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PA-Sen: Allegheny County Dems Endorse McGinty

Katie_McGintyThe Allegheny County Democratic Caucus conducted a survey of state committee members over the phone and email.

Senate candidate Katie McGinty and Attorney General hopeful Stephen Zappala each reached the two-thirds threshold for an endorsement.

“I am proud to stand with our caucus in endorsing these supremely qualified and experienced public servants,” said Nancy Patton Mills, Allegheny County Caucus Chair and Chair of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee. “While the Republicans are running a circus, we are dedicated to electing our great candidates — who have always fought for the best interests of Pennsylvanians and all our nation’s citizens. Our caucus is united and committed to helping our candidates repeat last year’s victories.”

“Katie McGinty’s candidacy has electrified our voters,” she continued. “Katie is an exciting and energetic campaigner, a proven leader, and a strong advocate for Pennsylvania’s families. Her entire life has been dedicated to protecting the middle class, and her superior work ethic will make her a fantastic Senator. And the fact that she will be Pennsylvania’s first-ever woman to serve in the Senate is a great bonus!”

“Steve Zappala has a strong record as Allegheny County’s District Attorney,” continued Dr. Mills. “He is unparalleled in experience, and his success makes him by far the best choice in this race. He has been a great DA, and will be an ever greater Attorney General.”

The caucus also endorsed Auditor General Eugene DePasquale and State Treasurer candidate Joe Torsella.

This meeting comes just days before the entire state party gathers in Hershey and decides whether to endorse any candidates in each race.

22 Responses

  1. Very disappointed in Nancy and the handful of Allegheny Dems who went behind our backs and organized the sellout of our own progressive leader, John Fetterman. This was all a sham to cut a deal for Zappala with that corrupt scumbag Bob Brady in Philly. All these theatrics and that loser McGinty still couldn’t even win the endorsement with all of her establishment backing and deal cutting. To hell with Nancy, Fitzgerald, and the rest of these establishment has-beens.

  2. Tanya, everything you’ve said about Fetterman is untrue. You are a disgusting liar.

  3. Bill, I see that you are attacking a qualified candidate who has had an impressive career and came from a true working class background. How do you feel about Fetterman growing up as a child of privilege, never working for his own paycheck, and buying himself into the mayors office of a town of poor people whose lives he doesn’t seem to be doing much to improve? Does that sound like someone who can relate to and connect with Pennsylvanians to faithfully serve us in office?

    I supported John Hanger originally in the governor’s race and the Fetterman campaign slammed him as one of Katie’s gas supporters. That is a damn shame. John Hanger has served Democrats in this state valiantly and was one of the hardest fighters on a budget that has been taken hostage by Turzai, Wagner, and all the other crazies. Just like the Sanders campaign unfortunately has started on the presidential stage, this group of mostly white, male Democrats are trying to narrow what is acceptable in this party down to a small ideology that most candidates will fail to perfectly adhere to. We are supposed to be the party that brings people in and solves problems, not the tea-party types who demand purity and cast out all others. It’s like political Slytherin.

  4. I wonder when the Old Boys Club meets to discuss how they are going to prop up McGinty next, is she even allowed in the smoke filled room?

  5. And yet, when their entire committee, made up of all their elected committee persons, met in person on endorsements, they voted not to endorse anyone. At least that is my understanding. The entire Allegheny County Committee. I would guess there are a lot of Fetterman and Sestak supporters in Allegheny County that are going to be at the very least puzzled by this. No, they are going to be outraged. A phone vote of just the State Committee Members? Really? This is a small subset of the full committee. The fix is in and the establishment insiders are trying to thwart the will of the full committee. You really think the entire committee would endorse McGinty over their own Mayor of Braddock, who is rising in the polls while she is falling? This looks like just another underhanded, smoke filled, backroom, politics as usual, deal by the power brokers and establishment types. In other words the McGinty team.

  6. Lee, if you look at the candidate’s financial disclosures, it’s actually McGinty who is the rich one… she’s a millionaire… a 1 percenter in fact, due to all of the money she has taken from the gas industry. Fetterman has the least income and assets of the three, by far.

    Yet another lie from the McGinty campaign. That’s all they appear to be capable of.

    Regardless of that, McGinty took 7% of the vote in the Gov primary. She takes last place anywhere where the state party isn’t propping her up, like in the last poll from the Progressive Summit and why her polling numbers managed to go down. People don’t like hypocrites.

  7. Someone said Sestak is an outsider. I aree . It’s not to be good as an outsider with a Democratic President, Democratic Senate Committee, and the Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania. Sestak will be short on money if he wins the primary. Toomey is loaded with money. More money if he needs it because Pennsylvania will be a battleground state. Sestak cannot out right Toomey on issues. In 2010 when Sestak beat Specter in the primary he turned down help and money from Democrars that had supported Specter. Sestak lost by 2% don’t you think added ground game and monetary funding would have let him win against Toomey. Joe when you talk to him comes off very personable. If you really know Joe as a former staffer or an employee, you would find Joe Vain and Arrogant. Fettermanan is the true outsider. A rich guy who looks like Jesse Ventura. Also unelectable. McGinty will have funding and her economic massage will be well received by main stream Pennsylvanians. If you want Toomey out support McGinty for US Senate.

  8. Pike County Dems stand with the Admiral! He came so close in 2010 and is the best choice now. His independent attitude will serve him well in this political climate.

  9. Endorsements don’t seem to matter much this election cycle anyway. It’s an “Outsider” year. So far, the primary is Sestak’s to lose. And if Trump is the nominee, the general will be Sestak’s to lose as well.

  10. Note to thesaurus publishers: Electrified is another way to say “dropping in the polls”

  11. State Committee Members you weren’t invited because King and his court of wolf pack morons don’t give a dam what u think unless you vote for dingbat McGinty and puppet Shapiro. Wake up already. SESTAK OR FETTERMAN CAN BEAT TOOMEY. But then Katie and fast Eddie won’t get their windmills; and the criminal John Dougherty won’t get to build them.

  12. Once the votes are counted, there is no way McGinty gets two-thirds of Allegheny County’s votes.

  13. Hey, Jake Off.: lol? What’s that mean? Lie on lips? Like in a dying declaration? The truth be told, I tried to fight Sonny Corleone when we were at Central. The sissy chickened out then ratted me to Attilla the Nun and his daddy so I had to finish school at Peabody. Yeah, I still want to fight him, and now, you too, tough guy. Mossy Murphy’s…Saturday, 2 o’clock. I’m dying to meet you.

  14. Ah…I’m an elected State Committee member from Allegheny County and I was not invited to this meeting, nor were many of my Committee Colleagues. Thus this so called 2/3 votes and victory was not inclusive and I believe (but I’m no lawyer)that this violates state and county bylaws and also does not represent many in the caucus and many dems in the county! I would like to see a show of hands of who was invited to this meeting from Allegheny County and how they voted. I know my vote is not private on the state level so fess up who was invited and who voted.

    Notes to tommyd – we got no marching orders because we weren’t invited to the damn parade! and David Diano, I am definitely not part of any heard of cattle, or I’m definitely not a lamb. Rollo you are probably right because many of us didn’t vote. Ok enough! KNOW THAT THAT VOTE DID NOT HAPPEN in Allegheny County!

  15. Electrified voters? That’s just about as absurd as Costa proclaiming that no person has done more for the middle class the McGinty. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    When this is all said and done and Toomey is still our Senator, I really hope the Democratic state party takes a long look at what it’s become and the perverse road it has gone down in propping up this empty unelectable suit.

  16. @rollo= go ahead and admit it,you and mr.zappala got into a fight in grade school,and you never forgave him,well I guess we all know who won lol

  17. Patton Mills endorsements have proved to be losers over and over.No respect here and with her home boy, Sonny Corleone on her ticket, well….TIMBERRRRR!!!!

  18. All signs point to Toomey being ousted in November, but if there’s one candidate lousy enough to gag away the election, it’s McGinty.

  19. Well, that should be worth at least several dozen votes, from the protection racket victims demographic.

    McGinty is a joke.

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