PA Reps to Boycott Trump Inauguration

Congressman Dwight Evans won’t be at the Capitol on Friday to see Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Following in the footsteps of Congressman and Civil Rights hero John Lewis, Boyle and Evans announced their decisions on social media this weekend.

Congressman Lewis told Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd that he wouldn’t attend the inauguration as he felt Trump was “illegitimate” because of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.

Trump then accused Lewis, who was nearly murdered by police during the March on Selma, of being “all talk, talk talk – no action or results”. The March on Selma led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act.

According to Cherri Gregg of CBS3, Congressman Bob Brady won’t be attending either.

“John Lewis is one of the most respected members of Congress,” Brady stated.

So far, at least 33 Democratic Congressmen have declined to attend the Trump inauguration.

UPDATE: Congressman Michael Doyle has now joined the list of Democrats skipping the ceremony:

24 Responses

  1. We don’t want them we don’t need them. In fact, since there’s not enough of them to affect any legislation they may as well take the next 4 years off. Run along and play children the grown ups got this

  2. Sy loves the fake gulag Pittsburgh too. Or maybe the fake gulag Pittsburgh is Sy. Nah, gotta be Nick.

  3. sklaroff cretins love fake gulag Pittsburgh. Also all the Russian trolls claiming to be Dems and being so butthurt that anybody would diss their lovely orange Trump.

  4. Even the linked article under the hyperlink that says 33 says there are 60, as of today.

  5. My husband and I are retired middle class residents of Pa who have been registered Democrats for over 50 years. We have never seen such a bunch of Democratic babies as this election. It is totally embarrassing. Furthermore, when elected officials plan not to attend the inauguration because of THEIR own views, all I can say is shame on you. We are changing parties.

  6. do these people not realize this is not about them or even president elect Trump. this is the celebration of the peaceful transfer of power in America. those who do not attend should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. do these people realize that this is not about them or even the president elect. it is the celebration of the peaceful transfer of power in America. shame on those who do not attend.

  8. Amazing small-minded pettiness that does little except embarrass most other Pennsylvania Democrats.

    Trump & Co. will certainly find others to fill the vacant seats, so they really won’t be missed.

  9. I am embarrassed to be registered as a Democrat. The Inauguration is about the peaceful transition of power, regardless of the party. No Republicans boycotted when Obama took office. Shame on you as you represent the people of Pennsylvania, which by the way selected Donald J Trump. Bad moves like this are part of the reason that the Democratic party is falling apart. BTW, I am converting to the Republican Party….thanks for the boost!!

  10. Selma, Alabama today is now a cesspool of gang activity, drugs, murder and crime. It’s 80% black and has devolved into a lawless no mans land unfit for civilized society. This is not what King envisioned, Nor what Rep. John Lewis wants either, however this is black dysfunction at it’s finest on display. This is no racist screed, rather fact.

    Over the MLK holiday weekend in Chicago 10 were murdered and another 29 shot all BLACK. In Miami, the were “celebrating peace” on MLK day, when gunfire erupted and 9 were shot by a couple of black thugs 3 were young teenage girls, 1 persons lays in hospital in critical condition. These are inconvenient facts that the John Lewis’s of the world and his acolytes refuse to acknowledge or address because this would put blacks in “a bad light”.

    They boycott the inauguration, it’s no big deal. It just shows what fascists hypocrites these liberals are and what a bunch of crybullies they are when they don’t get everything their own way. You know what I say? “F ’em!”.

  11. @ tommyd:

    When you admit “the inauguration ceremony itself is a reaffirmation of the peaceful transfer of power,” you also admit Brendon should not boycott this celebratory [of the Constitution] event.

  12. The State your representing voted for Trump, you may not agree with their choice but you have a responsibility to attend the inauguration as THEIR representative not your what you personally feel.

  13. So much for Philly getting anything from DC in the next four years. What a bunch of losers!

  14. Sklaroff’s error is that only the inauguration ceremony itself is a reaffirmation of the peaceful transfer of power. The rest of the speeches and parties and balls are a celebration of Donald Trump, who would have it no other way than all about himself.

  15. John Lewis should have acted with the class and dignity the office he sits in deserves. It doesn’t matter whether or not he marched for Civil Rights years ago, what matters are his extreme and borderline crazy comments regarding “the illigitemate President.” This type of talk shouldn’t come from the those elected to be leaders. He is what he puports to fight against.

  16. Brendon’s error is that he purposely misconstrues the impact of the inauguration ceremony, for it represents a reaffirmation of how the powers bestowed in the Constitution to the Executive Branch are peacefully transferred; it is not a “celebration” of any individual POTUS’s victory, much as he would wish the electoral results to be undone.

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