PA Lawmakers Second-Highest Paid in the Nation

pa-state-capitol-b175d9a07740ecf3Pennsylvania’s legislators are well-paid.

In a study by Amelia Thomson-Deveaux of FiveThirtyEight, one can view the pay of PA legislators and how they compare to other states.

Each legislator made $99,791 in salary and per diems in 2014. This ranks second throughout the United States, trailing only California’s $121,535.

California is the most populous state in the nation while Pennsylvania is sixth.

FiveThirtyEight also compared the legislators’ pay to the median household income in their state. When comparing the $99,791 salary to the $53,234 2014 PA median income, legislators ultimately make 187.5% of the commonwealth’s average household income.

Once again, this is second only to California’s rate of 196.2%.

Finally, completing the streak of second-place statehouse finishes, Pennsylvania has the second-largest legislature in the country behind only New Hampshire.

8 Responses

  1. Nothing is ever mention they receive full health care for LIFE after 10 years…. That’s right for LIFE. Ssssssshhhhh nobody know that because it a very well kept secret on both sides of the isle.

  2. We shouldn’t shrink the size of legislature, we should make it part time. I want more access to my elected officials, not less. Making them represent more people lessens our power as citizens to lobby for what we want.

  3. eagleswing – Good idea, but sadly, I think the only way to get the ballot question you suggest is by legislative action, not just once, but it must pass in 2 consecutive legislative sessions. I’m starting to think the only way is for the citizens to break down the damn door at the State Capitol. And if anyone really believes the conservative Republican majority in Harrisburg will ever fix it, know this: In my area, there is a Republican who defeated a long serving Democrat in 2008 promising to ONLY RUN FOR 3 TERMS. This year he is running for his 5th term and no one seems to want to hold him to his 2008 promise.

  4. California has term limits, also something to consider strongly – 4 year terms no more than 4 terms allowed to serve. This will also save pension costs – no more 30 years and draw down full salary plus. Get something important done and get out!

  5. the only way to get rid of the bloat that is the PA House is for ‘we the people’ voters to initiate and win a statewide referendum ‘shall the size of the PA house of representatives be reduced in number from “X to Y” “YES”? Common Cause or some nonprofit champion would have to fund this– it surely would not be initiated by any of the legislators currently sucking up huge salaries and benefits for the public treasury. and e can bet that the lobbyists who have bought and paid for their PA house reps surely would contribute big time to keeping their paid prostitutes in office.

    and since the legislature can’t even pass an animal cruelty bill let alone a budget, don’t waste time thinking PA house members would be at all interested in cutting their own numbers or too-generous salaries… (sigh.)

  6. Agreed. They have fashioned sinecures for themselves so that they cannot lose.

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