PA-Gov: Wolf Responds To Allegations of Racism (With Video)

In an education forum last night, State Treasurer Rob McCord launched allegations of racism at Tom Wolf for his support of Mayor Charles Robertson.

Robertson was found not guilty in the murder of a black motorist decades before Wolf served as the chairman of his campaign. Robertson also allegedly shouted “white power” at a riot where he distributed ammunition to protesters.

wolf aa support adWolf responded to the charges of racism in a five-and-a-half minute web video where members of the African American community run to his defense.

Interviewees in the spot include Bobby Simmons of the Crispus Attucks Foundation, York Mayor Kim Bracey, Rev. Aaron Wilford Junior of the Bethlehem Baptist Church

“I know the person, I know his heart. Tom is a person who really does not care about the color of your skin, your nationality, your background, where you come from or who your parents are,” Wilford said. “What he cares about is the individual, who you are as a human being. He genuinely cares.”

Wolf is even the godfather of Wilford’s grandson.

“People who are trying to use a sensitive time in the history of York to tear down Tom Wolf are wrong you’re absolutely wrong, and let me tell you why you’re wrong,” Bracey says. “Tom Wolf has worked hard in our community to make our community a better place, that we embrace our diversity, that we are inclusive, that we are a community that represents differences and celebrates those differences.”

Wolf will likely have to address these allegations again tonight at the gubernatorial forum at Franklin & Marshall.

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  1. good job Rob call em like you see em …… Do tell us Tom how much money did you throwaround the circles of everyone who ran to your defense remember birds of a feather flock together …. If it walks with racists and acts like racists it most likely is a Racist. Keep hitting him Rob! They allhate negative ads especially when it’s the truth but remember… the ads work! If wolf wins Corbett gets re-elected….

  2. If a Republican candidate ever did what Wolf did, he’d be branded a racist and thrown under the bus. Compare w/ Harry Reid’s assessment of the President’s “negro dialect.”

  3. Just wait until November, if wolf is the nominee, these attacks will look mild.This is the result of being the front runner, then again wolf wouldn’t know.He’s no politician YEAH RIGHT!

  4. Really???? McCord plays the race card???
    Like no one saw that coming, another desperate attempt by a desperate candidate to remain competitive in a race that sure looks to be already decided.
    And Schwartz jumped right on board. Hey Allyson, do you think Robby is going to give you a cabinet post????

  5. Just watched the video on PCN. McCord was as desperate as described. You don’t often see John Baer shocked by something. I couldn’t believe Schwartz jumped in on that.

    I’d vote for McGinty if I thought she could win, but I am voting for Tom Wolf.

  6. I am wading thru the litter and breathing the fracking chemicals dumped in the landfills and the only concern is the BS racism nonsense. Everyone is a racist and Obama has only promoted it. If Sterling got fined 2.5 mil then why is the phony EPA/DEP ignoring the air quality which is terrible and the cancer being caused by fracking.

  7. Unsanctioned R-

    This isn’t a “my one black friend” or FoxNews token black correspondent.

    You’ve got the first black mayor, who credits Wolf with helping her get elected.

    The issue here is not the “black friend” defense, but rather the “racist friend” attack. Because, there is zero evidence of Wolf harboring any racist traits, and that’s what makes the attack a smear rather than relevant discourse.

    The odd thing about this is that a former McCord staffer I knew years ago didn’t think McCord would get far in a Gov (or US senate) election because he was adverse to make strong attacks. Clearly, this assessment was wrong as Rob has plenty of fire and brought some serious heat. The problem is that Rob may have set himself on fire with this one.

    It’s a shame too, because on the forum topic: Education, Rob seems to be the most knowledgeable about the facts/figures/financing. McGinty was also on top of lots of facts, and her attacks on Corbett were some of the best.

  8. It’s the beginning of the end for the McCord campaign. Backlash from last night’s debate is going viral. Democrats are tired of the politics of old.

    Wolf, Schwartz and McGinty all benefit from McCord’s uncontrolled, erratic and arrogant behavior which is now being seen by everyone.

    It’s a sinking ship over at McCord HQ.


  9. Here is the video:

    Rob’s remarks start at 1:55 mark

    Judge for yourself.

  10. A very strong candidate just gave a very weak candidate a clear shot on May 20.

    Republicans everywhere around the state relish a Corbett/Wolf general. Because they know their chances are much better when going toe to toe with a candidate like Wolf.

    McCord is a dangerous, darned near politically life threatening candidate for Corbett.

    Wolf is well within range of defeating.

    McCords people either are geniuses and see around corners the rest of us cant see, or they’ve got big time damage control to engage in.

    3 weeks to go. Should be really fun to watch.

  11. You bring these things up because they are important and speak to character. Saying you are for PA manufacturing but use cheap labor from right to work states is not a value many democrats share. Backing guys that shouted white power and were on the front lines of race riots in police uniforms is not a value many democrats share.

    The people posting here have all bagged on McCord. None of you were voting for him.

    At some point the Democratic Party is going to have to decide what it stands for and if it even stands for anything anymore.

    I stand against right to work and would never stand with anyone who backed an admitted racist accused of handing out bullets when a girl was shot for being the wrong color on the wrong street.

    Having the guts to stand up and call people out for things you don’t believe is right or on things they are misleading people on is what a leader does. There aren’t 4 good candidates. I want a leader who FIGHTS for what he believes is right. If the media did it’s job their wouldn’t be a “negative” ad. The truth is sometimes negative and people are not all they’ve made themselves seem to be.

    If these are things the democrats are willing to compromise on, and their soul is for sale to the highest bidder, the party is in major trouble.

  12. Before we go demonizing anyone, can we have a transcript or video evidence of this occurring?

    I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I just want to make my own determination about voting without campaign staffers or biased person(s).

  13. Why on earth in a Pennsylvania Governor democratic primary would anyone bring up anything to do with race? Its like republicans accusing exhorts of being pro choice. Thats a big no no in the primary. Very disappointed with Rob Mccord for going there. Its clear as day now my decision in may. Im voting for Tom Wolf. Mccord blew his last chance with me over this.

  14. Very disappointed in McCord. I think we have 4 amazing people running and we should be proud whoever the nominee is. We should be focused on defeating Corbett. Unfortunately, Rob McCord made a critical ill-fated decision in going negative. He will not have my vote.

  15. objectivevoter

    Probably a bad name for you, as everybody knows you are anything but “objective.” David Diano

    Let’s look at this objectively.

    Schwartz represented a large African-American population when she was in the State Senate. She is supported by low-ranking City Councilwoman Cindy Bass and nobody else.

    McCord loves to talk about how his wife is African-American (I’ve known him and his wife 15 years, and he still tells me almost every time I see him). He is supported by the Philadelphia Black Clergy, but very few others.

    Wolf is endorsed and strongly supported by a lot of African-American elected officials–most members of the PA Legislative Black Caucus from Philadelphia, both members of the PA Legislative Black Caucus from Pittsburgh, the Mayor of York, the African-American candidate who ran against Charlie Robertson for Mayor of York (Crenshaw backs Wolf, even though Wolf supported Charlie Robertson in the 2001 primary), and almost every African-American leader who knows him.

    But I’m sure the McCord and Schwartz supporters have some excuse for that.

  16. Wolf couldn’t articulate a rebuttal when he was called out at the forum. He hides behind cute TV ads to respond to criticism.

  17. Chuck,
    I was there. The entire attack was guilt by association. The audience was shocked, and the moderator chastised McCord. It was not Rob ‘s finest moment. It probably cost Rob my vote, and I’m hoping he issues an apology.

    It felt like a blatant attempt to go for “the black vote”.

  18. At one point in this campaign I was considering supporting Rob McCord. I am so glad I didn’t get on his bandwagon. His recent desperate attacks against Wolf have disgusted me to the point that I will not work for him in the general election should he miraculously pull out a win over Wolf.
    Democratic candidates should focus on what they will do different from each other. NOT attack the others. Anyone who goes negative will never get my vote in this race-which includes Allyson Schwartz.

  19. Seriously, did you even watch the forum. McCord made it very clear several times that he did not consider Wolf a racist. He questioned his judgement for not distancing himself from a racist. To conflate those is either dishonest or incompetent. If you care about journalism at all, please acknowledge.

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