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PA-Gov: Wolf Tours Bristol Manufacturing Plant

DSC01800It’s a good time to be Tom Wolf.

At least that’s what the polls say. The latest surveys have the Democratic gubernatorial nominee up 25 and 30 points over incumbent Tom Corbett.

Yet the last few weeks, Wolf has spent his time touring PA businesses instead of holding large campaign rallies.

There are two main reasons for this, one obvious to all political observers and the other apparent only once you witness him take part in one of these events.

First, appearing in local businesses is great campaign optics as it reminds voters of the candidate’s manufacturing background and doesn’t reek at all of politics.

Second, is that Wolf is truly in his element during these excursions and clearly enjoys them. One gets the sense he’d rather discuss the issues of distribution and supply chains than the latest polls.

The Advent Design company, located in Bristol Borough, works on toys like K’Nex, Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs.

Wolf was shown several floors of the building by the heads of the company. In two instances he ran into some employees. One was from New Jersey and said he’d vote for him if could but would have to wait until he ran for President (a suggestion Wolf laughed off).

The second occasion took place on a stairwell between floors. Two men emerged from the door at the exact same time Wolf reached the landing. “Hey, Tom Wolf” they said simultaneously (those ads apparently worked). One of the men who works with boxes recommended his company for Wolf’s cabinets and gave the candidate his card.DSC01782

At the end of the tour, Wolf stop to take some questions from the handful of reporters who’d accompanied him. I asked the front-runner about his large polling lead.

“I don’t know what that means, I’ve never done this before,” Wolf responded. “What’s interesting about this for me is that I can actually come in here and talk about interesting things with folks like this. We’ve actually got to be talking about how we make sure that manufacturing works. I was here to learn. Because I’m campaigning, they allow me to come in. So that’s what I like about a thirty point lead.”

Are you concerned about the attack ads that are sure to emerge over the next two months, I followed up.

“I am who I am,” Wolf said. “I grew up in York County, I’ve never been in politics before, this is the first time I’m doing this. If I think the people continue to like me, I’ll be the next Governor if not someone else will be.”

As you can see, his answers were just a variation of the humble stock response he has given probably thousands of times by now. Yet hidden in that answer is a peek into why the businessman took the leap into the political realm.

Running a successful business is a challenge, but serving as Governor and making sure the business of the entire state runs well is the challenge of a lifetime. It’s also a challenge Tom Wolf seems eager to take on.

12 Responses

  1. Anonymouse…BTW…Wolf wants to bang The oil companies a severance tax for drilling.The Marcellus shale gas deposits are the biggest boon to the PA economy in decades and the liberals want to chase them away . The oil companies decided to set up shop here in Pa.versus
    Ohio or West Va. because they receved incentives to do so.The business they brought here has revitlaized Northern Central Pa. If taxed further they have the right to leave if they arent dealt with fairly. The Pa economy can ill afford the loss of the tax revenue from the Marsellus Shale extraction. Your living in Utopia if you think that wont happen. Wolf is a limousine liberal that cannot be trusted.
    He wont get my vote.

  2. To anonymouse,:

    Wolf wont lower Corporate Taxes .Its not in a liberals blood stream to do that. Its pure bullshit just like Obama’s vision for America.
    Not only will he not lower corporate taxes but he will bang every constituent in PA.for higher taxes to support the left wing agenda. You can take Wolf’s 47 page plan and usie it for toilet paper because thats all its worth,

  3. i am teh real chris martinez and other guy is an impistr anyways it dusnt mattr what wolfe dues or says guevnor coribtt has dis electn in teh bag and is gonna win in a land slyde victy in nov

  4. i see sombuddy is using my name and writng stuff usng my good name and I aint got no idea why they doing that. the only think matters is tht guevnor coribtt is gonna win in aland slide cuz in penna the way it work is eech party gets to be gov. for 8 yrs.

  5. yall are makin fun of my riting but i knoe more bout cobitt than all of yall hes gunna pull out a huge vicry in all of penna thats the way penna does it one party get’s guvnore for 8 yrs then the other party get’s it for 8 yrs

  6. I always thought Martinez was mocking Corbett’s intelligence. Surely no person with modern electronic equipment would be that handicapped in typing and content?

  7. Let’s be honest here. If (When) Wolf wins, he isn’t going to be able to pass his ‘agenda’ because the House and Senate will still be controlled by the GOP.

    With that being said, this article looks more like a resume for a budding press secretary in the Wolf Administration than a piece of wonkish/campaign journalism.

  8. maybe if the Democrats and Wolf were smart enough they would realize that business’s pay the highest Corporate tax in the world here in 9.9%.
    Thats why manufacturers flee Pennsylvania to do business CASE CLOSED. None of Wolf’s FRESH START solutions will do anything to grow manufacturing jobs in Pa.
    Lower the corporate Tax rate to that of the states in the south. Then watch the business flow. Its that simple.

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