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PA House Preview: Capital Region

PA State House map

We continue our series on the candidates for the Pennsylvania State House with a look at the Capital Region of the Keystone State.

Contested Races

HD 41: Brett Miller* (R) vs. Favyan Asia (L)

Miller, who serves on the State Government committee, has served in Harrisburg since 2015. He believes in cutting waste and protecting tax dollars and is pushing for fair education funding.

Asia, an entrepreneur, is running on a platform of individual choice and lower taxes.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+4.6


HD 49: Izzy Smith-Wade-El (D) vs. Anne Rivers (R)

Smith-Wade-El, a member of Lancaster City Council, easily defeated Janet Diaz in the primary. He supports Medicare For All legislation, LGBTQ rights, decriminalizing recreational cannabis, and opposing all efforts to curb access to abortion on demand.

Rivers, a marketing professional, wants to reduce inflation and government spending, putting more money in citizens’ pocket for gas, groceries and rising energy costs.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: D+39.4


HD 93: Mike Jones* (R) vs. Chris Rodkey (D) vs. Kristine Cousler-Womack (K)

Jones has served in the state House since 2019. His priorities are eliminating residential school property taxes and minimizing government involvement in personal and professional lives. Jones has pledged to protect the right to life and support pro-life policies in Pennsylvania.

Rodkey, a pastor, supports property tax relief, protecting reproductive rights, equitable funding of schools and legalizing cannabis.

Cousler-Womack, a community organizer, says she will fight to secure tax relief for all, reduce the disastrous inflation crushing everyday Pennsylvanians, and bring more jobs to York County

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+26.6


HD 96: Mike Sturla* (D) vs. April Weaver (R)

Sturla, who has served in Harrisburg since 1991, defeated Dana Hemp Gulick, 57-43, in the primary. He wants to fight hard to secure full fair funding for all schools in Pennsylvania, legalize cannabis, and defend a woman’s right to choose.

Weaver, a licensed social worker, wants to improve education, the economy and access to healthcare. She also wants to remove two regulations for every one adopted.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: D+20.6


HD 98: Mark Temons (D) vs. Thomas Jones (R) vs. Joshua Gerber (L)

Temons, a tradesman and community organizer, wants to implement fair school funding, protect reproductive rights, raise the minimum wage, and put extensive universal background checks and red flag laws on the books.

Jones, chair of the East Donegal Township supervisors, defeated two other opponents in the primary with 50.3%. He is solidly pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and wants to repeal Act 77 and eliminate no-excuse mail in ballots. Jones believes that parents should have a voice in their children’s curriculum and will oppose CRT and boys participating in girls’ sports.

Gerber, an agricultural sprayer, does not have a profile that we could find online.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+25.9


HD 99: Dave Zimmerman* (R) vs. Joshua Caltagirone (D)

Zimmerman has served in the state House since 2015. He is a fiscal conservative who works to deliver services and critical infrastructure while maintaining his fiscal responsibility to his community.

Caltagirone, a project supervisor for a builder, says he would focus on promoting economic development in the district, lowering property taxes in a way that doesn’t hurt the middle class, preserving the agricultural heritage of the district and ensuring that school districts have the resources they need to educate young people.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+39.2


HD 101: Cavi Miller (D) vs. John Schlegel (R)

Miller, a safety consultant, wants to fairly fund schools, provide legal reproductive choice, and end partisan gridlock.

Schlegel, a former school administrator, wants to be a passionate voice for the rights of the unborn, the 2nd Amendment, and freedom.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+17.4


HD 102: Russ Diamond* (R) vs. Laura Quick (D)

Diamond has served in Harrisburg since 2015. His priorities include easing the tax burden, removing unnecessary regulations that stand in the way of job creation, and eliminating property taxes.

Quick, a member of the PA Democratic Committee, says her top priority is to get government working again, establishing universal Pre-K in the state, and fixing PA’s infrastructure.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+39.5


HD 103: Patty Kim* (D) vs. David Buell (R)

Kim, who has served in the state House since 2013, easily defeated Heather MacDonald in the primary. Her priorities include taking a solution-based approach to statewide issues, working in cooperation and collaboration with colleagues, and utilizing her record of service to support initiatives that stand to better lives.

Buell, a financial services professional, easily defeated Jennie Jenkins-Dallas in the primary.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: D+26.3


HD 104: Dave Madsen (D) vs. David Kocur (K)

Madsen, a Harrisburg City Councilman, would focus on issues such as funding for public education, workforce development and addressing infrastructure issues, especially around the Paxton Creek and Cameron Street corridors.

Kocur does not have an online profile we can find.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: D+33.5



HD 37: Mindy Fee* (R-Lancaster)

HD 43: Keith Greiner* (R-Lancaster)

HD 47: Joe D’Orsie (R-York)

HD 94: Wendy Fink (R-York)

HD 95: Carol Hill-Evans* (D-York)

HD 97: Steve Mentzer* (R-Lancaster)

HD 100: Bryan Cutler* (R-Lancaster)

HD 105: Justin Fleming (D-Dauphin)

HD 106: Tom Mehaffie* (R-Dauphin)

HD 125: Joe Kerwin* (R-Dauphin/Schuylkill)


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