PA-Sen: Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski Enters 2016 Senate Race

Ed-Pawlowski-headshotIt looks like all that searching for an alternative candidate paid off for the Democrats. At least for now.

Ed Pawlowski, the current Mayor of Allentown, has officially entered the race to unseat Pat Toomey in the Senate next election cycle.

“I look forward to listening to voters and sharing with them the story of success we’ve had in Allentown in solving real problems for real people. We didn’t wait on others to solve the problems for us. We rolled up our sleeves and made things happen.”

Among the accomplishments as Mayor that Pawlowski touted were: a lessened crime rate, a million-dollar budget deficit that he turned to a surplus, and the creation of PPL Arena, which allowed for the relocation of Philadelphia Flyers minor league hockey affiliate, the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, to Allentown.

The announcement could bring a sigh of relief from many in the Democratic Party, who were uneasy with Joe Sestak being the only Democratic Senate candidate.

Back in February, it was reported that the DSCC had met with Pawlowski regarding a potential run for Senate.

Now the Mayor seeks to bury the ghost of his 2010 gubernatorial run and become the next Senator from Pennsylvania.

“I know our story of success will resonate with voters across Pennsylvania,” he concluded. “And we will work hard to have the resources necessary to give voters a clear choice in the senatorial primary.”

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12 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski Enters 2016 Senate Race”

  1. Alanna Hartzok says:

    I really like Admiral Joe Sestak who I have been fortunate to meet and hear speak several times during this past year. Joe clearly cares about “we the people” and listens, not just talks. He is brilliant and articulate about the challenges this country faces, with some great ideas as to what can be done to build a society that works for everyone. As the Democratic Party candidate for Congress last year for PA’s 9th District, I say “Let’s Go with Joe.”

  2. Montco PA Dem says:

    Lee, as sad as it may make you to hear this, there are a lot of rank and file Dems who are hoping for someone other than Sestak this time around. Unlike 2010, it’s not just leadership that’s doubting Joe this time. If it turns out that he’s our candidate after next year’s primary, then so be it — we’ll line up behind him and work for him. But until then, I think we can do better.

  3. Lee says:

    Rural Pennsylvania really likes Sestak. He unlike a lot of Democratic Office holders knows where Rural Pennsylvania is. Sestak listens to people. He constantly shows Toomey talking one story and always voting against what he has talked about. Toomey no matter what he says is a Koch Brothers disciple. He consistently votes against the middle class for the benefit of his monied special interest friends. The Obama Administration and the DCC need to get over Sestak not stepping aside for Specter in 2010. With the backing of the Democratic Party and Sestak’s strong and truthful message Toomey can be defeated.

  4. Better Call Saul says:


    Nice try, Joe.

  5. smarter says:

    I think Sestak is a great candidate, and that the Democrats should focus on defeating Toomey, not on defeating and undermining Sestak.

  6. Better Call Saul says:

    I love it when Democrats cannibalize each other.

  7. PaTaxPayer says:

    Anybody but a teabagger or repub.

  8. David Diano says:

    Sestak is the cure for insomnia, not the cure for getting rid of Toomey.

  9. Observer says:

    Everyone under 40 or female: “yawnnnnnn”

  10. Observer says:

    Everyone under 40 or female: “”

  11. Jane Doe says:

    Pawlowski, once you get past the non-gentrified looks may have something to say. Sestak’s speeches are sound bites, now he’s on the like me tour.

  12. Northeast Dem says:

    Unfortunately, Pawlowski is not the answer to the Sestak problem.

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