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PA-Gov: Wolf to Ban No-Bid Contracts

Tom-WolfMore than a week after winning his bid for Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf is following through on a campaign promise made as early as January 2014.

Wolf announced he will ban no-bid contracts with private law firms and will make the hiring of outside counsel by state agencies more transparent.

According to Jeffrey Sheridan, Spokesman for Tom Wolf, the Governor-elect will issue an executive order to implement the policy.

Under the order, Wolf would impose new competitive bidding requirements for contracts in the state. The Office of General Counsel must issue a written justification, and include evidence that the office lacks the legal or financial resources to pursue action on its own. In addition, a detailed estimate of the time and labor that it would take to complete the action would also be required under the new law.

During his campaign, Wolf made it clear that he would ban “crony contracts” with outside law firms. Wolf believes there are many lawyers already on the state payroll, and switching to the new plan will save taxpayers money.

2 Responses

  1. That is the dirty little secret about State government. Taxes never go down eben though the State compliment has declined drastically over the years. Very expensive “independent contractors” take the place of those meployees.

  2. Good for him – those no bid contracts for attorneys were the biggest racket out there. Some of those guys were billing the state $500 an hour and expensing nights at the Hilton, conference rooms at the Hilton, steak dinners, dry cleaning, and even their Amtrak tickets, all while we have perfectly capable attorneys on staff drawing a salary. It’s nice to have someone with some ethics coming in who doesn’t look at the state treasury as his personal piggy bank. I’m reminded of those halcyon days of good government under Gov. Casey.

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