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PA-Lt. Gov: Groups Combine For “Anti-Endorsement” of Critz

Mark-Critz-portrait-2At this time of the year, with the election only days away, it’s common to see organizations endorse their candidate of choice. In the race for Lieutenant Governor, though, we now have progressive groups combining for an “anti-endorsement”.

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC, PennEnvironment, and Equality Pennsylvania are all joining forces in order to prevent the nomination of former Congressman Mark Critz.

“Democratic voters need to know that Mark Critz’s voting record clearly shows that he does not support women, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, or the environment,” the groups stated in a joint press release. “While most of the candidates in Tuesday’s Democratic primary race for Lt. Governor hold positions consistent with the party’s electorate, Mark Critz’s voting record is so far out of step that these diverse groups came together to be sure that Democratic voters are fully informed.”

In the latest Harper poll, Critz place second with 18% just two points behind the leader, Mike Stack. The poll also found that 42% of likely Democratic primary voters are undecided when it comes to the Lt. Governor’s race.

Other Democratic candidates include Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski, State Rep. Brandon Neuman, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith and State Sen. Mike Stack.

21 Responses

  1. Mark Critz reflects the values of much of Pennsylvania and he is an exemplary person and a good representative of the democratic party. He may not pass the litmus test of some progressives but neither would most of us who vote. Pushing the party to the left will just marginalize democrats. Let the voters decide.

  2. Honest Abe, that’s not actually true the Dem voters in the state are to the left of center and the ones that actually turnout to vote in primaries are even farther to the left. You should understand the electorate a little better before you spout things off.

  3. BTW, it’s obvious the Independence Hall Tea Party group gave an anti-endorsement to Allyson Schwartz with the hope of helping her candidacy (reverse pschology) as she is clearly the weakest Democrat link in a crowded field for governor hoping to unseat Tom Corbett.

    That strategy might have worked in a close race, but Schwartz’ horrible campaign means she’ll be out of power in both Harrisburg and DC.

    What a fortunate development for the state and the nation!

  4. Nice to see Planned Abortionhood, Unequality Pennsylvania, and the anti-energy independence group, Penn Environment copying the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC’s anti-endorsement of Allyson Schwartz by giving such an honor to Mark Critz.

    This strategy could, however, backfire on these left wing PACs as Democrats throughout the state are much more socially conservative than the extremist candidates these wackjob interest groups support.

  5. Of all of the Lt. Governor candidates, I believe Brad Koplinski is the best candidate. He has been endorsed by the PA NOW PAC, Capital Region Stonewall Democrats, Philadelphia for Change, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 56 in Erie, the Patriot News, and over 100 community leaders throughout the state. He’ll have my vote on Tuesday. Critz… never!

  6. Sue – You need to lighten up and get over it. He apologized numerous times. Very liberal of you to be so unforgiving.

  7. Critz’s problem is lack of respect. As keynote speaker at the Federation of Democratic Women, he told a joke that was so unbelievable, we were all stunned. The joke belittled Home Invasion, Rape and Homosexuality, speaking to a room full of Democratic Women from all over the State of Pennsylvania. He will not get a vote from any of them or any of the people they talk to. God help us if he was in charge, if something happened to the Governor. Your man is Koplinski for Lt. Governor.

  8. Wow. I just looked up the vote where Planned Parenthood claimed Critz voted against the Violence Against Women Act. It’s true he did vote against it.

    Guess what? ONLY ONE Democrat voted FOR it!!! Why would that be? Maybe because it was the Republican version that weakened it.

    Here’s the vote

    I never realized that Planned Parenthood agreed with the GOP to weaken VAWA. They will never get a dime from me!

  9. Mr. Wolf is the one percent! Indeed, he is in the top .4 percent! Who better to carry the banner of the one percenter than a dogsbody like Mr Critz who has proven himself diligent at this task through years in DC? The Democratic Party can have people with different views on sexuality issues but we can’t tolerate anyone who will defy the one percent!

  10. Deal with it–Critz will win this despite what the whacko feminists think of him!

  11. Lets face it Wolf is going to be the nominee. Drama boy Critz will not pair up well with him. 1 slip of the tongue about women from Critz will do far more damage to Wolf than anyone can imagine. I refuse to have a candidate like Critz bring this ticket down. Critz has a track record of offensive comments. Wolf is about change and Critz will only hurt the fall. Think long and hard how to spend your Anti- Critz vote to ensure he does not get the nomination. Im currently supporting Neuman but will pull the trigger for Stack or Koplenski if I have to

  12. In Washington, Mr. Critz has supported the surveillance/warfare state just as President Obama asked. He supported the bank bailouts and the non prosecution of the banking criminals just as President Obama asked. He supported the tax breaks for the corporations just as President Obama asked. He supported borrowing all kinds of money so that future generations could pay for current spending just as President Obama asked. Is it too much to reward this faithful servant of the one percent with a little corner office in Harrisburg?

  13. Thanks for this. I haven’t been paying attention to Lt. Gov, and frankly don’t think it makes much difference to anyone but the candidates, but this made the choice a lot easier.

  14. It was a $100/$200 level fundraiser. Pelosi really went the extra mile to help him.

  15. I guess he tricked Pelosi into hosting a fundraiser for him. Perhaps she liked in and consider him loyal? Perhaps she, who knows him much better than you do, thought he was a good Democrat? Perhaps she considered him a supporter of her? Perhaps you know nothing of which you speak? Yes. I think that’s it.

  16. It’s very hard to think that a guy who ran his last campaign blasting Nancy Pelosi every chance he got. Ran ads saying that he voted with Boehner 60% of the time. Then turns around and has her do a fundraiser for him for this one, and immediately puts a pic of the two of them on his website. Obviously a tactical move to maybe get a liberal or two to think he’s not that bad. He’s a used car salesman that will do or say whatever he needs to to make you think you’re getting a deal. How does he with his past record of votes become a partner with any of these candidates? Candidates that have platforms which include plenty of things that he’s on record as voting against.

  17. And I am very liberal and disagree with Critz on a number of issues. I do however see the big picture which you all seem to miss. That big picture is defeat Corbett & win majorities in the house and senate.

  18. You all are engaged in the same tactics as the Tea Party. They’re eating their own while you are trying to do the same. The Dem Party is supposed to be a big tent. Run moderates and conservative Dems out of the party and we’ll be in the minority for another decade.

  19. neuman will get 5% of the vote thats it.its a statewide race,not a washington co race.

  20. Critz isn’t even a Dino someone wrote a great comment on here yesterday about how Critz is everything the dems hate and at the same time everything the republicans hate! He voted for Everything Obama wanted unless it had to do with women! He had Nancy Pelosi help raise money a few months ago.
    He is the worst thing that could happen for dems in the fall!
    Neuman is clearly the best choice but people have no idea how hard he works for constituents!

  21. Why would any democrat vote for critz? He is a DINO. He is going to cause so many problems on the bottom of the ticket if he wins. Im glad to see that people are taking action to keep him off the ticket. Im voting for Tom Wolf and Brandon Neuman

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