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PA House Preview: South Central

PA State House map

We continue our series on the candidates for the Pennsylvania State House with a look at the south central region of the Keystone State.

updated 9/27 to include HD 88.

Contested Races

HD 80: Jim Gregory* (R) vs. Kimberly Capenos (D)

Gregory looks for his third term in Harrisburg. He says he is a pro-life and Second Amendment advocate who believes in commonsense governing. Gregory wants to find solutions to lowering the tax burden on working families and address the rising opioid crisis.

Capenos is an advocate for special-needs children.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+52.8

HD 81: Rich Irvin* (R) vs. Ian Kidd (D)

Irvin has served in the state House since 2015. He is a pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and believes in repealing “no excuse” mail voting. Irvin also supports banning critical race theory and other divisive indoctrination in the classroom.

Kidd, a teacher, wants to create opportunities for people to get a good, practical education, to stay in this area, to find skilled jobs and good employment, to buy a house and build a life.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+46.3

HD 87: Kristal Markle (D) vs. Thomas Kutz (R)

Markle, a small business owner, says she is a defender of women’s rights, equal rights, victim’s rights, public education and putting people before politics. She is pro-choice and wants to work to guarantee that all women have access to adequate healthcare.

Kutz, a Lower Allen Township commissioner, defeated Eric Clancy by nine points in the primary to win the GOP nomination. He wants to work to pass responsible budgets, rebuild roads and bridges, invest in children’s education, and make communities safer.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+15.6

HD 88: Sheryl Delozier* (R) vs. Sara Agerton (D)

Delozier has served in Harrisburg since 2009. She is committed to cutting taxes, securing funding for education, and creating a crime victims’ bill of rights.

Agerton, a Mechanicsburg Borough councilwoman, believes in universal affordable healthcare, bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom, and senisble gun laws.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+4.0

HD 91: Dan Moul* (R) vs. Marty Qually (D) vs. Neil Belliveau (L)

Moul has served in Harrisburg since 2007. He says he is fighting for meaningful tax, regulatory and welfare reforms, commonsense budgeting and measures to protect the safety and welfare of Pennsylvania’s children, the elderly and disabled.

Qually, an Adams County commissioner, won the Democratic nomination as a write-in. He believes that choice is a right and stands for a fair redistricting process.

Belliveau said his campaign would focus on key issues relating to reducing government locally. He proposes decreasing the time the Pennsylvania legislature is in session to reduce the cost to taxpayers, fighting high local property taxes, decreasing the state gas tax, and advocating for school choice and marijuana legalization.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+26.1

HD 92: Dawn Keefer* (R) vs. Dan Almoney (D)

Keefer is in search of her fourth term in the state House. She describes herself as a fiscal conservative who understands the struggles of small businesses and is committed to challenging the policies and regulations that create a hostile small business climate in the state

Almoney, a professional videographer, supports raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, legalizing marijuana, doing away with standardized testing and supports reproductive rights.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+33.0

HD 169: Kate Klunk* (R) vs. Isaac Riston (D)

Klunk has served in Harrisburg since 2015. An easy victor over Matthew Smith in the primary, she advocates for fiscal discipline; revitalizing Pennsylvania’s business climate; improving the quality of children’s educational opportunities; and protecting the rights of private property owners.

Riston, a teacher, says he will not vote to pass any constitutional amendments that take away Pennsylvanians’ civil liberties. He believes in a $15 per hour minimum wage and that recreational marijuana should be legalized,

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+32.1

HD 171: Kerry Benninghoff* (R) vs. Robert Ziegler (D)

Benninghoff, the state House Majority Leader who began in Harrisburg in 1997, believes taxes should be low and to ensure your dollars are spent wisely. He is a watchdog for government waste, a longtime advocate for greater transparency and supporter of government reform.

Ziegler, a Millheim Borough Councilman, wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, believes accessible healthcare is a right, and that government should be choosing the people over politics and corporate interests.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+32.6

HD 199: Barbara Gleim* (R) vs. Robert Howe (D)

Gleim, in search of her third term in Harrisburg, is pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment. She joined the lawsuit against Gov. Tom Wolf and his administration that only the legislature has the authority to prescribe when and how elections are conducted.

Howe, a retired Air Force sergeant, is concerned by the poor performance of Pennsylvania schools, called for an increase in the minimum wage and will fight against fighting against the growing prevalence of racist policies he sees trumpeted by Republican candidates and office holders.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: R+16.5


  • HD 78: Jesse Topper* (R-Bedford/Franklin/Fulton)
  • HD 79: Louis Schmitt Jr.* (R-Blair)
  • HD 85: David Rowe* (R-Union/Snyder)
  • HD 86: Perry Stambaugh* (R-Perry/Cumberland)
  • HD 89: Rob Kaufman* (R-Franklin)
  • HD 90: Paul Schemel* (R-Franklin)
  • HD 193: Torren Ecker* (R-Adams/Cumberland)
  • HD 196: Seth Grove* (R-York)

4 Responses

  1. Patty Kim in the 103rd district is also missing. She has a GOP opponent although the race is unlikely to be competitive. The district is notable for being radically redrawn,


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