PA-Gov: York Mayor Backs Wolf Against McCord’s Claims (Watch)

Days after State Treasurer Rob McCord attacked Tom Wolf on the basis of his support for former York Mayor Charlie Robertson, current York Mayor Kim Bracey has come to Wolf’s defense.

Back in 2001, Wolf chaired Robertson’s re-election campaign despite Robertson getting charged in the fatal shooting of a black woman during a 1969 race riot. McCord went as far as calling Wolf’s support of Robertson a “fundamental failure,” according to an article from the Patriot News.

bracey adWolf should not fear, though, as Bracey has come to his rescue in his campaign’s latest television ad.

“As the first African American elected Mayor of York, I’m outraged at the racially charged attacks against Tom Wolf,” Bracey says in the ad. “I know Tom Wolf and here in Tom’s hometown, we’re solidly behind him. Tom’s helped create early learning education centers and helped build a better downtown and Tom’s made sure our kids have safe places to play. We know Tom Wolf’s heart, he’s a person of integrity, and he’ll be a governor for all of us.”

The city of York, following its mayor’s lead, has begun to rally around Wolf and continue to support him. In an editorial from the York Daily Record, the paper accuses McCord of going “playing the race card low” in his attack on Wolf. They write that McCord’s accusations against the former Revenue Secretary are “lurid media bait thrown out by a desperate candidate.”

The York Dispatch, in an article about McCord’s ad, wrote, “York City’s past racial discord is being dredged for the airwaves in an ad the Rob McCord gubernatorial campaign has drafted against Yorker Tom Wolf.”

Wolf also posted a five-minute video the day after McCord aired his charges. Here, members of the African American community also came to Wolf’s defense, including Mayor Bracey, Bobby Simmons of the Crispus Attucks Association and Rev. Aaron Wilford Junior of the Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Along with McCord, Wolf faces Rep. Allyson Schwartz and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty in the upcoming Democratic primary for governor.

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  1. Good for you Mayor! I find the campaign smear attack of racism by association very distasteful and I am very glad you spoke out.

  2. I’m not going to get into one of these long drawn out things here especially about something like this. The jobs you brought up are obsolete. The jobs I’m talking about are not. It’s not like I’m advocating for VHS tape manufacturers. We have electronic tolling. Cars line up at the cash lines. Workers are not the reason the turnpike has problems. A state store employee is not obsolete and the system is an asset. Workers that build housing should not be looked at as a layer of cost just because they might be able to afford a decent house and to send their kid to college. They aren’t the enemy of the poor they are what the poor should aspire to. Don’t kick out the rungs of the ladder that allow people to climb out of poverty. The answer isn’t luxury condos and moving poor people around.

    The war on workers occurs on both sides of the aisle and has been for quite some time. These young dems have no attachment to workers because they’ve never done any work. You can take one look at them and tell that.

    Take a look at that blog. I’m not wasting my time digging the stuff up. It’s not all bike paths and parking in front of a store that makes artisanal crafts with a steampunk theme out there.

    People need to earn a living.

  3. JB-
    Automation replaces jobs all the time. It’s called progress. This often generates new jobs and savings that can be invested to train workers.

    If the government switches to digital from film to save money, are you going to insist on saving the camera film industry? Are you crying about the typewriter repair workers?

    Anyway, the testimonial from the York mayor totally undercuts McCord. Geeting’s analysis of the polling is dead on. This race has been over for weeks.

  4. @JB He advocates for those things to increase efficiency. He doesn’t want to end state liquor stores because he hates government run business or the workers he wants to end it because he thinks the benefits outweigh the costs. And propping up jobs for the sake of jobs with things like refusing electronic tolling helps no one. Should we still use telegraphs just to ensure telegraph operators have jobs? Arguing to maintain that is not a pro union argument it’s an anti progress argument that only serves to make people resent unions. You can still be pro union and not agree with unions 100% of the time. And please do post the blog posts I doubt any of them will be nearly as anti union as you make them out to be.

  5. I mean come on JB. You have to be a somewhat reasonable person. Using the race card is never a good idea. I think this damages McCord in the long run.

  6. (to follow up on my last comment, before I mistakenly hit enter before I finished…)

    …Because there is NO way McCord can ever mount a campaign for another position. He has burned way too many bridges.

  7. It’s ok… JB and McCord have two more weeks to spout off their mouths and then they will go away, never to be heard of again.

  8. He is anti-union because of his writing not because he is anti-mccord.

    If you’d like I’ll take some time and dig up his anti-union posts. He advocates selling the liquor stores and killing those 5000 family sustaining jobs.

    He advocates electronic tolling killing those 800-1200 jobs.

    He looks at the trades and the fact that they earn a family sustaining wage as an added layer of cost to affordable housing.

    These are just a few recent stances off the top of my head.

    So oh come on. If you’d like me to post the blog posts here I will.

    I don’t know what liberal and progressive means but it is obviously not synonymous with advocating for workers.

  9. @JB Oh come on regardless of that piece, Geeting is a remarkably liberal and progressive democrat. I’ve been reading his blog for years and he has never been anything but unapologetically liberal. He writes pages and pages about urban policy and how cities are the future. If you care about cities in this state then he most definitely is a must read. He constantly writes about taking down machine politicians and is one of the few who actually cares and writes about down ticket races. If you are ever looking for commentary on a commissioner or mayoral race his blog is often the only one who does any writing at all on it. For many Geeting is most definitely a must read.

    Also opposing McCord does not make you anti union. Not everyone thinks union politics are the most important thing in an election and will you stop pretending to speak for “most” democrats? Some democrats vote on issues besides labor and that is fine. The Democratic party is great because it is so diverse. Some people vote because of gay rights, others because of economic justice, and some like Geeting because of municipal issues. Voting for any of those reasons is fine and makes you a democrat. The other party is the one that runs around trying to burn dissenters at the cross.

  10. Geeting is never a must read unless you are anti-union and anti-worker (awesome democratic values again) or don’t like your virgin eyes seeing hideous gas meters.

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