PA-Gov: Wolf Lays Out the Case Against Corbett in New Ad (VIDEO)

Negative ads usually try to distance their candidate from the attacks, but Tom Wolf isn’t shying away from the spotlight.

In the Wolf campaign’s latest commercial, the Democratic nominee goes over the reasons he feels he should take over the Governor’s chair.

“At the bottom in job creation, massive cuts to education and higher property taxes,” the candidate states over glum newspaper headlines.

“Under Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania’s been heading in the wrong direction,” Wolf continues. “There’s been no leadership and no vision. That’s gotta change.”

“As your Governor, I will lead and we’ll move Pennsylvania forward,” he asserts before listing his core campaign promises. “We’ll restore manufacturing jobs, close corporate tax loopholes and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools.”

“After all, it’s time to get Pennsylvania moving again,” Wolf concludes.

The thirty-second spot, released today just two weeks before the election, has two main objectives.

The first is to remind voters that they don’t like Gov. Corbett. As a recent AP report emphasized much of Wolf’s support is “anti-Corbett” in nature.

Second, he seeks to end on a positive note and describes how he would change things.

The ad is titled “Forward”, which may jog voters recent memories.

Given the half-negative, half-positive nature of the commercial, the fact that Wolf appears in it himself and the electoral timeline, it is possible this will be one of the final spots of the campaign cycle and likely will be a fairly large ad buy.

4 Responses

  1. I’d give Wolf more credit that that for working with local candidates. As least where I am, he is in on joint yard signs and joint handouts. He is also (and Corbett is too) a strong Dem draw in this election, and yes, if Wolf voters will just vote down to the bottom of the ballot (which isn’t far), there could be some welcome upsets. I also think that whatever the disposition in H’burg, he won’t get the kind of mindless party-driven opposition that has occurred in Washington.

  2. Elroy- Philadelphia is completely irrelevant this election. Wolf will win even with ZERO vote out of Philly. Straight-ticket is needed in the Philly suburbs where there is a lot of split-ticket voting as well as a big undervote down ticket, where the races are ignored.

    We are NOT in ” uncharted water”. We’ve seen how Obama has suffered with a GOP House. The PA GOP leadership is safe in their districts and just as willing as their Federal counterparts to sink-the-ship rather than cooperate. Wolf will get no help from the same PA GOP leadership that pushed VoterID, forced ultrasounds, banning gay marriage, unfair school funding, and shutting abortion clinics.

    Also, we are not in “uncharted water” when it comes to polling. Corbett is deeply unpopular and voters want him out. Wolf is safe and helping fellow Dems in tight races isn’t going the hurt him.

  3. This will be an historic election, an incumbent Governor voted out of office. Do you think the Republicans are in a position of power?

    Tom Wolf will be just fine working with a Republican General Assembly. It was Corbett who was unable to get things done with his own party in control of the Legislative Branch.

    Wolf is a bright man, he knows the state budget issues and has a strong business background. The state is lacking leadership and the General Assembly, to protect their own necks, will seek solutions with him.

    The straight party ticket vote is appealing in Philly, but they already vote straight Democrat. We are in uncharted water this election and Wolf needs to win this on his own. How many Republicans do you see jumping to appear with Corbett? Wolf needs to continue to demonstrate to all voters that he has the passion and skills to replace the man sitting at the desk of the Governor.

  4. It’s a good ad, and fairly mild as “negative” ads go. However, Wolf is failing a MAJOR leadership test by not reminding voters that he needs more legislators who will vote to turn back the Corbett agenda.

    Wolf should be saying: “But, I can’t do this alone. I need voters to send representatives to Harriburg who share the same vision of turning back Corbett’s agenda, and not keeping the same politicians who voted for it.”

    This is the single biggest problem I have with Wolf. He’s going to have a VERY hard time getting his proposals through if he’s road-blocked by a GOP legislature that enacted Corbett’s irresponsible policies.

    I contributed to Wolf’s campaign when he was unfairly attacked by McCord in the final weeks of the primary, because he had to spend money to defend with new ads.

    However, while I’ll vote for Wolf, I will not donate one more nickel to his campaign unless I know it will be spent on advocating a straight-ticket message.

    Wolf is simply getting BAD advice from his campaign staff, and ignoring solid advice from others, and the candidates. The candidates are doing more with local GOTV to help Wolf than Wolf is doing to help them. The Wolf campaign is “all air” (and that is more literal and figurative than it should be). The entire campaign is being fought with ads, and there is scant evidence of a ground game, let alone a coordinated campaign for election day field operations to help the ticket.

    I don’t know if this “go-it-alone” strategy is some form of retaliation against the state party for rejecting McGinty as chair, or just complete stupidity and shortsightedness by his advisers. But, Wolf needs to STEP UP and LEAD the Democrats.

    Everyone knows that they aren’t voting for Wolf, but rather, against Corbett (and Corbett’s failed policies). Without coattails in the legislature, Wolf is going to have a hard time reversing those very policies. Wolf will have “veto” power and some moderate Republicans may cooperate, but it’s going to be a lot harder without some gains.

    So, I know the Wolf staff (and a lot of other politicos) read PoliticsPA (especially when they are the subject of the article). So, Team Wolf…. please take your collective heads out of your collective @sses and start promoting straight-Dem ticket, especially in areas where it could swing the race.

    Also, Wolf should be appearing in commercials with some of these legislative candidates as a “walk-on” to say: “I hope we can work together to turn back the Corbett agenda.”

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