PA-Gov: Wolf Part of Oval Office Meeting with President Obama

Wolf-Oval Office

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Governor-Elect Tom Wolf was in the Oval Office today.

Pennsylvania’s next Governor got to join a group of soon-to-be state leaders for a meeting with President Obama.

“My main message to them is that we’re here to help,” the President told reporters. “The good news about governors is they usually don’t have time to be ideological because people expect them to deliver. And that’s very much my attitude going into my last two years of office.”

Wolf described the meeting as a “great session” and contrasted being a Governor to serving in Washington D.C.

“Practicality and pragmatism trump ideology,” when you’re a Governor, Wolf asserted.

The Governor-Elect not only got to meet with the President but also Vice President Joe Biden as well as other members of the cabinet.

Afterwards, Press Secretary Jeffrey Sheridan released the following statement:

“Today’s meetings with President Obama, Vice President Biden, various cabinet officials, and other incoming governors-elect were productive, and I used the opportunity to discuss ways to move Pennsylvania’s economy forward.

“I believe that Pennsylvania’s best days are ahead of us – where a growing economy will offer opportunities and help strengthen the middle class. Establishing strong partnerships at the federal level is imperative to laying this foundation.

“Pennsylvania has an abundance of natural resources, vibrant industries, world-class universities and colleges, and we are in an ideal geographic location to be the transportation hub between the East Coast, Midwest and global markets. We need to make investments in our future, and today at the White House I spoke about the importance of pragmatism in achieving robust economic growth, greater investment in education, and a stronger Pennsylvania.”

Other attendees included: Greg Abbott (R-Texas), Charlie Baker (R-Massachusetts), Larry Hogan (R-Maryland), Gina Raimondo (D-Rhode Island), Bruce Rauner (R-Illinois) and Bill Walker (I-Alaska).

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  1. Al's Number 1 Bro says:

    Too bad wunderkid Alan Kennedy-Shaffer was in the bathroom when that picture was taken, he is senior counselor to both Tom Wolf and Barack Obama after all.

  2. chet says:

    I hope he doesnt follow Obama/Reid/Pelosi ignore the rule of law strategy. Wolfe seems like a straight shooter, he should avoid Obama like the plague.

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