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PA-Gov: Wolf Signs Nine Pieces of Legislation

Governor-WolfIt was busy at the Governor’s Mansion today.

Governor Tom Wolf’s office announced that he signed nine separate pieces of legislation into law.

All nine are presented below:

Act 62 – House Bill 89 sponsored by Rep. Harper amends Title 42 (Judiciary), in discipline, removal and retirement of judicial officers, further providing for automatic retirement on age.

Act 63- House Bill 239 sponsored by Rep. Greiner amends the County Pension Law further providing for definitions and for supplemental benefits.

Act 64 – House Bill 753 sponsored by Rep. Culver establishes the PA Long-term Care Council; providing for its powers and duties; and repealing related provisions of the Public Welfare Code.

Act 65 – Senate Bill 77 sponsored by Sen. Alloway amends Title 34 (Game), in special licenses and permits, further providing for dog training areas.

Act 66 – Senate Bill 609 sponsored by Sen. Mensch establishes a task force on prostate cancer & related chronic prostate conditions; & providing for powers of the task force, DOH, PID, Dept. of Aging & DHS, and for prevention and education strategies.

Act 67 – Senate Bill  775 sponsored by Sen. Eichelberger amends Title 11 (Cities) consolidating the 3rd Class City Code; making revisions concerning records of ordinances; qualifications for city treasurer; selection of appointee from list of PA National Guard; making a repeal.

Act 68 – Senate Bill 791 sponsored by Sen. Eichelberger amends the Second Class Township Code, in township officers generally, further providing for removal for failure to perform duties.

Act 69 – Senate Bill 793 sponsored by Sen. Hutchinson amends the Second Class Township Code, in corporate powers, further providing for building & housing regulations & repealing provisions relating to building & housing inspectors; & for UCC, property maintenance code & powers.

Act 70 – Senate Bill 887 sponsored by Sen. Costa amends Title 75 (Vehicles), in rules of the road in general, further providing for duty of driver in construction and maintenance areas or on highway safety corridors and for duty of driver in emergency response areas.

4 Responses

  1. Hey Mad citizen, After years in power, the republicans have failed to correct the fiscal mess the state finds itself in. Since it refuses to move forward with a compromise well I guess they can just hold this years budget over until 2016. By then the voters will be so enraged, no republican will be elected for decades. It’s their call. They are the ones holding the process up. It is their fault the state has fiscal woes to begin with because they have proven time and again that they cannot govern in Pennsylvania. They are cheap, political conmen and extortionists.

  2. He’s in no mood to pardon anything or anyone. The Republican traitors to the state should remember the 2016 elections are approaching fast. There are many voters mad at their intransigence.

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