PA-Gov: Wolf Prepares for Papal Philly Visit

Governor-WolfGovernor Tom Wolf wants to keep the public prepared and up-to-date on the events surrounding the arrival of the Pope.

These efforts include active updates via Twitter from agencies involved in the events, including the Departments of Transportation, Health, Human Services, and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, as well as real-time alerts on emergencies and travel conditions for travelers from PennDot.

State agencies will also be partnering with the City of Philadelphia, the federal government and other partners to assist with public safety, transportation and public health surrounding the event.

If any unplanned incidents occur involving PennDOT roads, public health or public safety, these resources will be used to inform the public. In addition, the Pennsylvania State Police’s social media will post updates as needed.

Visitors are encouraged to follow the following twitter handles for these updates: @GovernorTomWolf@PennDOTNews (Real time alerts: @511PaPhilly and @511PaStatewide), @PAHealthDept@PAHumanServices@ReadyPA, and @PAStatePolice.

For more information on preparedness, residents and visitors are can read the Commonwealth’s Papal Visit FAQs (also in Spanish), and tips from Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.

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3 thoughts on “PA-Gov: Wolf Prepares for Papal Philly Visit”

  1. David Diano says:

    Peter Gazinya-

    Yes. He’s in charge of the towing the cars and making the owners go through hell.

  2. Peter Gazinya says:

    Will Lucifer be there too?

  3. David Diano says:

    Everyone should flee the city while they still can.

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