PA Green Party Rejects Roseanne

Pennsylvania Green Party members dealt actress-comedienne Roseanne Barr a major blow in her bid for the party’s presidential nomination. 4 of 7 PA delegates went to physician Jill Stein.

The Pennsylvania Green Party, an independent political party that supports strong environmental and consumer protections and opposes both Democrats and Republicans, began state caucuses on April 10 with Berks County and finished on May 14 with Lancaster County.

Stein, of Massachusetts, took a narrow victory over Barr; she received four out of Pennsylvania’s seven delegates, or 51 percent of votes.

“I am grateful to have the support of the Pennsylvania Greens in their state caucuses. The national Green Party is united as never before for a strong voice in the 2012 Presidential election, at a time when the public has been clamoring for a principled alternative to the establishment parties that have brought us to the breaking point,” Stein commented after hearing of the win.

Barr secured three delegates (she took 47 percent of votes). Kent Mesplay, also on the ballot, received only 2 percent of the vote, and no delegates.

Stein also discussed her desire to give Pennsylvanians the Green Party option.

“I look forward to working with Pennsylvanians to get the Green Party on the ballot, and give Pennsylvania a chance to vote for the solutions they are clamoring for: an end to unemployment, health care as a human right through Medicare for All, an end to student debt and foreclosures, free public higher education, bringing the troops home, ending climate change and especially putting an end to fracking.”

Stein’s next step? While she has already collected 138 delegates out of the 181 allocated, she needs to acquire an additional 68 delegates to secure the presidential nomination at the Green Party National Convention, held in Baltimore from July 12 to July 19.

The winner will go on to siphon votes from Barack Obama in whichever states she appears on the ballot.

And here’s this.

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  1. Until recently, I could be heard saying that the Democratic party could count on my vote when they began acting like Democrats. The Obama administration, with cover provided by “Blue Dog Democrats,” has been worse for this country than that of G.W. This Pennsylvanian is a progressive first and a partisan second. Whoever thought Ronald Reagan and I would ever find common ground: “I didn’t leave the Democratic party; it left me.”

  2. People are sick of what the two major parties have become. There will be no progress or cooperation if the democrats and republicans continue on the path they’re on. Career politicians looking for reelection from their big contributors and one party sabotaging the others plans so their party can gain control again. It’s a vicious ugly cycle Its no wonder the Independents, Green Party and more are gaining popularity

  3. Thanks for the coverage of the Green Party. However, I would not call a ” narrow victory” a “major blow” and the Green Party winner will not go on to “siphon votes from Barack Obama”, but, presumptive nominee Mitt Romney as well. The people of this country are fed up with both major parties. The Green Party may not have the support that the Democrats and Republicans have at the moment, but, the Green Party and the Libertarian parties will continue to grow.

  4. Carey, great recap…. This is exactly how it went down here in PA.

    BJ – your joke lacks humor…. Approx 18,000 greens are registered in PA and growing.

    If you don’t care about progressive politics keep voting D & R like a good sheep.

  5. Thank you Carey Campbell for your in depth report on the Green Party delegate math. All 15 people in PA who care are now better informed.

  6. If the Ds want my vote, they can ask for it with policy. Rolling back Obama’s claim to be able to assassinate US citizens would be a start, since it’s a worse power grab even than Bush’s. My vote is my own, and the Ds don’t own it. “Siphon,” forsooth.

  7. Dear Emily DiCicco,

    Thanks for covering the Green Party. The only bad press is no press.

    You writing is cheap political hackery. Worse. You are plain wrong.

    Nearly 48% of the Green Party voters, according to Green Party Watch voted for Rosanne Barr.

    And as Mr. Hardy, the main writer, owner, and publisher of Green Party Watch, notes:

    “After winning nine of ten Delegates in Delaware and Maryland on May 12, Jill Stein picked up 30.5 Delegates last weekend out of 42 available, from six states. The other 11.5 went to Roseanne Barr.
    Our unofficial Delegate count now shows Jill Stein has secured 138 Delegates out of the 185 that have been determined, 74.5%. Roseanne Barr has been increasing her numbers, and currently has secured 32 Delegates, for 17%. Kent Mesplay has 6.5 Delegates, Harley Mikkelson 1.5 Delegates, and there are 7 uncommitted Delegates.”

    Given that Jill Stein has a 100 delegate lead in a contest that has a maximum of 400 delegates, is she now the presumptive nominee? That would depend on who you ask. On the one hand, there are a number of states and territories that have been assigned delegates that have no active Green Party chapters, and will likely not be sending Delegates. I would include in this list Alaska, Idaho, South Dakota, Wyoming, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Marianas, and the US Virgin Islands – for 24 total. There are another group of states that are wild cards – we know there are Greens there, but we can’t find any indication of when and how they will select their delegates. Those states hold an additional 48 Delegates that may not be allocated. If those states and territories fail to allocate Delegates, then the total number may drop to as low as 330. However, there could be surprises, there is word out that a Green Party will be meeting in North Dakota soon, a state that has been difficult to organize in the past.
    There are four tests coming up for both Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr.
    First, this coming weekend we may hear delegate results from Iowa (4), Florida (8), North Carolina (4), and Washington (4).
    Second, Michigan’s state convention is June 2-3. Michigan has 16 Delegates, one of the five largest delegations. Also meeting that weekend is Georgia (4 delegates).
    Third is California, which not only has the largest delegation size (65), but has a state run primary on June 5. Roseanne Barr has been on CNN asking voters to change registration to vote for her, and may very well give Jill Stein a run for her money. 65 Delegates could be a “game changer”.
    Fourth, the great state of Texas holds their state convention on June 9-10, possibly the last state to determine their delegates before the July 15th Presidential Convention. Texas has 12 Delegates.

    …So Rosanne Barr and VP Willie Nelson could still be the Green Party nominees…

    Keep covering the Green Party.

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