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PA-Gov: Wolf is Skipping PA Society Again

governor-wolfA very important person won’t be at the VIP-ridden weekend of parties known as PA Society.

According to Jan Murphy of the Patriot-News, Governor Tom Wolf will be staying in the Keystone State during the weekend of PA Society.

This will be the second straight year Wolf has passed on the event, as he cited the budget stalemate as a reason not to go in 2015.

While the Governor will still donate $10,000 to the Pennsylvania Society Scholarship Program, he intends to be in Philadelphia that Saturday night.

In fact, Gov. Wolf will be co-sponsoring the Pattison-Leader Ball in Philadelphia where he’ll discuss the future of politics and policy with some young Pennsylvanians.

If you’re in need of more information on PA Society, we compiled a timeline last year.

18 Responses

  1. Not a good move. Makes no sense. Wolf probably consulted the pollsters for Dave Reed and Sen Wagner’s budding plans to run for Gov and used this wisdom to decide not to go to the Pa Dinner. Or, maybe Gov Wolf thought it was the “Pa Diner” and who needs to go to NYC to visit a “diner?” Oh well.

  2. Governor Rendell gets it. Senator Casey gets it. Attorney General Shapiro gets it. Auditor General Gets it. Treasurer Torsella Gets it. Chairman Groen Gets it.
    Attending PA Society building relationships. Bring jobs back to Pennsylvania. Bring money back to Pa.
    Wolf is a moron. Has no clue. Set up photo of soup kitchen instead of working to bring jobs to the poor he thinks scooping out soup helps. They need jobs not your 5 minute (all about you) photo.
    Wolf complete MORON.
    Thank God we have elected people that GET IT.

  3. Understand Society is a REAL non-profit, charitable organization. Saturday Night dinner is a FUNDRAISER to help encourage business to PA. So these other people what it fight against growth in PA??? Why???? would you fight against PA??? But say you Love “your city”. The Pattison BAll is for Philly not PA. Or another want to be? Who is the board, what happens to the money raised? Maybe the IRS should investigate. Are they a Non-Profit?

    The Pattison Leader Ball was created in response to frustrations White and his wife felt after attending events during the annual Pennsylvania Society gathering in New York, where Pennsylvania politicians, lobbyists, business people and others go to convene, dine, party and shop.

    “We went up and it was great,” Allen said. “We had so much fun. But it was clear that Friday night was the night for young professionals and any other time you had to pay $300 for an event. I was also floored as to why it was in New York. As we were leaving that night, I said, ‘Why don’t we have something in Philadelphia and why don’t we have something for young people?’”

  4. Know information before you talk your trash. Wolf does not attend because Mary does not permit him in public.
    This event is the biggest businessman’s meeting of the year. Wolf has no interest in building anything.

    The Pennsylvania Society is a non-profit, charitable organization with over two thousand members around the Commonwealth, the United States and the world. It is not affiliated with any particular political party, business or profession. Its purpose is to honor achievement, to reward excellence, to promote good will and understanding and to celebrate service to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to humanity in general.

    Thriving and still growing in its third century of existence, the Society is the longest-lived organization of its kind in the country.

  5. Hats off to the emerging power couple Nicole Allen White and Kellan White, the founders of The Pattison-Leader Group, presenters of the Pattison-Leader Ball.

    These two along with a few other millennials are taking Southeast Pa by storm.

    Certainly ones to watch in ’17 and beyond.

    Kudos, Mr. And Mrs. White.

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  7. G – Republicans only want to drain swamps that aren’t their swamps. When it is a swamp of their making AKA, the legislative majorities in both Harrisburg and DC, they are more than happy to slop around in the mud like the greedy pigs they are. McConnell’s wife in Trump’s cabinet, Trump appointing a Goldman Sachs bigwig as Treasury Secretary, Scarnati attending Super Bowls paid for by the gas industry…. PIGS!

  8. Successful businessman and political outsider governor wolf ditches the establishment elites. And republicans don’t like this?

  9. This event does nothing for the working class in PA. It’s just a chance for the uppity ups to go to NYC for the weekend and sniff each others bungholes.

  10. Better not build relationships with anyone he has to work with. Governor Cawley, Wagner or Corman will handle that.

  11. Good show, Governor Wolf. The Philadelphia event trumps the schmoozing of the self-styled Pennsylvania elites in another state.

  12. With the gift ban in place, it doesn’t make much sense for anyone in the administration to go to PA Society. It would be flirting with a violation. It seems the governor is leading by example here.

  13. The Pattison-Leader Ball event he is attending seems to me a worthier cause that the PA Society schmoozefest.

  14. And then he wonders why he can’t get anything done. If he actually made an effort to press the flesh a little bit, he’d at least look like he is trying to, ya know, govern. He has been an impotent leader.

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