PA-Gov: Wolf Hits Back at Corbett’s Education Claims in New Ad (VIDEO)

Tom Corbett said yesterday that Tom Wolf was misleading voters about his record. Today, Wolf responded.

Education has been perhaps the central issue in this campaign, particularly the controversy over the cuts implemented by Gov. Corbett when he came into office.

As the Governor asserted in yesterday’s commercial, he blames his predecessor and the fact that federal stimulus funds ran out for the dip in education spending. Unsurprisingly, Tom Wolf isn’t buying it.

“Don’t believe Tom Corbett’s TV ads,” the narrator states. “The facts speak for themselves. Tom Corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools, he took an axe to education.”

It goes on to assert that this led to the firing of 27,000 teachers, increased class sizes and higher property taxes.

“Tom Corbett, can’t trust him on education, can’t trust him to be for us,” the narrator concludes.

15 Responses

  1. Any hope for Wolf to be “a different kind of Governor” is now completely gone. He has lost any credibility he might have had as an honest man.

  2. Dems just keep repeating the lie about a billion dollar tax cut without ever having to prove it!

    Tom Wolf will be more of the same tax and spend system that hasn’t worked in DC.

    Is that what you want?

  3. The best poll for Governor Cut-backs says he’s down 11 points, with Wolf over 50%, with under two months to go.

    He is cooked. Everything else is window dressing.

  4. Everyone crooning over Wolf doesn’t recognize PA gov is the 2014 exception to the rule. I for one will be watching the sad faces on MSNBC on election night.

  5. Corbett took a no tax pledge…and then voted for the fuel tax. Wolf isn’t taking that pledge. That’s the issue.

  6. Politicking by Corbett supporters here is pointless. Tea Party Tom is already beaten, and the Tea Party is a shadow of the halcyon days of dimwitted intimidation of 2009. As Corbett turned down billions in revenue from the out-of-state corporations currently relieving us of our natural gas, those complaining that their own taxes are going up just seem… clueless. Your conservative media is insistent that taxes are somehow unnecessary, but they really just want YOU to pay, not them, or your conservative heroes. I am GLAD Tom Wolf is crushing Corbett politically. It precedes a lot more pain for radical rightwingers.

  7. Tom Wolf continues to lie to Pennsylvanians. He sure isn’t for us either.

    Wolf’s plan is to raiser our income tax on households making $70,000-$90,000 a year. How can we say Tom Wolf is for the middle class? If that income bracket is wealthy to Tom Wolf, god help us all.

  8. Will Tom Wolf clarify where he stands on the Transportation Bill? Or will he continue to push a false (or nonexistent) message?

  9. If Tom Wolf is taking advantage of a legal tax avoidance provision, AND then advocating to close it,then he is advocating for something against his own financial interest. Refreshing..

  10. Corbett is Chesapeake Energy. Period. They gave him a million dollars to get him elected, and we are still the only fracking state without a severance tax. I hope they give him a nice pension plan, too, for next January.

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