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PA-Gov: Wolf Staff Express Concern over AG Kane


According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, emails released after an open records request show Wolf’s staffers exploring some of the contingencies should Kane have to leave office.

“Who is the first deputy?” former Chief of Staff Katie McGinty asks at one point.

Greg Moulton, of Sandusky investigation fame, informed her it is Bruce Beemer.

Wolf’s Director of Communications Mark Nicastre told Bumsted the staff was just doing its “due diligence” considering the Attorney General’s current situation.

After Erik Anderson, then the AG’s legal counsel for labor and employment issues, resigned in April some of Gov. Wolf’s staff marveled at the exodus.

First Lady Frances Wolf’s press secretary Andrea Mead called the news “beyond crazy.”

Governor Wolf’s deputy press secretary J.J. Abbott, who once worked for Kane, responded that Anderson was “one of the last people I wanted to get out. What an unholy mess.”

26 Responses

  1. You left the OAG’s Mobile Street Crime And Child Predator Units off of your list.

  2. Jessica – you are like the girl who cried wolf …

    Who is it this time? Remember before you said it was gonna be the FBI … Who now? Charlotte Mounted Police? Dingman’s Ferry SPCA? Nova Scotia Fish and Wildlife? IRS? Iraqi Nat’l Guard? Detroit Housing Authority Police? Miami Vice???

  3. First, I’ve never changed my screen name unlike you Platinum. Secondly, a second child wasn’t molested despite your claims that they were. Even Kathleen Kane recanted that lie.

    Keep working on those lies. Have you ever found the violation of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code that watching porn at work violates? No? Keep looking because you keep saying it was illegal.

    Keep at it Platinum. Maybe you should have kept some of that legislative tax payer funded bonus money you were given.

  4. Oh — Here we go …. If I have to buy one more bag of popcorn … just to see it go to waste again ….

  5. *** Damn I hate when I mis-type stuff in sentences claiming others must not be as smart as they think they are ***

  6. Oh Shill-Boy …. As you scurried around changing your screen-name (like all shills do), you forgot the capital letters “K” and “D” in KanesDriver … LMAO ….

    According to that pesky calendar, The Corbett Pervs DID ALLOW that monster, Sandusky, to rape another child. The Press has reported that Corbett’s AG’s Office got the Sandusky case in the March of 2009 and that there was at least one more victim who was abused by that monster in the Fall of 2009. Sorry shill. You lose again.

    LOL – this time I didn’t even have to mention the “Devotion” material in those porn e-mails …. or the 100 year old woman engaged in intercourse. Ironic that those fools used their work computers on that disgusting material. Shows how arrogant they are … and how they clearly not as smart as they think they are. Seriously … they must think they are above the law.

    Run along now. Time to change your screen-name … AGAIN.

  7. Oh Platinum,
    The answer to your question…once again…is no the AG’s office doesn’t prosecute anyone for watching porn on their work computers. But you knew that because I schooled you in that back at Do you remember that? It’s when I showed you to be a liar and a completer fool.

    And No there wasn’t a child molested during the investigation and you know that. Yet much to your best efforts you continue to spin that lie time and time again hoping that someone newbie who doesn’t recognize you as the poster known as platinum will believe you’re crap.

    However, I am now of the belief that you’re a spouse or co-defendant of a bonusgate convict. You hate Fina and want to continue to beat the porn crap into the ground or better yet chisel it into the Frank Fina digital footprint.

    You rail against Fina while excusing Kane’s promotion of a man that sexually harassed not one but two subordinates.

    So is there any legislative bonus money left? Or did you spend it all defending yourself?

  8. Mr. Driver –

    Are you referring to PA porn-gate? The scandal where it was learned that Fina & The Corbett Pervs used State-issued computers to view and distribute bestiality porn and granny porn to Judges they appear in front of? It has been reported that they did this while at work … on the taxpayers’ dime … and that the porn e-mails included sexual images of children.

    Doesn’t the AG’s office prosecute people for such behavior? How can it be that high-salaried public officials can get away with such conduct? Isn’t it highly unethical to be so “close” to these Judges that you feel comfortable sending them videos depicting a woman having “sex” with a snake? If that doesn’t have the appearance of impropriety ….

    And how can anyone forget The Corbett Pervs allowed Sandusky to remain a free man and rape more children?

  9. Hey Platinum,
    Same old diatribe. “Wah,,,wah,,,but…but…the other people leaked stuff too…they looked at porn…wah…wah…wah.”

  10. Moola – Don’t forget the pie-in-the-face move that they like to pull. When will their editors realize what they have been up to?

    Craig & Angela should soon be forced to answer about the illegally leaked material they printed for months. They have been in bed with Fina & The Corbett Pervs.

    Wonder when the Grand Jury to investigate those leaks is set to begin it’s work.

  11. And now I find out JJ Abbott worked for Josh Shapiro, he sure does move around a lot, and now his comments bashing Cain seem to have motive.

  12. Once again a member of the now infamous trio of “Reporters” Larry ( Bumstead ) Mo ( McCoy ) and Curly ( Columbus ) retell the same story over and over !! Real news continues to escape this team of bumbling rehash-er”s! While the Budget battle continues and the behind the scene negotiating and posturing between the Governor the House and Senate Leadership, these 3 continue with the equivalent of eye poking and face slapping they have now become known for !! While it provides some laughing everyone quickly realizes it just the same old act !!!

    Weather or not the Governors Chief of Staff knows who the Deputy Attorney General is about as newsworthy as paint drying !!! The fact that the Governors Staff has looked at the scenario of replacing any Statewide Elected Official only shows that they are doing their jobs !! After-all isn’t that what they are being paid to do !!!

  13. Kane is the Best AG this Commonwealth has ever had she got rid of a Perverted Supreme Court Justice Do you know how hard it is to get rid of a Bad Judge almost Impossible She Shocked The World and Now the Political world wants to strike back cause she got rid of the Bad Guys Shame on you Men in the PA Old Boy Network who cannot Handle a Smart and Powerful Woman Maybe you should go get some Testosterone Treatment cause you have Low T !

  14. Say what you will about the mass exodus from Kane’s office, but she did manage to assemble a first-rate staff. Granted, they all left with fairly deliberate speed, but it was an impressive list of legal and policy talent.

  15. Larry

    You’ve taken many a “giant sh*t” on this news blog.

    But, when you hide behind an anonymous alias, you can drop your pants anywhere you like.

  16. Moot indeed. It doesn’t seem that the MontCo District Attorney believes in the case against Kane; or maybe they just don’t trust the individuals that led the investigation and that were behind the grand jury.

  17. How does the Governor’s Chief of Staff NOT know who the first deputy attorney general is? As the Chief of Staff, shouldn’t she know that? Especially with so much attention on Kane’s office. And this chick wants to run for Senate?

    Anyway, it’s a moot point; Josh Shapiro is ready to step in once he locks in four more years of Democratic rule in Montco. Val can’t do it on her own.

  18. LMAO … “once honorable” … yeah – OK … It wasn’t too “honorable” under Corbett though, was it? Kane walked into an Office that had pervs and moles everywhere … an Office that had been controlled by Repervlicans FOREVER. The Repervlican cronies must have been stinking up the place. She may have been in over her head – but no D would have had an easy time of it.

    Wolf’s people talking about contingency plans is just smart. Kane getting rid of the moles, cronies and perverts is smart too.

  19. JJ Abbott sure moves around a lot. Apparently, he hasn’t learned how to communicate things in a more appropriate way via email.

  20. Kane has taken a giant shit on a once honorable office. Of course, her bizarre apologists will come on here commenting about porn emails and Frank Fina, but they cannot possibly (and never even try to) defend Kane as the head of an agency.

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