Pa-Gov: Wolf: ‘I am running for re-election in 2018’

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

In an editorial board meeting with Pennlive, Governor Tom Wolf kicked off his 2018 re-election campaign.  

“I am running for re-election in 2018,” Wolf said during the meeting.  

This is the first time Wolf has publically stated his bid for re-election, though moves staff decisions have made it clear he would be seeking a second term.

In December, Wolf’s Press Secretary Jeffrey Sheridan was leaving the official office to move over to the campaign.  Earlier this year, Wolf’s Chief of Staff Mary Isenhour moved over to the campaign as well.

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  1. I hope he will vote in favor of property tax elimination or he will not be getting my vote.

  2. Robert Kistler: “Main Street” may THINK they want HB/SB 76. Main St should NOT want to take it up the button in tax increases for large out of state land holder tax breaks and relinquishing local control of their schools. The issue needs to die!

  3. Dear Governor Wolf,

    It is clear by all polling data and door to door education efforts that have take place all across PA that total Property Tax Elimination in the number one issue BY FAR to the citizens of this state. If you heed any advice from main street know that eliminating property taxes will bring you an election victory landslide. Hillary failed to listen to main street nd he legacy is sealed. Do not make the same mistake.

  4. Joe, I been to the website and yes I’m a CPA. BADLY misleading. Overstates property tax relief. Understates Sales tax increases. People typically spend more than that. The services added to the proposal are small business killing to boot not to mention the shift in taxes to the young and working.

    The young and working don’t have the time to advocate like that crotchety old Baldinger guy who’s cheerleading this nonsense. Yet they will bear the brunt of this.

  5. Hahaha Real Ken Bone: Crap 76 is Pennsylvania’s misguided Gerontocracy at work. Old white people who aren’t working want to sock taxes on the young, working, poor and renters. And they get tax free pensions. In reality large out of state landowners and industries will benefit the most and the old white homeowners the proponents want everyone to feel bad for will get a pittance in help. Oh and only 8 of 500 districts will have complete tax elimination. But we will get a 61% increase in personal income tax and a 17% increase in Sales with a MUCH broadend based that hurts working families and businesses even more.

    I’m not buying the “keep grandma in her home” heartstrings. Not while people working for a living get the shaft! Proponents need to get their heads out of their asses and FAST!

  6. If you don’t sign on SB/HB 76 You’ll be the next “One Term Tom”

  7. To:. Right wing populism sucks. You should really try reading the book before you spew out right lies and total false hoods.

  8. To: Right Wing Populism Sucks, people are very educated about this bill and the only folks who are opposing it are the same people who benefit from the school property tax staying in place. But since you mention it, anyone can go to the PTCC website and learn about the bill and try the calculator to see how eliminating the school tax in favor of sales and income tax will impact their individual situation.

  9. Regarding HB/SB 76, be careful what you wish for. It’s not a complete property tax elimination, but it substantially increases income and sales taxes. The increase in income tax alone more than offsets the break I would receive in property tax relief and I’m a Montco homeowner. Now, the Sales Tax base would also be broadened to include MANY more items including daycare costs which for me are a fortune.

    This is not just a few pennies on a latte as the proponents of this misguided bill would like to have everyone believe. It would help seniors and large landowners and would be a tax shaft for most working families. Bad bill. People need more education on it.

  10. He is kicking people out of their paid for homes and just completely cut the chronic disease fund. Boot me out of a house I fully paid for years ago, because he wants more property tax and told me I have to die of cancer because the treatment costs too much. Disgusting human being bought and paid for by big money. Won’t be getting my vote this time.

  11. Refuses to enforce existing laws: death penalty ??

    From Wikipedia: “There have only been three executions in Pennsylvania since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, each of which was during Tom Ridge’s administration. The three men executed were Keith Zettlemoyer and Leon Moser in 1995 and Gary Heidnik, a Philadelphia serial killer, in 1999”

  12. If you dont pass HB76, I am voting for Wagner. This is the #1 issue and you are failing us.

  13. Refuses to enforce existing laws: death penalty. Immigration. Supports illegal sanctuary cities.
    But he wants another term to be the top executive who took a sworn oath to uphold the laws. Pushing a personal philosophical agenda on the law abiding taxpayers.
    Let the campaign begin!

  14. It’s about dam time we had a sign-in name called the working poor on here. I’m loving it. Good choice. ????

  15. 4 more years. Now get some Dem legislators to back him up in Harrisburg.

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