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PA-Sen: A Quick Look at Fetterman’s Q1 Report

John FettermanJohn Fetterman’s financial disclosure forms were made available just before voters head to the polls today.

Top-Line Numbers

Fetterman raised $275,538.72 in the first quarter of 2016 and has now brought in over $600K in his once-longshot campaign for U.S. Senate.

The decade-long Braddock Mayor spent $364,683 between January and April and was sitting on $42,527 in cash on hand as of Mar. 31.


Fetterman brought in eight donors of $2,700 in Q1 and 26 over $1K, while just one donor maxed out at $5,400.

40 donors have now passed the $1K mark since his campaign started in September.

10 donors in Braddock have now chipped in almost $18K to their mayor’s campaign. Fetterman also found solid support from Philadelphia with 15 contributing over $6K.

His strongest support comes from Pittsburgh, where 99 donors of $250+ gave just over $56K to the leading candidate from western PA. (Joe Vodvarka is from Findlay Township, outside of Pittsburgh, but doesn’t register in most polls.)

Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, was one of his $2,700 donors, while the Braddock Mayor has given his campaign over $37K of his own money, with $24,900 coming in since April 11th.

ActBlue, a fundraising PAC for Democratic candidates, contributed almost $197K, though Fetterman only picked up two other PAC donations over $1K – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ($2,500) and the Iron Workers Union ($2,000).


Unsurprisingly, Fetterman’s biggest expenses were his campaign ads. He spent over $133K on advertisement production from Collegeville-based I Slept on My Face Productions.

Fetterman spent another $15K to advertise with Comcast and paid out $10K on ad consulting from Darren Berringer of 3D Political.

Almost $30K has come out of the campaign coffers for direct mailers, with Brookhaven-based Alliance Business Systems pocketing over $23K and Milwaukee-based AB Data picked up over $6K.

Washington, DC’s 270 Strategies were paid $24K to implement a digital strategy for the campaign, while Braddock printing company Ink Division made over $8,200 for making campaign shirts.

Access to the PA Democratic Party’s voter file cost the campaign $3K.

Fetterman paid his 6 campaign staffers $56,389.62 over the first three months of 2016.

2 Responses

  1. ActBlue isn’t really a “pac” in the way that your readers might assume based on your article. That $197k represents many individual contributions, most likely raised by the candidate’s campaign, not ActBlue themselves. They just do the processing.

  2. Fetterman paid 6 staffers $56K.
    Sestak paid 18 staffers $86K.
    McGinty paid her 18 staffers $220K

    Says a lot about which candidates support workers and put their money where their mouth is.

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