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PA House Preview: South by Southwest

PA State House map

We continue our series on the candidates for the Pennsylvania State House with a look at the southwest corner of the Keystone State.


Races to Watch (2)

These are the two races that could end up closest, although both lean by more than seven points.

HD16: Robert Matzie* (D) vs. Rico Elmore (R)

Matzie has served in Harrisburg since 2009 and is challenged by Elmore, a Rochester councilman, in a rematch of their 2020 contest that Matzie won by 12 points.

Elmore’s goal is to focus on sustainable jobs that will provide work and income to community members as the county develops its energy and chemical economy.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: D+7


HD40: Natalie Mihalek* (R) vs. Christopher Todd (D)

Mihalek, a member of the House Judiciary committee, is looking for her third term in Harrisburg and will square off against Todd, who has worked in the maritime industry. Abortion rights will take center stage, as Mihalek supports the heartbeat bill, while Todd is pro-choice.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+7.6


Other Contested Seats (9)


HD12: Stephenie Scialabba (R) vs. Robert Vigue (D)

Scialabba, an attorney, says she is a pro-life, pro-law enforcement, pro-Second Amendment, pro-business, pro-veteran, pro-energy independence and pro-getting the Pennsylvania energy industry back up to its capacity.

Vigue, a member of Valencia Town Council, wants to raise the minimum wage, make prescription drug prices more affordable and invest in Pennsylvania’s infrastructure.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+20


HD14: Jim Marshall* (R) vs. Bruce Carper Jr. (D)

Marshall has served in Harrisburg since 2007 and is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment lawmaker who believes in a small government .

Carper, a customer service agent, vows to protect reproductive rights, build up public schools and invest in union, green-ergy jobs.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+15


HD39: Andrew Kuzma (R) vs. Richard Self Jr. (D)

Kuzma, an attorney and former Elizabeth Township commissioner, toppled incumbent Mike Puskaric in the primary. He supports eliminating CRT in schools, ensuring election integrity and protecting 2nd Amendment and Pro-Life values.

Self mounted a successful write-in campaign to earn the Democratic nomination.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+9


HD50: Donald “Bud” Cook (R) vs. Douglas Mason (D)

Cook has served three terms as representative of the 49th District. He is an uncompromising advocate for the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and champions pro-life values.

Mason, a music teacher and school band director, wants to bring back energy job and find a better way to fund schools.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+16


HD51: Richard Ringer (D) vs. Charity Krupa (R)

Ringer, a Uniontown resident, supports the 2nd Amendment and a woman’s right to choose.

Krupa, a Smithfield attorney, replaces Rep. Matthew Dowling on the GOP ticket, after the two-term lawmaker’s withdrawal.

Dowling said “She is a supporter of the right to keep and bear arms and is adamantly pro-life. She is dedicated to holding the line on taxes and spending.”

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+15


HD55: Jill Cooper (R) vs. Scott Gauss (D)

Cooper, a former Westmoreland County Republican Committee Chairwoman, upended incumbent Rep. Jason Silvis in the primary. She opposes any tax increases, wants to restore parental rights in education, protect innocent life and defend the 2nd Amendment.

Gauss, a retired human resources director at Boeing, mounted a successful write-in campaign to earn the Democratic nomination. He says he is pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ and supports gun safety.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+21


HD58: Eric Davanzo* (R) vs. Ken Bach (D)

Davanzo, who has served in Harrisburg since April 2020, is committed to supporting veterans, defending pro-life values, supporting law enforcement, and fighting for our Second Amendment rights.

Bach, a Navy veteran, owns an automotive repair shop. He believes in defending the democracy, changing how school are funded and ending property taxes.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+20


HD62: James Struzzi* (R) vs. Brian Doyle (D)

Struzzi is in his second term in Harrisburg. He wants to address and eliminate school property taxes. Struzzi is an ardent pro-life and 2nd Amendment supporter.

Doyle, a recent graduate of IUP, wants to guarantee healthcare to all PA residents, legalize recreational marijuana, and support the 2nd Amendment.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+19


HD72: Frank Burns* (D) vs. Renae Billow (R)

Burns, a seven-term congressman, says he’s focused on education, healthcare and jobs. He has sponsored bills that defend gun owner rights and supported legislation to protect the unborn.

Billow, a marketing specialist for Community LIFE, believes in pro-life and protecting rights, such as the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, and right to religion,

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+18


Unopposed (8)

HD15: Joshua Kail* (R-Beaver/Washington)

HD46: Jason Ortitay (R-Allegheny/Washington)

HD48: Timothy O’Neil (R-Washington)

HD52: Ryan Warner (R-Fayette/Westmoreland)

HD57: Eric Nelson (R-Westmoreland)

HD59: Leslie Rossi (R-Westmoreland/Somerset)

HD69: Carl Metzgar (R-Somerset/Bedford)

HD71: Jim Rigby (R_Cambria/Somerset)


6 Responses

  1. You dumb fux missed Dermody’s old seat in Allegheny County…the 33rd…now held by the lyin’ oink who stole it. She will be a bartender again come Xmas

  2. It’s depressing how many districts are “challenged” but in reality it is all a smokescreen with R+38 or R+15, etc. Meaning these candidates have no chance if they are a Dem.

    1. That is gerrymandering 101 – and the Democrats did it this time. You pack your opponents into districts that favor them in a big way. You “pack” then in there so they are wasting their votes. You then “crack” up your voters so you just win over 50% and don’t waste any votes.

  3. I see you left out PA35. Why, because Davis isn’t even campaigning for the seat or because he’s running for LtGov? Is his abandonment of this District even presented anywhere?


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