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PA-Lt. Gov: Neuman Launches First TV Ad on Eve of Election

Brandon NeumanWith just hours to go until the polls open, the candidates are pulling out all the stops.

State Rep. Brandon Neuman, who is running for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor, released his first television ad over the weekend. The commercial ran in the Pittsburgh area.

“I was born and raised and Washington County and I’m proud to call it home,” Neuman begins.

“As a State Representative I’ve placed getting things done over partisan politics and I know  that education is the key to opportunity for our next generation,” he states. “I will help a Governor govern from day one. Let’s put Pennsylvania’s policies above politics.”

The thirty-second spot borrows much of its footage from the web video that the Neuman campaign released earlier this month (the video has since been taken down).

Other Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor include former Congressman Mark Critz, Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith and State Senator Mike Stack.

7 Responses

  1. Few politicians have the ability to work in a truly bipartisan manner in order to accomplish good things for their constituents, and that is Brandon Neuman’s M.O. That makes him a worthy candidate regardless of age or experience. Because let’s face it- when it comes to politicians, all the experience in the world does not a good leader make.

  2. Mike Stack should thank Neuman in his victory speech. He took votes away from Critz.

  3. this ad may keep neuman from coming in dead to last at best.wolf/stack= 4 more years of corbett. critz is the only chance the dems have.

  4. I’d much rather vote for someone young and supposedly “inexperienced” than someone “experienced” who is ripping off the taxpayers with taxpayer funded car washes and voting for middle of the night pay raises like Mike Stack

  5. I can not wait until Wednesday when this boy´s vanity campaign is over. As the polls will bear out, there´s no reason to vote for someone so inexperienced, shallow and dull – unless you´re part of the Harrisburg crowd that like to drink more than legislate.

  6. Neuman is the best way to beat Corbett in the fall since he can not only secure democratic votes but also republican as well.
    He’s well liked on both sides and actually gets involved with his community.
    I’d like them to show how many perks these other elected officials take and how Neuman takes nothing!
    Critz had women and entire groups against him and is liked by either side and I haven’t seen very good write ups on some of the other candidates!
    To fix this state they need to know what the problems are and Critz has already said he doesn’t know what the job is!
    Neuman can actually discuss any topic about PA and actually has ideas on how to fix it!

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