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PA-Gov: Wolf Says He’ll Remove Kane If the Senate Votes Against Her


That is what the Governor told WITF radio this morning.

Last week, a State Senate committee voted 5-2 to recommend that the full body consider the AG’s case.

Gov. Wolf indicated that he believed the decision lies with the upper chamber, stating that he’ll “do their bidding” if they vote that way.

“They seem to think they have that power,” Wolf told WITF’s Smart Talk’s Scott LaMar “and if they vote that, evidently then that’s what my job has to be.”

Article VI Section 7 of the PA Constitution states that:

All civil officers shall hold their offices on the condition that they behave themselves well while in office, and shall be removed on conviction of misbehavior in office or of any infamous crime. Appointed civil officers, other than judges of the courts of record, may be removed at the pleasure of the power by which they shall have been appointed. All civil officers elected by the people, except the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, members of the General Assembly and judges of the courts of record, shall be removed by the Governor for reasonable cause, after due notice and full hearing, on the address of two-thirds of the Senate.

The above passage suggests that the initiative lies with the Governor, an interpretation that G. Terry Madonna agreed with later in the show.

It would appear that Governor Wolf is still hesitant to involve himself in the Kane saga, despite the fact that he clearly believes she should go.

124 Responses

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  2. Pat Unger-

    Yes, I read about that. Especially about whether Eakin will or will not recuse himself on picking a board member who will rule on him.

    Very incestuous.

  3. DD – have you seen the recent Eakin article? Seems the Repervlicans are trying to stack the deck to help their bigoted buddy.

    Watch them try to CRAM everything into December. They are “forum-shopping” and again trying to “fix” the case against Ayyy-Hole Eakin … the same way they tried to rail-road Kane. These creeps really are dangerous. Kane, in the long run, will be praised for standing up to them … and for FINISHING THEM.

  4. SpongeBob-

    I might have to ask Santa for a hearing aid, since so far, all I hear is silence (and the occasional cricket chirping).

  5. David, Santa visits Terrazza, He visits Haverford and Harrisburg and Philadelphia alike. He brings presents to people of all ages. The Young and the Old. I won’t need the Norad app to track santa but it certainly is a fun site and app for sure. No, I think I will enjoy the holidays by delivering good wishes and cheer. Maybe turn on my playlist and see what relaxing songs I can find like the song Ramona by Jim Reeves. Or maybe I will turn on some classic Christmas carols.

    Well this thread now bores me so I will go back to focusing on important issues like making sure every democratic organization in PA knows the true quality of your character.

  6. No one tell SpongeBob that Santa Claus isn’t real. We don’t want to spoil his holiday. SpongeBob probably follows NORAD’s Santa tracker radar, because that kind of tech “proves” Santa is real.

  7. SpongeBob

    Guns aren’t computers. Lending a gun to a friend isn’t going to make my fingerprints appear on the gun. So, your analogy is unusually stupid, even for your already low standards.

    The prosecution should hope you are a defense witness (though witless is more appropriate).

    Even the mentally challenged duo, SpongeBob and Patrick Star, wouldn’t be fooled by your claims.

  8. Let me ask it as simple as possible. If you were on a jury and someone was on trial for murder. And the prosecution presented to you the jury the murder weapon and said told you that after the detective found it they lent it to their friend for safekeeping before having it analyzed. Are you telling me that when the defense questioned the scientific results you wouldn’t feel that the defense had a valid point?

    That’s what was done here and your attempt to deflect with the same it lingo you accuse me of has no relevance. It doesn’t matter what they know how to do, it matters they had it.

    The more you keep pushing the mentally challenged thing back on me the more interesting things get for you. I am growing tired of being right and watching you demonstrate a loyalty to party over logic.

  9. SpongeBob-

    From the Wikipedia description of the show:
    “Patrick Star (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke) is a starfish who lives under a rock, and whose most prominent character trait is his low intelligence.”

    And, SpongeBob himself is also clearly below average intelligence, and only barely smarter than his friend.

    So, shame on you for mocking the mentally challenged.

    Back to any court cases: are people going to risk a perjury charge/trap denying emails they wrote by claiming they’ve been tampered with, without a shred of evidence of any tampering whatsoever.

    Were the PST files using compression or encryption? Do you think these people know how to reallocate new blocks or alter flags on unused blocks to create fake files that can’t be forensically recovered or shown to be tampered with?

    Again, too much Spy Kids for you and not enough reality.

    You are like a non-tech-guy in a TV show or movie trying to bluff his way past other non-tech-guys by babbling out some jargon. This is what you sound like to actual tech people:

    “The case is damaged because of HTML modems polarizing the flash drives underscore reset. Kane bad girl.”

  10. Once again you mock my technical knowledge but you your self have no clue. They were not undeletes or from tape. They were recovered direct from several users PC’s and packaged as PST files. The raw PST files along with open access to exchange was provided to the 2 individuals in question. So again I say if someone had evidence of a crime against you and gave unrelated to the incident individuals access to handle that evidence are you really telling me you believe that in any courtroom in America you would not argue that something improper could have taken place with that evidence? Its procedure of law enforcement for a reason. Its procedure to prevent tampering.

    So now because I have used the name SpongeBob I am mocking those who are disabled? Are you serious? I looked around and I don’t see any groups boycotting or calling for the shows end because of what you say. Interesting though that you relate the character that way. The show in fact has been attacked by groups for promoting diversity. Nice attempt to deflect but it changes nothing. Reap the whirlwind.

  11. SpongeBob-

    The source is not “tainted” as you claim/pretend. If I recall correctly, a lot of emails were “deleted” ones that Corbett admin tried to hide, but were recovered. Was it “undeletes” or back-up tapes?

    The “tainting” you describe is far beyond the technical abilities of the people you are accusing (let alone doing it without leaving a trail). It’s so far fetched that even the people who’ve been caught aren’t silly enough to embarrass themselves further by making such an argument.

    BTW, if you are so upset about the mentally disabled, why have you picked a posting handle of a character that is a parody of a mentally disabled person (and has a second character on the show who is even more mentally impaired). You should be ashamed of yourself for furthering the stereotypes that the character SpongeBob mocks.

  12. Seth Williams’ Hot Ghetto Mess”

    Councilwoman Bass said she was pleased that Attorney General Kathleen Kane has hired a special prosecutor to review the emails and determine what role, if any, they played in the handling of criminal cases.

    “We really just want to get to the bottom of it and get all the facts to restore the public’s confidence in the District Attorney’s Office,” Bass said.

    There is no way these men should still be collecting salaries from the taxpayers of Philadelphia.

  13. Once again you duck even the technical point of my argument. That’s because you know I am right. You don’t want to admit it but my example put’s it as simply as possible. Kane allowed the evidence to be tainted. Whether she ordered it or it happened on her watch it does not matter. Address the point if you disagree. As someone in tech you should know better than most on here. You continue to ignore technical points. Not all the emails retrieved were on servers. so there is no comparing of checksums and logs and such. They are sitting in pst files. I can create a pst file right now that looks like you have sent and received everyone of those messages. Again I agree with you as the 2 she gave access to I don’t think are smart enough to do it. I also agree that no one has YET to dispute the messages but again it goes back to tainted source.

    As for the name calling, reap the whirlwind. You have called me plenty of derogatory terms on here and I have brushed them off, all but one. I am not whining about any of the other comments you have made. I honestly don’t care about those. I did and do about one in particular and I asked multiple times for you to reconsider just that one of the many comments you have made about me and you decided not to. So now it is what it is.

    If your goal is to come here and read posts by people like HaHaHa then so be it. I came here enjoying the spirit of political debate. It seems you prefer to read endless non stop posts by HaHaHa and those who seem to mimic to the point where ever comment is a back and forth about who is more moronic.

  14. From recent interview with Independent Prosecutor:

    First, can you tell me about the ethics complaints — dating, I believe, from 2002 — related to public statements regarding criminal cases in Maryland?

    “What do you want to know? First of all, I don’t think that’s relevant at all to this inquiry.”

    Q: You’re a new public figure to most Pennsylvanians. People are interested in your background.

    “I was very proud of being sanctioned by our Court of Appeals. I was a public official publicly reading a public document. I was at a number of press conferences involving serial killers and homicides. The documents handed out to press at press conferences, I read those documents aloud.

    “The genesis of the whole deal was when I was state’s attorney, there was a 23-year-old Internet pedophile. You remember, this was back when these guys would talk to girls on the Internet and then try…”

    Q: Try to go to their homes? Yes.

    “This guy was literally caught in this 13-year-old girl’s closet with his pants around his ankles . . . One particular judge told the father, ‘it takes two to tango.’ His daughter was involved. The guy was saying she’d be permanently scarred. (The judge) gave the (defendant) an 18-month sentence and he was out in nine months, so I went after (the judge) publicly because I thought it was an inappropriate sentence. The judges rallied around him.”

  15. SpongeBob

    You are really quite worked up over some name calling. Boo hoo. Grow up.

    What would be more damaging to me would be the revelation that I wasted my time on an anonymous fool like you.

    You are spending way too much time here if you think any spat from months ago is going to fire up anyone against me rather than be viewed as you wasting their time.

    Our exchanges bore me. Can’t imagine anyone else staying awake through your emails.

    You must suffer from insomnia.

  16. David again you just pass over the facts in the world of law. It’s not what you can prove. It’s what is perceived. And you keep pretending the point is untrue. Her driver along with Dave were given wildly powerful access to raw data that had been previously stipulated as pristine. Imagine a murder trial where you were being charged and I was charging you and I said I lent the knife you used to stab all the disabled kids with to my friend Patrick before submitting it to evidence. Are you saying you wouldn’t question its admission? You would not raise that hey how do we know that Patrick didn’t put your fingerprints on the knife?

    Yeah I thought so. As for my other claims. I simply am stating those Otha won’t be receiving copies of your standard name calling of me. Recall there were posts where you continuously used and misused the term retard and retarded and I quite specifically asked you to rephrase your comments considering the context of your use of the word. Not only did you reject the request you upped your usage of the word and at the time I asked you to stand by your usage of the word over and over. This is the eventual result. The sharing of that exchange as an example of your character has been provided to several organizations whose mission it is to protect those with various mental and developmental disabilities. Those organizations I imagine making noise instead of little old me is quite powerful I think. And I simply listed the starting line of organizations that will be positioned to choosing to stand by your hate speech or not. It’s their affirmation of support or condemnation that I plan to start to build. Brick by brick. Across the commonwealth I shall make sure the movement moves until there is a chorus of those who stand by you based on your words or not. Just as I did recently when you aparrantly did the same with another poster and I thought before going forward let me ask you again to renounce using just that word alone. Not any of the other name calling. Just that one. You again affirmed your loyalty to using the term.

    So you won’t be defending it against me. The groups that represent the 10 s of thousand of men , women and children who suffer from Down syndrome, autism , Williams Syndrome etc however have a different opinion than you on the use of that word. I think when they communicate their dismay it will be a different story. Also I could care less if you kicked some group off of your little app. I want to be sure it stays that way. I just listed the first few I felt were a good starting point. That’s just my warmup. 2016 is a big year politically. I plan to help clock your value of influence with an egg timer when it’s through. And this is the last post I will make about this. From here forward it will simply be a sharing of the results. I guess then we will see if I wield the influence you feel I don’t.

  17. SpongeBob

    You do post from multiple devices and IP addresses (even claiming to have used your friend’s iPhone). IP address from cellular network changes all the time.

    But, your argument of perception over reality holding sway politically is the opposite of the courtroom rules. On one had you portray Dave P as technically incompetent, yet able to alter emails (yet which then wouldn’t match copy of sender/receiver outside the network), but not leave a trace. That makes no sense, and mismatches admin access with deep admin knowledge of email headers, protocols, timestamps, etc. Also, no one caught has even denied their emails and content. Not one.

    Your scenario is ludicrous.

    So, are you now claiming to be a political influential Delco Democrat with high tech skills? If so, that’s your funniest claim yet.

    If you knew sh*t about sh*t, you’d know that I kicked all the Haverford Dems off of VoterWeb 3 or 4 years ago over a dispute with the previous township chair and some committee people over Sestak. So, I’m dying to see how you lower my user base there from zero. Let me know how that goes.

    Seriously, SpongeBob, the more you say, the dumber and less informed you sound.

    My friends/fans/contacts in Springfield, Abington and around the state read my posts regularly, and my calling your anonymous ass dumb, stupid, idiotic, moronic, etc. is not going to fool anyone into thinking I don’t support the mentally handicapped. If anyone is insulting the mentally handicapped, it’s you by writing such doltish posts.

    You keep talking a big game, but never show your cards when you are called. You just fold.

  18. Even more bad news for Frank Fina — Philadelphia’s Mayor Elect chimes in:

    According to the Daily News, the best-known prosecutor implicated in the scandal so far [Frank Fina] told a roomful of people in 2009 that the financial and political abuses of the “bonusgate” scandal in the state Legislature had at least bought taxpayers “a great set of tits.”

    Fina asked State House Speaker Bill DeWeese if he knew that an bonus to a government employee had been used for breast enhancement surgery.

    Fina, you may recall, was already associated with offensive email and required to attend sensitivity training by his current employer, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams. Fina didn’t respond to Ruderman for her story and hasn’t returned my messages either.

    But this is going to be hard to ignore.

    When Mayor-elect Jim Kenney was asked about Fina and two others in the DA’s office who’d been involved in the scandal: “I think it’s increasingly difficult for those individuals, based on the information that is out there, to do anything productive when it comes to prosecuting people or representing people,” Kenney said.

  19. Please do not lump lowercase spongebob in with SpongeBob. We are not related. And frankly, I hate that guy. I once saw him kick a puppy and spill a kid’s ice cream.

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