PA-Gov: Wolf Wins Democratic Nomination


Tom Wolf won the Democratic nomination for governor; he will face Republican nominee, incumbent Governor Tom Corbett in the general election this November.

The race was called shortly after 9pm by the Associated Press, after months of Wolf leading the crowded pack for the nomination. He bested early frontrunner Congressman Allyson Schwartz, State Treasurer Rob McCord and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty.

With 11% of precincts reporting at 9:10pm, Wolf had 58%, followed by Schwartz at 19%, McCord at 16.20% and McGinty at 8%.

That’s 52,237 votes for Wolf, 16,293 for Schwartz, 14,675 for McCord and 7,367 for McGinty.

In Tom Wolf’s home town of Mount Wolf, 222 votes cast. Wolf 219, McGinty 3, McCord 0, Schwartz 0

We will update with final results and remarks from Wolf’s victory speech.

photo (11)UPDATE:

Wolf drove into Santander Stadium of York in the infamous blue Jeep.

“Tonight, I consider myself the luckiest person on the Earth,” Wolf said to an excited stadium full of supporters. “I always wanted to say that on a baseball field.”

He highlighted the opportunities for Pennsylvania and contrasted himself with the Tom he will face this fall and then moved into the audience to meet with voters.


McGinty was the first to publicly concede to Wolf, below is here full statement:

“While the results are not what we wanted, I want to congratulate Tom for running a great campaign and a well-earned victory tonight. And I want to make it clear right now – I wholeheartedly endorse Tom Wolf, and I will be all in to help Tom Wolf defeat Tom Corbett in November! I urge all of my supporters to join me in electing Tom in November.

From the beginning of this campaign, I said that we were going to present a positive vision for Pennsylvania. A vision that focused on guaranteeing that children receive an education that will allow them a shot at the American Dream. A vision that any kid who wants to go to college or a trade school can afford to follow their dreams. A vision that anyone willing to get out of bed every day and work hard would not live in poverty.

This campaign has been quite the experience for my family and me. Traveling to every corner of Pennsylvania, meeting people from all walks of life, from big cities and small townships, I came away inspired. Inspired by the work ethic, the compassion, and the drive to make Pennsylvania better for every generation.

I want to thank everyone that supported me throughout this campaign. I thank you for your devotion, your financial support, your hard work, and your prayers. While we were not successful tonight, our fight for a brighter Pennsylvania continues. Our fight to build a Pennsylvania that improves the lives of Pennsylvania families continues. Together, we can defeat Tom Corbett and build a better Pennsylvania for everyone.”

UPDATE 3: With 99% of precints in, Tom Wolf totaled 484,624 and a strong 57.9% of the vote. Allyson Schwartz finished second with 147,302 (17.6%) and Rob McCord came in third with 141,073 (16.85%). Finally, Katie McGinty came in fourth with 64,057 votes or 7.65%.

23 Responses

  1. I would imagine that libs are conflicted over a rich old white man (i.e., the enemy) winning the Democratic nomination.

    Also, did PAINDY post two comments and not mention Brabender in either one? What is the world coming to?

  2. Dear Mr. Gleason and Mr. Asher,

    You should actually try to win elections by selecting candidates who can win. Because of you, we Republicans will never win statewide again. Plenty of people have told you, but you didn’t listen. You allowed pettiness to rule the day, and we all will now suffer the consequences. You both really should resign in shame.


    GOP Voter
    Permanent Minority

  3. So Dems go for the moderate millionaire for Governor and a formally pro-life candidate in the 13th. Sounds like the loony Left took it on the chin this election.

  4. @David good call on Schwartz campaign,zero ground game.she even lost philly ,and surrounding counties.

  5. Dear Sue Corbett: I heard but remain somewhat incredulous that the Second Mile Foundation board was having a REUNION fund-raiser for your husband? Family Reunions are very nice, but aren’t there easier ways for a popular incumbent to raise funds? Past And Present Board Members Of Sandusky’s Charity Gave $201,783.64 To Gov. Corbett’s 2010 Campaign

  6. Pennsylvania is desperate for new leadership, and we will have it in the person of Tom Wolf. Educated, intelligent, with excellent business sense and a dedication to the people — all qualities that Corbett sadly lacks — we have a chance to bring this commonwealth back where it belongs: at the top. Help save Pennsylvania, the land of William Penn and Benjamin Franklin. Go to the polls in November and vote for Wolf.

  7. Dear Sue Corbett: Why did your husband award a multi-million grant to the Second Mile Foundation in 2011? If little Liam were molested, while he was attending Second Mile programs, wouldn’t you want those who enabled Sandusky to answer for their actions? Does your conscience bother you every time you visit the PAGOP SHANER “Victory?” CENTER? Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett defends Second Mile Foundation grant action |

  8. I’m glad I don’t have to hear the lemmings on the Schwartz campaign talk about they have the most awesome ground game the world has ever seen. They were all such incredibly foolish and incompetent campaigners that they didn’t know a good campaign from a box of kitty litter.

    They had their heads so far up their own rear orifices that they were actually arguing they could win enough of the 32% undecided to overcome a 20% polling deficit (when the leaners in the undecided were even more for Wolf than the decided voters). Sheer stupidity.

    Good riddance to their Kool-drinking @sses.

    To team Wolf: do not hire a single one of these fools. If possible, encourage them to work on Corbett’s campaign like they did for Allyson.

    The McCord people were less obnoxious about pretending they had a shot. After McCord poured gasoline on himself and lit his own match, they all knew the campaign was doomed.

    Congrats to McGinty for running a clean campaign and staying above the fray. She earned a lot of good will in the party.

  9. Since Sue Corbett has decided to inject herself in the Governor’s Race, will the Pennsylvania press who put on big boy pants ask her the tough questions: 1. Did the Kerns incident, although legally unresolved, rise to the Republican House definition of “forcible rape”? How has the Kerns incident hurt Tom Corbett’s chances in the SEPA particularly with women, no matter what the final legal resolution? 2. Why has no leadership in the Second Mile been taken to court in the Sandusky matter? 3. Why does Tom Corbett face a huge gender gap? 4. Does Sue Corbett feel betrayed by all the special agendas of her husband’s advisors like the NUTTS, The BAKERS, and of course Charley Zogby? 5. Sue Corbett would you enroll Liam in any Cyber Charter School? 6. Do you think it is in the best interest of Western Pennsylvanians for UPMC to have a monopoly on health care in Pittsburgh so coveted by UPMC in order to allow Jeff Romoff to join the International Jet Set? Sue Corbett stand by your man and HIS WONDERFUL FRIENDS AND ADVISORS!!

  10. Cawley is out performing Corbett in most counties because so many Republicans couldn’t vote for Corbett even though he is unopposed. Look at Centre County. There are 1,000 write-in votes against Corbett out of 7,000 votes cast. Wolf in a cake-walk.

  11. Glad to see McCord’s negative “racist” attacks on Wolf did nothing, but damage McCord!

  12. still looking for the McCord and Schwartz GOTV folks……wolf delivered a huge political blow to both of them….Katie played nice..she’ll fit in nice in the Wolf Administration….SE Pa couldn’t deliver….

  13. Happy to cast my vote for Corbett today and will gladly do it again in November! Thanks for your hard work Mr. Corbett.

  14. Im 24 years old and im proud to have voted for Tom Wolf! Mercer County will be blue this fall bc he is our nominee

  15. So the rich guy who was an unknown up until he drops 10 million on a last minute and excessively dramatic set of campaign ads wins. But can he buy the gubernatorial election?

    Shame about Schwartz.

  16. I know I shouldn’t rub it in, but after weeks of reading the BS from the McCord staffers on here, I’m going to go ahead and rub it in…

    MCCORD LOST (by a landslide)!!!
    MCCORD LOST (it wasn’t even close)!!!

    How are those tissues treating you JB and RJD?


  17. Now there will only be one 1%er in the General.
    Vote Corbett the only non-1%er in the race.

  18. 🙂

    Pennsylvanian’s are smart. Together we made our voice heard and rejected dirty politics and negative campaigning.

    Congratulations to our next Governor, Tom Wolf.

    And so long to the arrogant Rob McCord. We won’t miss you.

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