PA Part of 7-Figure Pro-EPA Ad Buy (Watch Video)

Environmentalists are continuing their PR effort to combat the EPA’s bad rap. Pennsylvania will be part of a seven-figure ad buy touting the economic benefits of clean air standards.

The commercial, sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund and EarthJustice, boasts green job creation.

“A recent study by the Department of Labor stated that transforming to a greener economy not only creates cleaner air,” a narrator says, “it’s already created over 3 million jobs with many more to come.”

The spot will air in the Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre markets.

It’s the third month in a row that environmental groups have spent big bucks to play in PA. The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and Mom’s Clean Air Force aired this ad in April, and the the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Fund put up this spot in March.

That’s not including the more than $300,000 the League of Conservation Voters spent on TV against Rep. Tim Holden during the primary.

The coalition is fighting against a tide of ads, from the 2010 cycle and since, which cast environmental regulations as job killers that would cost jobs in an already tough economy. Even many PA Democrats, particularly in western PA, line up with the GOP on these issues.

The seven figure buy is split with two other coal country and presidential battleground states: Ohio and Virginia.

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One thought on “PA Part of 7-Figure Pro-EPA Ad Buy (Watch Video)”

  1. John says:

    I regularly passed a windmill farm on Rt. 85 N in Northern CO on my way to Cheyenne, WY that became a center of real controversy among environmentalists.

    They began protesting the clean energy producing windmills that they once advocated for because birds were being killed by the props. Nationally, these groups cite figures that 1/2 million birds a year demise is due to windmills. I won’t dispute that.

    (Conversely, studies show 10 million are killed by power lines, 11 million by automobiles, 100 million by flying into buildings and 500 million -death by cat.)

    Being all for free speech, let them run the ads! They should be mighty effective in Western PA where coal fired generating plants are scheduled to be closed! The Presidents coal policies sure resonated with W VA democrats as witnessed by their recent primary results.

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