen seats are ever even in play). They’ve got a $4 million budget per cycle (and new leadership) and still maintain the status quo. They waste time supporting incumbents and endorsed candidates in seats with 10-to-1 Dem advantage, instead of focusing on winning more house seats and closing the gap.

    Who the f*ck is running this sh*t show?
    New Gov. New Party Chairman. New HDCC leadership.

    Don’t they care about showing results? Leaving a dozen seats unchallenged is a disgrace and political malpractice.

  4. @cmon
    PA does not have a budget because Tom Wolf and his staff of reres have no clout no relationships with anyone and are too arrogant to ask for help. Had our PH.D. Governor stopped campaigning for one second and started Governing we’d have a budget. Not the budget we needed but we’d have close to it. Shapiro Wolf McGinty Isenhour are all to blame. Yet the Governor persists with Jobs That pay tour and schools that teach tour. Who the fuck goes on the campaign trail because don’t kid yourselves THATS WHAT IT IS when weeks and months go by without a budget. I’ll tell you who the same bozo that blew up dem state committee and Jim Burn. The guy standing there with a pen telling the legislature to go find new jobs. Wake up he was talking to Dems and GOPs. They are all gonna have to raise a ton of money now. The Pa Crime Comm is a joke. Shapiro is as disingenuous as the rest of them. McGinty will get her windmills and her and Rendell will cash in. Wolf will make tons of money for the bankers. They can thank him after he leaves office. Isenhours pr firm is making a killing. Shapiro is not qualified for this position END OF STORY

  5. Patrick Murphy is a great guy and a wonderful public servant. He was just not qualified for AG-although compared to Shapiro he’s Oliver Wendell Holmes. Pa will be a better place if Murphy is elected to public office in the future. And for the record, Shapiro is an excellent public servant with a bright future in Pa-just not as AG.

  6. SO governor wolf endorses shapiro,lieutenant governor stack endorses it a shock we don’t have a budget.

  7. Acting Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy? That “self serving sleaze”? Amazing how good people get slimed here.

  8. The same bozos that would have given us a self serving sleaze-Patrick Murphy now would offer up another
    Sleaze- josh Shapiro. If he wins- many dems will walk or not vote.

  9. I actually thought Wolf was going to be a good Governor. Gotta check your egos at the door, folks.

  10. Need to know what Shapiro’s position is on the Special Prosecutor who is currently investigating Hate-gate. Morganelli may have lost me when he said that he would end that investigation.

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