PA-Gov: Wolf Responds to Opponents Attacks In New Ad

Tom-WolfIt was bound to happen. With such a large lead in the polls it was only inevitably that some of Tom Wolf’s opponents would begin to try to hit him hard enough to reduce and eventually eclipse his lead.

In the last few weeks Rep. Allyson Schwartz has made repeated attempts to take the glimmer off the Wolf candidacy and just today Rob McCord unveiled an ad accusing Wolf of misleading voters about his cabinet business.

In his response, Wolf focuses mostly on his own positives, yet has a few things to say about the negative attacks.

“It’s no surprise the politicians are attacking me,” he begins. “That’s just what they do.”

Wolf then transitions to his record of sharing his company’s profits with the employees and his proposal to institute an extraction tax on natural gas.

“I’m Tom Wolf and I’ll be a different kind of Governor, for you,” he concludes.

Given the nature of the ad, and the fact that no specific allegations were mentioned, it would not be surprising if the campaign had the commercial in reserve for use whenever the arrows starting coming. Although it’s also possible this ad was filmed fairly quickly in response to recent events.

The ad is not yet available to embed, but we will update as soon as possible.

Former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty is also running in the Democratic primary.

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12 thoughts on “PA-Gov: Wolf Responds to Opponents Attacks In New Ad”

  1. Desperate and Pathetic says:

    Another huge lead for Wolf in the most recent poll. I can’t wait to hear the excuses and whining from the Schwartz (distant 2nd place) and McCord (even more distant 3rd place) supporters. Let your excuses and whining begin!,0,1498239.story

  2. litter is piling up says:

    I’ll be a different kind of Governor! Kinda sounds like I’ll cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term! (Obama) NOT!

  3. Dan says:

    Someone finally pointed out Tom Wolf’s shady connections?

  4. Bob Howard says:

    When will Ms. Schwartz declare she is the best Marxist of the group? Companies sharing profits with employees in Pennsylvania —- those profits belong to the people if Schwartz is in charge.

  5. t.r. otsky says:

    Propaganda is a weapon more powerful than terror; it provides the most crafted species of knowledge to the uninformed, is admired and echoed by the apparatchiks, and distracts from points of weakness. Stalin has imbued his propaganda with a cult of personality rigorously connecting him to the common man.

  6. What the... says:

    Where’s the ad?

  7. Tom says:

    News Flash Tom. You ARE a politician.

  8. Change Agent says:

    Will Rob be able to hide the fact his company Novitas Capital is also registered in Delaware? It doesn’t mean they don’t pay PA taxes, it just means they are registered there because of better corporate structuring laws.

  9. Justin says:

    I dont think he goes negative at all. Wolf’s gonna win and pull in at least 40% of the vote

  10. KathleenKane2016 says:

    Glad to see Tom Wolf remain positive in his response. As Democrats we should be focused on defeating Corbett and not attacking each other.

  11. idratherbefishingwithric says:

    If Wolf thinks that’s negative, wait until the general…

  12. Chuck says:

    It is not an attack to point out the truth. Wolf’s ad is entitled “Made in Pennsylvania.” Is there really any doubt about the impression he was trying to create. If he can’t make it work in PA okay, but tell the whole truth.

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