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PA-Gov: Wolf Institutes Moratorium on the Death Penalty in PA

Governor-WolfGovernor Tom Wolf has announced a moratorium on the use of the death penalty in the state of Pennsylvania.

According to the Governor’s office, the halt will stay in place until Wolf receives and reviews a report being worked on by the Pennsylvania Task Force and Advisory Commission on Capital Punishment.

“Today’s action comes after significant consideration and reflection,” Governor Wolf said. “This moratorium is in no way an expression of sympathy for the guilty on death row, all of whom have been convicted of committing heinous crimes.”

“This decision is based on a flawed system that has been proven to be an endless cycle of court proceedings as well as ineffective, unjust, and expensive,” the Governor continued. “Since the reinstatement of the death penalty, 150 people have been exonerated from death row nationwide, including six men in Pennsylvania. Recognizing the seriousness of these concerns, the Senate established the bipartisan Pennsylvania Task Force and Advisory Commission to conduct a study of the effectiveness of capital punishment in Pennsylvania. Today’s moratorium will remain in effect until this commission has produced its recommendation and all concerns are addressed satisfactorily.”

The state had been scheduled to execute Terrance Williams on March 4th. Starting with Williams, each inmate scheduled for an execution will receive a reprieve (but not a commutation) until the Governor’s review is finished and a definitive decision is made.

6 Responses

  1. What is wrong with Wolf, these animals have had a trial, found guilty, now TAKE THEM OUT. Oh!!! if there is a problem with the drugs used in lethal injection JUST GIVE THEM A OVER DOSE OF HEROIN IS SEEMS TO WORK ON OUR YOUNG CHILDREN THAT ARE DROPPING LIKE FLIES!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Please get help in 30 year old case!!! Overturn sentenced man please!!!Brian k HOFFMAN incarcerated way to long, appeal please, Grant some type of motion as lifers should have a second chance statistics on average say lifers,would not reformed, so therefore if he is innocent it would be very powerfully state of PA!!finally a chance/changed for justice. Tell men where to begin I know he deserves freedom!

  3. I paid Sally frick to help with a case and she talked to George bullshit said they even agree that there were inconsistent testimony, Brian Hoffman was not treated with effective counsel and in regards ended up behind bars food the last 30 yrs
    Police cohorsed 2young woman to testify both of r the changed stories several times, Bruce Stevens sits free in Hindi g while he committed this crime and had police help to blame Brian…contact Sally frick gdeorge bills, or myself TALLIE HOFFMAN I have the transcript there was not enough to convict Brian but Bruce plead their 5th….mckees rocks police have always been known to struggle solving murders in their town bit this even took place in Robinson , I need justice for Brian k Hoffman AJ 2749 he n Bruce Stevens the answers!!! Over turn conviction !please help

  4. Trying yo find the person with the power to help my brother-in-law who has Bern incarcerated way to long due to ineffective counsel and not enough evidence, sally frick and George bills are willing to help as I went over transcripts several times and he wad railroaded, the other person involved holds the answers and has been in hiding ever since I evident police involved were involved with a witness,witnesses were one mentally retarded and other friends of police there has to be power to review this case and retrial!!!!please I am his only voice it’s been 30 yrs and he is wrongfully convicted conman no McDaniel judge, worked her to the top and had the “chance” ease the pain and let him have a second chAnce he was mitt the one who committed crime and is still incarcerated…help please!! Brian k HOFFMAN Aj2749 Albion pa

  5. Maybe soon, he’ll issue a moratorium on fracking which is killing people with tumors and other illnesses.

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