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PA-Gov: Wolf Visits Bucks County on Campaign Stop

DSC01537With just hours to go until Election Day, the Democratic gubernatorial candidates are traveling to every corner of the state. Last night, front-runner Tom Wolf visited Southeast PA to make one last pitch for his candidacy before Tuesday.

Wolf spoke in Bristol Borough on Saturday night right by the banks of the Delaware River which was, perhaps appropriately, at high tide. Addressing a crowd of about 100 local residents and politicos from a gazebo in the borough’s riverside park, Wolf’s late evening speech made for quite a picturesque event.

Given recent polling, the nice weather and atmosphere seemed reflective of the candidate’s current standing.

The appearance of the suddenly popular former Department of Revenue Secretary brought out several local candidates including both PA-8 Democratic aspirants Kevin Strouse and Shaughnessy Naughton (their campaign offices are just yards away) as well as State Senate candidate Kimberly Rose.

Wolf worked the crowd both before and after his address and was accompanied by Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro, who endorsed the candidate earlier this month.

After introductions from Bensalem City Councilman Bryan Allen and Shapiro, Wolf launched into a short variation of his stump speech.

“Do you hear me out there?,” he asked when first handed the microphone before transitioning to a self-effacing, yet self-assured, joke.

“Do you want to hear me out there?”

The candidate asserted that he was not running merely to climb another rung on the government latter or keep a seat warm, but to improve the commonwealth.

Calling the election a clear choice and a referendum he ignored his primary opponents and focused solely on Republican Governor Tom Corbett.

“Do we want a Pennsylvania where we’re hollowing out our schools?,” he asked the assembled crowd which ably provided the requisite shouts of “No!”

“Do we want a Pennsylvania where we’re destroying jobs?” he continued to the same effect.

Wolf concluded his speech a few minutes later by comparing himself to the Governor in remarks that may very well be a preview of the campaign to come.

“In this election, we have a chance to decide on two very contrasting directions on where we’re gonna go,” he said. “2014 is a time when people are looking for a new way. This is our time, this is our place, please help me out on Tuesday.”

15 Responses

  1. Haha… The wind is definitely shifting, unfortunately for McCord it’s turning in the wrong direction. He lost two points in the most recent poll from Saturday. In fact McGinty might actually beat McCord. Pennsylvanian’s don’t like McCord and I can’t blame them. He’s arrogant and his only message throughout the campaign way “Don’t vote for the other guy, vote for me I’m better.”

    I’m voting for Tom Wolf. He’s the only candidate who clearly outlined his plan for Pennsylvania and remained positive. He’s the best choice to take on Corbett in the fall.

    Saturdays Morning Call Poll with Leaners:

    WOLF: 41%
    SCHWARTZ: 16%
    MCCORD: 11%
    MCGINTY: 7%
    NOT SURE: 22%,0,3258222.htmlstory

  2. Rob McCord had a great rally at the Conference Center in Harrisburg. Over a 100 people in attendance! That was not his only stop of the day or weekend. Shame PoliticsPA is so against Democrats. Keegan needs to come back.

  3. Everyone in Both Parties should Write In Former Lower Merion Constable Eric Bradway for Governor

  4. I am voting for Wolf and I think it will be
    Good TOM -Vs- Bad TOM. I do think the polls are little off and plenty undecided yet. I think it will be closer then the polls say. I think McCord got the unions and good ground game, so he will edge it out for Second. Go Wolf.

  5. Dear Pennsylvanian Dog Lovers: My Master, Tom Corbett, is a really good human. He doesn’t threaten to put me down even when I steal his slippers. My loving owner tells me that the Castle Doctrine cannot be invoked on shooting dogs who defecate on their neighbors property. Please make a generous donation to My Master Tom Corbett. I don’t want to go to South Carolina. I love the Keystone State and this Mansion. Save my Master from being put down. The Corbett Dog. If you don’t contribute at least $1000.000 now to the Corbett/Brabender campaign, I might be put down. The guy watching me in the Black Armani suit, makes me more nervous than a bad thunderstorm.

  6. A good field program can close the gap 3-4% at most. So unless all of these polls are horribly flawed (not a possibility) Wolf is going to win and will likely win big.

  7. “McCord has an array of volunteers, campaign staff, and field workers from some of the dozens of unions that have endorsed him working to hang personalized reminders to vote on 100,000 doorknobs of identified McCord supporters in the last 48 hours of the campaign, spokesman Mark Nevins said.”

    Given the expectation of 1 million voters, and Rob hovering near 10% the polls…. he’s likely going to wind up with only 100,000 votes

  8. Wind Shift — I guess you didn’t read the article you linked, or you don’t know how to count. It won’t be close. The only question is whether the margin will be more or less than 20%.

    A good field program could “nibble around the edges, but there’s no ground game in America that can make up 15 points,” said a Democratic strategist who is not working in the race.

    “This race was over by mid-March,” said Neil Oxman, a Philadelphia Democratic consultant who is not working in the governor’s race. “Wolf introduced himself when no one else was talking. Democrats like the guy. When he was challenged, it was in a clumsy way, and he was able to rebut the attacks and hold on to the base he had built up.”

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