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PA Lt. Gov: Bartos and Fetterman Agree to Debate

For the running mates.

On Oct 6,  lieutenant governor nominees Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Jeff Bartos will face head to head in a debate hosted by WPXI in Pittsburgh.

The debate will be taped that afternoon at 3:30 pm, but will air 7:30 pm that night.   

“I am thankful to WPXI for hosting this debate so Mayor Fetterman and I will have an opportunity to discuss, in person, our very different perspectives on how to bring growth and prosperity to Pennsylvania,” said Jeff Bartos in a press release. “Along with Scott Wagner, I have been a consistent advocate for all Pennsylvania voters to have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of our positions on the issues, which is why Scott and I have held 12 town halls meetings since July. I look forward to this opportunity to share the Wagner-Bartos vision to lower taxes, grow the economy and improve our education system with the people of Pennsylvania.”

The Wolf ticket has also held campaign events throughout the state thus far and Fetterman expressed excitement as well for this showdown.

“I look forward to discussing issues that are important to Pennsylvania voters,” Fetterman said in a statement. “I hope the debate inspires folks to come out and vote in November.”

The lt. Governor debate is set to take place just five days after the lone gubernatorial debate between incumbent Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and GOP challenger Scott Wagner moderated by Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek in Hershey.  

The Wagner campaign originally pushed for 67 debates against Wolf, but only one debate was agreed upon.

9 Responses

  1. I’ll watch, but am still voting for the Libertarian Party. The Democrips and Rebloodlicans will say and do anything to convince you to buy in to voting for their party — yes, to me the Republicrats are the same — but they’re scared of the government having someone in office who is not a Democrip or Rebloodlican.

  2. I’m wondering is you are going to invite the Libertarian and Green candidates to participate. We had to collect FAR more signatures that the incumbent parties did. We participated in the Candidate’s Forum hosted by the Philly Women’s March last spring, and that was a very successful event. We represent thousands of active voters, and thousands more who have stayed home because neither major party represents them. They are also part of your audience. Kathleen Smith, Libertarian for Lt. Governor

      1. Amazing a tone would choose to in any way be associated with the truly wretched and despicable former Senator Santorum.

    1. Please stop. A vote for the Green Party is a vote for Republicans, which is EXACTLY why we have Donald Trump in office. No Jill Stein = No Donald Trump.

      A vote for Libertarian is a vote for Democrats, which I’m all for.

    2. I get what you are thinking–I worked for a 3rd party back in the day. Here’s the main thing I learned: if you can’t get news coverage and debate inclusion, the only adult choice you have is to pick the party you disagree with less and work from within.
      Doing anything else is selfish grandstanding that harms the whole country. Greens elected Bush II and Trump. Don’t expect any sympathy from the people you’ve hurt.

  3. Press releases for each campaign declaring debate victory due Oct 5th.

    Debate 3:30pm Oct 6th

    Press releases sent to media 5:00 pm

    Debate airs 7:30pm

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