PA-Gov: Wolf Releases Seniors-Focused Ad (Watch)

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf recently released another campaign ad, entitled “Luck;” this one detailing his policies for helping Pennsylvania’s senior citizens.

“Seniors need a governor who will fight for them in Harrisburg,” said Wolf. “As Governor, I’ll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers and I’ll increase access to home health care so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes.”

In the ad, Wolf introduces the viewer to his parents as he helps them around their home. “We look after each other,” Wolf says contentedly.

“But too many seniors have no one,” he continues, “and Harrisburg politicians don’t seem to care.”

The former Secretary of Revenue mentions his plan to create a criminal background registry for families looking for caretakers to use. He also wants to increase access to home health care.

tom wolf ad lucky“After all,” Wolf says in closing, “seniors have earned that right.”

Along with the policies mentioned in the ad, Wolf plans to:

Increase income eligibility requirements for those who already have home-based care. In order to do so, he will create a new eligibility category for residents who have an income up to 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. He also wants to adopt a Medicaid State Plan amendment in order to add a “spend down” option for those who prefer home-based care over nursing homes.

Expand health eligibility requirements for those with home-based care. Through Medicare, the state allows seniors who haven’t been diagnosed as needing nursing care to have access to home-based care. Through the implementation of the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services State Plan Option and Personal Care Services Medicaid Option, Wolf wants to put the focus on prevention and the improvement of seniors’ lives.

Wolf believes that expanding these various eligibility requirements and improving the state system will simultaneously address the needs of Pennsylvania’s ever-growing senior population and maintain current costs in the Commonwealth.Alongside advocating for seniors, Wolf claims he will work just as hard for the rights of homecare workers.

His policy is predicated upon the prioritization of home-based care; that Pennsylvania can create sustainable middle-class jobs while family caregivers are able to focus on their careers, knowing that their loved ones are getting the care that they need.

Wolf is running against former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty, Rep. Allyson Schwartz and State Treasurer Rob McCord.

12 Responses

  1. JB-
    I was asking because I honestly haven’t paid attention (or noticed) what Rendell’s been doing lately.

    I would have guessed he was supporting Schwartz, merely to stay in sync with the majority of the Philly committee endorsements or possibly that he had endorsed her last summer before the other candidates had gotten any traction.

    At this point, Wolf is the odds on favorite, so I expect some will just “support” whomever they think is the frontrunner.

  2. wowee……

    What did Rendell think about Wolf when he retained his services as his Revenue secretary? Wolf is well liked by many because he isn’t making promises vis a vis campaign donations. Some other candidates have taken money from the ‘old boys club’….but after all isn’t it how this game works…Wolf is actually refreshing by bringing a business perspective to the show, not just a resume of career climbing while feeding at the public trough….

  3. He won’t publicly David. You know that. He has been pushing him hard from the start.

    I do not like the cast of characters that have surrounded Wolf’s career.

  4. @tom he is part of fast eddy rendell.If people were happy with rendells broken promises, then tom wolf is your guy.

  5. The Wolf campaign continues to run circles around the other hopefuls. The TV ads have been spot on. As a virtual outsider, Wolf has demonstrated an articulate message talking about the important issues. I have not looked at detailed financial reports but while using his own money it most definitely looks like Wolf isn’t a part of Schwartz’s ‘old boys club’ !!!!

  6. @Mark

    And when you make crap up out of thin air, you can do things like – criticize the other candidates because you think it will make whichever candidate you like seem better by comparison.

    It’s getting really tiresome. If you like another candidate better, then surely you have some constructive reasons rather than these ultra-weak and baseless attacks that keep getting lobbed at the frontrunner?

    PS – great ad.

  7. When you fleece the PA pension system for millions and utilize the Delaware Loophole to avoid paying taxes, you can do things like – drop 10 million on your campaign or pay to have your parents stay at home. This guy is a fraud.

  8. ok enoughs enough, wolf has hit on every voter so far, the young ,womens wages, now seniors, how about tell us what you have done in government.CRICKETS

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